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If you ask an elite athlete they know that taking the right recovery time, which includes massages, is just as crucial as putting in the training to ensure you reach your goals. Without the proper recovery your more likely to get injured and will tire earlier also, therefore it’s just as important for those starting their exercise regime as for those at a professional level. Daily stresses and often forced incorrect movements or static positions during work, commute and rest can cause our bodies to hold tension where we don’t need it. These tensions and contractions in your muscles if left and not released before being repeated regularly can lead to ongoing chronic pain. This can be anything from back pain, neck pain, shoulder tension and often headaches.

Getting a massage can help remove these tensions at an early stage and assist you with ongoing management.

Our Massage Therapists work closely with the rest of the Healthfix team and therefore are used to treating a variety of health concerns, whether you’re at the more elite level or are getting daily discomfort that you know you shouldn’t have to put up with. Their work with the rest of our team ensures that your getting results faster, as you can then push your body harder in training and rehabilitation.

Our therapists can work with you to give your muscles the TLC that they deserve and ensure the hands-on manipulation that you’re receiving is delivered to the highest standard.

The success of Massage Therapy often comes from the skills of the therapists – and ours have loads, click HERE to read their individual experience

Our Massage Therapists can be involved across any of our programs, and make a great addition to your life in general, let alone a health training plan.

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