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Our women’s health services are geared around keeping the vibrant, active women of our local community doing the things they love. Our services are helping local women with acute needs such as pregnancy, incontinence and prolapse as well as more persistent problems like endometriosis, PCOS, sexual pain and dysfunction and pelvic pain.

Incontinence and prolapse

Historically these have been topics of conversation that women have felt uncomfortable raising with their health professionals and even loved ones but thankfully this is now changing. Emerging evidence is showing that addressing the early signs and symptoms of incontinence and prolapse can lead to a more favourable outcome sooner rather than later and possibly even prevent the risk of future surgery or secondary complications. The pelvic floor is a complex structure made of muscles, fascia and nerves that connect your abdominal muscles, bladder, bowel, uterus, pelvic girdle and hip bones together. Pelvic floor muscles, like any other muscles in the body can become tight or weak. – Urinary incontinence: leaking with coughing, sneezing or running, difficulty suppressing the urge to pass urine, overactive bladder – Pelvic organ prolapse and pessaries – Pelvic pain: painful intercourse, endometriosis, vaginismus

Pregnancy and Physiotherapy

Zoe and Samah are our resident women’s health physiotherapists with an abundance of specialist training. They operate within the primary care space as well as forming a part of Dr Ujwala Parashar’sand others obstetric services, providing early assessment to assist with labour and post partum care. Our team also works with obstetricians, and gynaecologists from The Materand Royal North Shore Private Hospitalsas well as shared care GP servicesand local fitness professionalsto help women remain active during and after pregnancy. Pre-Natal Care – Pelvic girdle pain, rib dysfunctions, low back and neck pain – Pelvic floor assessment to teach correct pelvic floor activation for treatment and prevention of incontinence and prolapse – Screening and treatment of high tone (tight) regions in the pelvic floor that may impact birth – Exercise prescription specific to the pregnant body – Education surrounding labour positions, birth choices and early post-natal recovery Post Natal Care – Assessment and treatment of pelvic floor and abdominal wall activation/ muscle separation – Treatment of incontinence, prolapse, painful intercourse, anal sphincter tears, episiotomy recovery Musculoskeletal Conditions – Many people are surprised to hear that the pelvic floor can directly or indirectly create conditions such as back pain, hip impingement or coccyx pain, and is frequently the missing piece of the puzzle that we love to find.

Services as varied as you

Our services are completely varied depending on your needs. Our physiotherapy services can assist with internal assessments of any specific pelvic floor problem, and give you solutions. Our dietetic and exercise services can help with getting you to the optimal weight and activity levels you desire as well as assisting in the management of chronic conditions. The whole team is aware of the importance of your monthly cycle and the impacts hormonal changes over the month can have on your training and your diet – did you know there are times in the month that you’re super strong? Our trainers incorporate this into your training here at Healthfix.

Women’s health – North Sydney

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