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As a team we’ve got a wide variety
of skills and strengths, including: long term changes in chronic pain; women’s pelvic health; and sports performance.

Personal Training

Our Personal Trainers are a fantastic team with a vast range of knowledge and experience from elite athletic strength and conditioning to body
transformations and event conditioning.

Exercise Physiology

Our Exercise Physiology team bring their
scientific approach to mobility and body function to ensure that whether you’re training for the first time following injury or wanting to get more from your sessions, they can prescribe the right work out for you.


Massage Therapy

Our Massage Therapy team love healing through their hands. They take their hands on experience and apply that with the support of our integrated team of health professionals to ensure that you’re getting the best outcomes from your fantastic massages with them

Dietetics & Nutrition

Our dietetics consults come with the experience of a wide range of people’s dietary requirements from those looking to kick start some healthier eating, to those wanting to optimise their performance – we can help you!

Admin Team

Our admin team are the smiling face of
Healthfix – here to help with your plans, your bookings and any question you might have.




Our Physiotherapy team benefits from being led by two of our directors (Sean and Steve) who have over 20 years’ experience as physiotherapists. As a team we’ve got a wide variety of skills and strengths, including: long term changes in chronic pain; women’s pelvic health; and sports performance.

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+ Sean Cooney
+ Steve McCullagh
+ Zoe Wallace
+ Eliza Bernardi
+ Jay Kasthuriarachchi
+ Madalyn Button
+ Ken Alivio

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Personal Training

Our Personal Trainers are a fantastic team with a vast range of knowledge and experience from elite athletic strength and conditioning to body transformations and event conditioning. Read on to find out more!

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+ Bladen Baird
+ Mark Wilson
+ Chantelle Herc

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Massage Therapy

Our Massage Therapy team love healing through their hands. They take their hands on experience and apply that with the support of our integrated team of health professionals to ensure that you’re getting the best outcomes from your fantastic massages with them.

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+ Yelena Townsend
+ Ysabel Darling
+ Toby Coy

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Exercise Physiology

Our Exercise Physiology team bring their scientific approach to mobility and body function to ensure that whether you’re training for the first time following injury or wanting to get more from your sessions, they can prescribe the right work out for you.

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+ Jean- Pierre Steyl
+ Kieng Morgan
+ Nathan Krupa
+ Alexander Engel

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Dietetics and Nutrition

Our dietetics consults come with the experience of a wide range of people’s dietary requirements from those looking to kick start some healthier eating, to those wanting to optimise their performance – we can help you!

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+ Milly Clark

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Admin Team

Our admin team are the smiling face of Healthfix – here to help with your plans, your bookings and any question you might have.

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+ Ash Cooney
+ Joe Smith
+ Ysabel Darling
+ Amy Jarjoura
+ Anthony Collum
+ Heather Palmer

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Sean Cooney
B.App.Sc (Physiotherapy), Grad.Cert (Sports Physiotherapy)

Sean is a passionate physiotherapist and the Clinical Services Manager at Healthfix, North Sydney. He’ll strive to quickly work out the cause of your health concern and then set out a logical therapy plan with realistic timeframes that make sense for you.

Sean studied Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney and is completing his Masters in Sports Physiotherapy at LaTrobe University. He’s also worked extensively as a personal trainer.

Sean’s approach blends both performance, and injury management. He believes that a personable, positive and professional approach has led to the success of Healthfix.

Sean is available at our North Sydney clinic. Please note that as Sean is the Clinical Services Manager for the clinic, he will often integrate with other physiotherapists in the team



Steve McCullagh
B.App.Sc (Exercise and Sports Science), M. Physiotherapy

Steve joined the Healthfix team in 2016 as Director and Clinical Services Manager of Healthfix, Broadway. Steve prides himself on taking a thorough history, exploring your goals and motivations to reach the optimum outcome, whether you’re an elite athlete or just beginning your journey in the world of exercise and better health.

Steve has completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise & Sports Science) and a Masters of Physiotherapy from The University of Sydney. He benefited from 10 years’ experience in professional sport, including Head Physiotherapist for the Bulldogs (NRL) and Western Sydney Wanderers (A-League).

He then moved on to be Head of Clinical Services for the NSW Police RECON program. RECON integrates patient health, physiotherapy, psychology, dietetics, strength and conditioning — just the kind of integrated approach we advocate at Healthfix.

Steve is available at our Broadway clinic.



Zoe Wallace
B.App.Sc. Physiotherapy

Zoe completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2014 with Australian Catholic University and went on to work at Royal North Shore Hospital where she gained experience second to none in musculoskeletal, rehabilitation, orthopaedic, neurosciences and acute care physiotherapy. Zoe then moved to specialise in Musculoskeletal and Women’s Health Physiotherapy in the Private Sector.

Reflective of her personality, Royal North Shore Physiotherapy Department nick named Zoe as the ‘Energizer Bunny’. It is with her go get, enthusiastic attitude that she approaches her clients and their rehabilitation. Zoe endeavours to continue building her skills and expertise and achieve personal and career goals, through helping her clients to reach their own goals and full potential.

Zoe strives to become an expert in the physiotherapy profession and help you become an expert at managing and preventing injuries, so you too, achieve your greatest success!

Extra Qualifications: Women’s Health Level 1 Certification 2016, DMA Clinical Pilates Unit A

Zoe is available at our North Sydney clinic.



Eliza Bernardi
B.App.Sc. Physiotherapy

Eliza is a relaxed and personable physiotherapist who is a product of the Australian Catholic University’s (North Sydney) first cohort of graduates. As well as being a proficient musculoskeletal physiotherapist, Eliza’s experience and interest also include paediatrics, neurological physiotherapy, orthopaedics, geriatrics and women’s health.

Eliza has a keen interest in women’s health physiotherapy and has undertaken additional training in this field. She can treat a range of pregnancy related musculoskeletal conditions as well as pelvic floor and pelvic organ disorders that may or may not be pregnancy related. She continues to develop her expertise in this area.

Eliza will ensure that all your physio goals are met but above all she will look to improve your overall quality of life.

Extra Qualifications: Women’s Health Level 1 Certification 2016

Eliza is available at our North Sydney clinic.



Jay Kasthuriarachchi
B.Health Science/M Physiotherapy

Jay is a relaxed yet attentive and thorough physiotherapist whose passion lies in sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. He has worked in private practices in Parramatta and Richmond, as well as doing sport coverage work over a variety of sports including AFL, Football (Soccer), Rugby Union, Rugby League and recently gridiron with UTS.

Jay is currently completing post graduate qualifications in Sports Physiotherapy at La Trobe University as well as attending regular professional development courses. As a result, Jay is extremely knowledgeable and skilful with the ability to lead you to excellent results. He will find out why you cannot perform at your peak and develop a treatment plan that address your goals.

Jay also has had experience playing cricket, having played 1st and 2nd grade cricket for the North-West Sydney Hurricanes in the Sydney Shires Competition and understands the frustration that “weekend warrior” athletes have with missing out on playing sports due to an injury.

He is also a supporter of the Newcastle Knights in the NRL (unfortunately!).

Extra Qualifications: Trigger Point Dry Needling Level 1, Sports Level 2 (APA), Rocktape Level 1. Studying: Strength and Conditioning Level 1

Jay is available at our North Sydney clinic.



Madalyn Button
B.App.Sc (Exercise Science), M. Physiotherapy

Maddy is an enthusiastic physiotherapist from the south coast with a passion for helping people. Equipped with an Exercise and Sports Science degree as well as her physiotherapy qualifications,from the University of Sydney, she specialises in musculoskeletal injuries and sports physiotherapy. Maddy has honed her skills with the Randwick City Saints AFL Club, many biomechanics research studies as well as working with elite athletes for Hurly Australia Surfing before joining Healthfix full time.

Maddy has a professional and positive approach to her treatments with a strong determination to ensure that all your physical goals are met.

Further to her clinical skills, Maddy remains highly competitive in organised sports ranging from netball to touch football, AFL, athletics, cricket and surfing. She feels this gives her an added insight into athletic requirements and what is essential in rehabilitation. Singing is another one of her passions; having performed for over 13 years, so don’t be surprised when you catch her off guard humming Led Zeppelin.

Madalyn is available at our Broadway clinic.



Ken Alivio
B. Health Science, M. Physiotherapy

Ken Alivio became a physiotherapist with a simple goal in mind; Empowering and inspiring people to move better and feel better.

He has a strong commitment for working together with his patients to achieve the best possible results and is continually striving to learn and grow to be the best physiotherapist he can be.

Since Graduating with a Masters of Physiotherapy in 2014, Ken has exposed himself to a wide variety of experience in both the public hospital system and the private practice setting. He has worked with people young, old and everywhere in between, who participate in activities from athletics to dancing, netball to rugby league, and many other sports.

Ken himself, has played representative basketball in his younger years, and more recently gridiron, and has also competed in powerlifting. As such, Ken easily relates to the competitive athlete and combines his own experience in these fields, with his understanding of the complexity of the human body to get his patients back on track safely and healthily and performing at their best.

His interests include working with athletes of all levels, particularly those competing in Track & Field Athletics, Strength & Conditioning including weightlifting, and team sports such as netball, football and rugby league.

Ken is continually working towards refining his skills to provide his patients with the best treatment to achieve the best outcomes, and to Move better and Feel better.

Ken is available at our Broadway clinic.



Bladen Baird

Bladen is a certified personal trainer with more than eight years’ experience. Bladen has established an outstanding reputation due to his no-nonsense approach to training and unique perspective on program design.

After selection in a range of elite representative programs from a young age, Bladen had been following a semi-professional rugby league career before moving into the fitness industry. Bladen’s passion to assist others in optimising body composition and achieving peak performance continues to be a driving force behind his exceptional results.

In the Spring of 2011, Bladen trained the winner of the Vision Personal Training nation-wide weight loss challenge, helping his client lose more than 30 kilograms in just nine short weeks, in the process winning a nomination for New South Wales trainer of the year. Bladen prepared two MMA athletes for the 2014 ISKA world championships helping them both take gold in their respective weight divisions. In 2017 Bladen worked with the North Sydney Bears as their Performance Assistant for the NSW cup team, pushing them and helping them achieve greater results.

Bladen lives what he promotes to clients, which demonstrates authenticity and integrity in his work. His non-stop attitude for personal and professional development is one to admire. He’s currently got a great passion for boxing, in 2016 he took on and won the Corporate Fighter. Since then he’s developed this skill and passion through many fights, including winning the NSW title in the 91kg weight class, and competing at nationals in the Commonwealth Games selection event. 2018 will see him training and competing in the NSW titles again!

Bladen is available at our North Sydney clinic.



Mark Wilson

Mark is a certificate 4 trainer from the UK. With eight years’ experience as a trainer and additional qualifications in GP Exercise Referral, Treatment and Management of Lower Back Pain, Level 2 Australian Strength and Conditioning Association and Advanced Kick-boxing with Metabolic Conditioning. Mark’s positive can do approach to life transcends to his attitude towards health and fitness. He prides himself on maintaining relaxed professionalism and getting results. Nicknamed the Smiling Assassin in the past he pushes people to get their results, sometimes without them realising. With a very keen eye on technique and an astute understanding of energy systems and how they can be manipulated with programming, clients of Mark’s find a new level of fitness.

He runs, lifts and jumps to keep on top of his fitness. He represented Wales at cross country and, being Welsh, played rugby union from as soon as he could walk and continued to play well into his twenties, most notably during his time in the British Army where he recalls a few “heavy knocks”. He has done a whole host of challenges which would make most people shudder at the thought, one which stands out is doing Biathlon Skiing for a couple of months in Norway. In case you’re wondering that’s cross-country skiing with a rifle strapped to your back and shooting targets! Unfortunately, a lack of sophistication means he can never actually be Bond.

Mark has a proud and diverse history of training people and teams to achieve great things. He has aided Triathletes to complete IronMan competitions and others to run marathons and even climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Although what he’s most proud of, is helping people realise their potential and that they can always achieve more than they think; and when this happens the look or expression of confidence and happiness is for him, the greatest reward for what we do. Mark is a genuine guy who does his job because he likes to help people.

He’s currently developing our Adventure Club and is taking 15 from our community to trek in Nepal in April 2018 to Everest Base Camp

Personally, his fitness goal this year is to complete theJabalayne 44 trail run for the first time, and the Ultra Trail Australia 50 for a second time. Later in the year his aim is the Sydney Blackmores Marathon – lots of running!

Mark is available at our North Sydney clinic.



Chantelle Herc

Chantelle has been a qualified Personal Trainer for six years and has recently completed her Remedial Massage Therapy qualifications. Chantelle loves the concept of natural state and holistically improving well-being and reaching self-actualisation of all individuals. Chantelle has found herself to have a passion for holistic health, sport, fitness and the beach!

Chantelle has helped a variety of clients achieve their goals. One of her clients has coached to lose 30kgs and another she aided in the adversities they faced whilst battling with cystic fibrosis. She has the get up and go to help you achieve whatever it is that is your goal.

Her biggest achievements stem back to when she was a child competing for NSW in Cross Country, Track and field Champion in school, representation of Netball, Basketball and Touch football at an elite level and competing in fitness modelling back in 2014.

Chantelle loves being part of a team environment where everyone works together to facilitate individuals with their goals and most of all have some fun whilst doing it. Chantelle believes to get the best out of life, you must be healthy, fit and strong and that is where she likes to combine her diverse range of knowledge of fitness and health in to your daily life to get you where you need to be.

Professionally Chantelle is currently working toward achieving her certification in dry needling, personally she’s aiming towards completing the Oxfam 100km walk in Aug 2018.

Chantelle is available at our North Sydney clinic.



Yelena Townsend
Dip. RM

Yelena has a wealth of hands on experience in Remedial and Sports massage therapy since completing her Certificate IV and Diploma of Remedial Massage at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies in 2011.

Yelena goes above and beyond to assist patient’s reach their health, rehabilitation, wellbeing, fitness and sporting goals. It is her depth of knowledge of anatomy and exercise prescription that allows her to integrate so well with other health professionals and achieve great results with her patients as opposed to other therapists who simply “go through the motions”.

Yelena maintains a positive attitude towards health and fitness. She is currently continuing her studies with a Bachelor of Human Science degree to broaden her knowledge of the health industry with the goal of getting into a Physiotherapy course.

Yelena is available at our North Sydney clinic.



Ysabel Darling
Dip. RM

Ysabel is another fine exponent from the Australasian College of Natural Therapies having completed her studies in 2011. Ysabel has combination of therapeutic knowledge with sound management skills which allows her to be a highly effective therapist, identifying true causes for any issue you may be presenting with and developing a robust plan to have you feeling your best again.

Ysabel has a wide range of skills, ranging from assisting with chronic build up to an acute flare up and managing pain and discomfort that has come from day to day life. At the other end she can help withperformance enhancement for strength training and rehabilitation, as well as reaching for those bigger goals!

Ysabel’s enthusiasm to health and client care is contagious! She is extremely committed to delivering exceptional outcomes for everyone that comes under her care.

Ysabel is available at our North Sydney clinic.



Toby Coy
Dip. RM

Toby is a massage therapist who is passionate about empowering clients with up-to-date and practical knowledge to relieve pain, manage discomfort and achieve their goals. Since completing his Diploma of Remedial Massage with Distinction in 2012, Toby has committed himself to providing ‘fad-free’ and reliable client care.

Toby has worked with a wide variety of elite athletes including national track cyclists, the Coogee Dolphins rugby and netball teams, junior Olympic weight lifters, Iron Man athletes, competitive strong men, and more. He uses this wealth of experience to provide tailored and specific care for your needs.

For those who aren’t looking to break any records, Toby is also skilled in managing occupational discomfort, stress, and everyday aches and pains.

If you’re looking for a massage therapist who is both sensitive to your own treatment preferences and experienced enough to get results with whatever pressure you most enjoy, Toby is a great choice.

Toby is available at our North Sydney and Broadway clinics.



Jean- Pierre Steyl
B.Sport Sc.Hons (Biokinetics)

JP is one of Healthfix’s highly motivated, goal oriented and results driven Accredited Exercise Physiologist. JP prides himself on maintaining the highest standard of quality care with a unique patient focused approach as he strives to establish individualized rehabilitation programs to achieve short, mid, long-term goals and health management solutions.

JP qualified as an Exercise Physiologist (Biokineticist) at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. After completing his studies and gaining early experience in the field of exercise and rehabilitation in South Africa, JP continued developing his skill-set as an Allied Health Professional in the United Kingdom and has since moved to Australia in 2014 to continue this passion for exercise-based rehabilitation.

Along with gaining invaluable experience dealing with musculoskeletal injuries while working for the British Military, positions as a Professional Care Assistant specializing in Spinal-cord Injuries and a Biokineticist/Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist at various other clinics, JP has also gained experience in exercise prescription and management of individuals with chronic/metabolic conditions.

Current patients and clients worked with include individuals with musculoskeletal injuries, neurological and neuromuscular disorders, cardiopulmonary conditions, metabolic disorders, children and adolescence with special needs, individuals with a physical disability, elderly, healthy population and elite athlete performance.

His personal and professional approach to a healthy lifestyle perfectly fits the Healthfix philosophy regarding the idea that there is no ‘quick fix’ when it comes to holistic and physical wellbeing.

In his free time JP won’t be found to far from the outdoors as adventure sports make up a big part of his approach to a healthy lifestyle. He’s already submitted Mount Kilimanjaro this year, and he’s currently training to run the UTA 50 for a second time. UTA100 2019, here we come!

JP is available at our North Sydney clinic.



Kieng Morgan
B. Ex & Sports Sci, M. Ex Phys (Clinical)

Kieng works hard to ensure that every client’s program is individualised and aims at achieving the desired results. Through his studies and experience as an Exercise Physiologist, Kieng believes that when implemented correctly, exercise can be used as medicine.

Kieng has gained valuable experience working with the healthy population to improve fitness and lose weight as a personal trainer, as well as working with developing rugby union players to improve strength, prevent injuries, and rehabilitate players. Kieng has extensive experience in rehabilitating clients and in the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. Kieng has also had experience managing clients with metabolic and cardiovascular conditions.

Kieng’s love for exercise and sport led him into the field of health and fitness. Kieng started in the field by receiving his Exercise and Sports Science Degree at the University of Newcastle, followed by his Masters of Exercise Physiology (Clinical) degree at Charles Sturt University.

When not helping clients achieve their goals, Kieng enjoys leading by example and can be found outdoors enjoying sports or taking his beautiful begal puppy Ellie on walks (she keeps him nice and busy at the moment!).

Kieng is available at our North Sydney clinic.



Nathan Krupa
B. Ex Phys

Nathan focuses on providing exercise and lifestyle interventions for the prevention, management and treatment of chronic disease and musculoskeletal conditions.

Nathan completed a Bachelor’s of Exercise Physiology with Distinction from the University of New South Wales. Nathan has worked within a variety of exercise rehabilitation settings, including private hospitals, gyms and private practice clinics, providing high quality prevention and rehabilitation services for a range of goals, including post-operative rehab, falls prevention, strength and conditioning, and performance.

Nathan also has 6 years’ experience working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and gym instructor, where he has consistently achieved successful results by motivating a broad range of clients from elderly to sports specific populations. Nathan focuses on a patient centred approach to his treatment programs, considering the patients history, goals, barriers and lifestyle, to design and implement an individually tailored treatment plan that will allow for a comfortable and successful progression through the rehabilitation journey.

Nathan is results focused, using planning and tracking strategies that lead to the best outcomes for his patients. Taking a biopsychosocial approach is key to Nathan’s services, which includes education and strategies for self-management, so that the results last long after his intervention is completed.

Nathan is passionate about musculoskeletal rehab and chronic disease management, as he feels that these populations benefit greatly from exercise therapy, providing lifelong improvements to health and function.Nathan is currently working towards.

Nathan is available at our Broadway clinic.



Alexander Engel
B. Ex Phys

Alex is a friendly and motivating Exercise Physiologist; with a background of knowledge he’s particularly focused on the management of musculoskeletal conditions. His personal style and approach to training stems from being evidence based and technique focused but he combines this with his relaxed, fun and personal personality, making for great training sessions.

Alex completed his Bachelor of Exercise Physiology at the University of New South Wales. Since leaving university he’s had a busy few years, working in private studios on a one-on-one basis with clients as well as studying for his PhD in Paediatrics. This interest in Paediatrics means Alex has a strong focus on body systems, the development of the body and improvement of our bodies.

His experience with clients covers a vast range of people, from 3 yr olds to 85 yr olds and everyone in between! He’s guided many clients through successful rehabilitation following musculoskeletal conditions and injury. And provides an upbeat positive approach to getting the best from your sessions, whether you’re managing a chronic disease or you’re an elite athlete aiming for a personal best.

Personally Alex can be found keeping fit in the water (a lot!), being from Maroubra he’s grown up with it on his doorstep. He’s competed at national level swimming throughout High School and University, his event being 50m/100m Freestyle and Backstroke. He was a Surf Life Saver, who has competed in Surf Life Saving in both individual and team water events as well as rowing surf boats. Out of the water his focus in the gym is on strength and mobility, giving his body what it needs to take part in all his other activities.

Alex is available at our North Sydney clinic.



Milly Clark
Bsc& M Nutrition & Dietetics

Milly is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and provisional Sports Dietitian with the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) and Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA). Since completing her masters degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Sydney in 2015, Milly has worked with a range of clients, to assist them with meeting their varied nutritional goals. Her main goal when working with clients is to assist in seeing the bigger picture, instead of getting caught in the minor details. Through a nourishing and wholesome diet, people can lead healthier, happier and more balanced lifestyles.

Clinical experience includes weight management, diabetes, insulin resistance, food allergies/intolerances, hypertension, heart disease and other hormonal conditions such as adrenal fatigue and PCOS. Milly has always had a special interest in sports nutrition and food intolerances, working with endurance athletes and sports teams to assist with nutrition plans pre, post and during competition. More recently, Milly has begun independent research into the benefits and adaptations that occur following a lower carbohydrate diet to assist with a wide variety of clinical conditions.

Personally, Milly has a strong background in sports herself. She is a long-distance runner and ran her first marathon with a time of 2:29:07 (fastest ever Australian on debut) in 2015 to qualify for the Rio Olympics in 2016. She placed 17th at the Olympics and was first Australian to cross the line. Fittingly, she believes that “slow and steady wins the race” and takes such an approach when assisting clients in their own diet or lifestyle goals.

Milly is always on the go, and is currently training for the World Half Marathon Championships to be held on March 24th in Valencia, Spain. Later in the year, she will travel overseas to compete against a strong contingent of international runners in a Big City marathon in the hopes to lower her personal best time and set herself up for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Milly is available at our North Sydney and Broadway clinics.



Ash Cooney

As one of our directors Ash has been part of Healthfix from the start. With a background in Occupational Therapy she understands the importance of an integrated approach to your health. She obtained her BA in occupational therapy from the University of Sydney, before working as an occupational therapist assisting in many different levels of cover. More recently she was Head of Injury Management and Health and Wellbeing (NZ and Aus) for one of Australia’s largest retailers – reducing their workers comp premium from 22m to 9m during her time there.

Here at Healthfix you’ll see her rolling up her sleeves and mucking in everywhere! She’s head of our admin department, but her role is extremely flexible – she’ll just as likely be on reception, as doing our books, or hosting a corporate seminar – she’s the glue that keeps us goingand always has a smile on her face!



Joe Smith
Adv.Dip Business Management

Joe is our face of Broadway! A lifelong commitment to health and fitness has seen Joe play competitive cricket, field hockey and soccer before moving into coaching roles within these sports.

Joe holds qualifications in personal training, exercise science, health studies and an advanced diploma in business management. He has worked in sport environments and health clubs and bring this wealth of experience together to ensure you have the best experience at Healthfix.



Ysabel Darling

Our Practise Manager in Broadway Ysabel is the one we turn to for guidance on everything admin based. Also a Massage Therapist for us, Ysabel balances her technical knowledge with administration to ensure that you’re getting the best plans and communication.

She’s passionate about our integrated approach and demonstrates this across the board. Click here to read more about Ysabel’s Massage Therapy.



Amy Jarjoura

Our resident physiotherapy student on the desk, Amy thrives off interacting with all healthfix clients. She loves to understand how your treatment is working and will go out of her way to make sure you’re having a fantastic day!



Anthony Collum

Our UTS Speedster – Anthony is our versatile receptionist who is also a talented sprint champion on the UTS Elite Athlete Program. His athlete mind-set means that he can get the job done for you really, really fast



Heather Palmer

With a background in Hospitality Management (degree) and Brand Strategy, Heather is passionate about our Healthfix brand – she believes we’ve been keeping the great things we do here at Healthfix a secret for too long and is here to change that for us. On top of this she loves a list! So always takes organisation and planning to the next level.



Work for us

We are the fastest growing integrated health service and are always on the lookout for dynamic, highly motivated professionals to join our team.

Our beliefs

A smarter approach to healthcare

We believe in offering a smarter approach to healthcare and setting industry standards whilst doing so. This future approach focuses on treating people in a holistic, integrated way, to ensure that they get the best results for their health. We provide time efficient, tailor-made, and cost effective evidence based treatments for any health concern from surgical rehabilitation to elite performance. Simply put we believe in fixing people.

Our approach

Professional, Personable and Positive

Healthfix is a fast paced high energy company which is goals focused for our clients and our employees. Professional, Personable and Positive are our 3 values and you can guarantee that when you’re part of the Healthfix family, you will be treated in this way.

It’s a fun and supportive work environment here, with the opportunity to work in collaboration with lots of different allied health professionals. So in terms of what you can learn and take from your time here it is massive! This collaborative approach will give you the chance to learn, develop and grow as well as share your great experience with us and help others to learn and further their careers.

We have a comprehensive induction program to ensure you’re supported by the team and for your personal development we offer a yearly financial contribution towards professional courses. We have regular clinical reasoning and peer review sessions, monthly in-services and team meetings all designed to continue your leaning and keep you up to date with evidence based practice as well as ensure you are part of our Healthfix community.

We offer excellent remuneration opportunities and a health and wellbeing program which gives employees a 50% discount on all of our services.

We’re always keen to hear from people who feel that they would be a perfect fit for Healthfix, as we’re always looking to grow our family. If you’re super keen and trained in one of the following, get in contact:

Massage Therapist
Exercise Physiologist
Personal Trainer

Please contact us at and provide a copy of your CV and covering letter to express your interest in the roles above.

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