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Meet Your Womens Health Team – Amy Yeoland

Amy Yeoland – Your Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor

Meet Amy! Amy is an enthusiastic, energetic certificate 4 Personal Trainer, with 10 years of coaching experience.   Amy has completed her Bachelor of Exercise Sports Science at ACU and has a passion for health promotion and helping her clients to reach their personal best. Amy’s passion for working with women commenced at the early age of 16, where she coached various girls sports teams in her favourite sports, waterpolo and netball. This passion motivated Amy to continue working with women when studying nursing at Notre Dame University and in teaching mums n bubs swimming classes.  Amy has been apart of the Healthfix team for the past 5 years and her clients appreciate her friendly and supportive nature that motivates them to perform at their best. Amy enjoys working with clients of all backgrounds, but in particular she finds working with women of all ages and stages in life to unleash their greatest potential through fitness, the most rewarding. Amy is a dedicated athlete, training in a combination of strength training, Pilates, sprinting and netball. She finds that Pilates is the perfect exercise routine to complement both her athletic performance and strength goals. This fondness of pilates has led Amy to become a qualified Pilates instructor and she is currently the Lead Pilates Instructor at Healthfix. Amy encourages everyone to include pilates in their weekly exercise plan, as the principles of pilates supports all types exercise and even helps us move freely and comfortably in everyday movements like bending, walking and stretching. Why Women’s Health? Due to her varied life experiences in healthcare and fitness, Amy has always had a fascination with the sheer power that women’s bodies have. She prides herself on being able to utilise her studies in body mechanics and anatomy and physiology to create training approaches that are specific to women in any  stage of life. As a woman, Amy has the natural sense of empathy and relatability when it comes to the challenges that women face with exercise and self confidence, and has therefore dedicated her career to working with individuals on building healthy relationships with exercise and strong sense of self. Amy truly believes that tailored exercise and the right type of motivational coaching can give any woman the tool kit to set themselves up for long-term, self-sustaining success. Why Healthfix? Amy’ s chosen to work at Healthfix due to our holistic approach to health. Not having a one size fits all mentality, understanding the need for individualised plans for people and most of all looking at long term solutions! Knowing other clinics where you would see clients coming back again and again without any real direction or end point to their treatment, it is a relief that Healthfix is discharged focused & inspiring to work in a space were clients needs are met, wanting them to be ‘fixed’ & out the door long term.   This year, Amy has become an integral part of our Women’s Health team. Working with our physiotherapists and dietitians to develop a well-rounded integrated women’s health service for our community. In particular, Amy has led the development of our new Antenatal and Post-Natal Pilates classes. Our Antenatal Pilates classes have been developed to allow you to continue to exercise through the entirety of your pregnancy, even if you’re a beginner! And our Post-Natal Pilates classes are designed for mothers to get back into exercise, in a safe and supported way. Our women’s health physiotherapists highly recommend giving one our pregnancy or post-natal classes a try if you’re expecting or a new mum, they are truly fantastic! Amy’s Qualifications, Areas of Expertise and Interests 
  • B. Exercise Sports Science 
  • Certificate III in Fitness 
  • Certificate IV in Fitness 
  • Programming For Pregnancy- Polestar Pilates Course 
  • Training prescription and recover to optimise your menstrual cycle
  • Female adolescent training specific to minimise sport participation drop off’s. Managing growth spurts, puberty, motor control and physiological changes that affect movement & exercise 
  • Exercise Prescription specific for when TTC, Pregnancy & Post Natal 
  • Optimising training prescription for specific physiological & hormonal changes in relation to menopause 
  • Promoting positive body image and healthy relationships with exercise

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