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Healthfix Physio North Sydney, provides exceptional physio rehab, sports physio and physio lead rehab gym classes. Our skilled team of physios have extensive years of in field experience and we have been operating for over a decade. We are dedicated  to help you overcome chronic injury pain  and support your physical and sporting goals. Our purpose is to tailor long-term health and movement solutions for you that are practicak and sustainable. Our goal is to keep you moving and enjoying life and sport at every age. At Healthfix, we are a friendly community providing quality care that you can trust to get you moving. Our coordinated team of experts will craft a personalised injury recovery plan for you. In addition, our physio rehab classes and specific EP strength and conditioning classes all combine to deliver you better long term movement  outcomes. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and start your journey towards better health and movement
North Sydney Physiotherapy
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Our physios will work with you to create and carry out a treatment plan or a sport physio plan. They’ll recommend an integrated approach where necessary. This can include the use of Massage, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition advice, and Personal Training services.

Healthfix physios help with:

  • sporting injuries
  • chronic lower back pain
  • neck pain, with or without headaches
  •  pain from starting a new exercise
  • women’s pelvic health
  • sports performance
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation

Physio Rehab Classes

Looking for a physiotherapy-led program to help you transition from hands-on care to independent exercise? Look no further than our Physio-led Pathways program! Our small, supervised physio rehab classes restore mobility and strength in a safe environment. This restorative physio-led class is perfect for clients recovering from injuries such as lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain. This program will help you recover from injuries and reduce pain, allowing you to exercise safely and independently Our Physio-led pathways program is designed to help you link your physio exercises through to independent exercise. With a focus on individualised exercises tailored to your needs, our small physio rehab group classes ensure you receive close supervision to help you exercise safely. Each 45-minute class is led by a physiotherapist and includes a 10-15 minute mobility section followed by 30 minutes of strength training targeted to your specific needs. One of the main benefits of our Physio Rehab classes is the personalised attention you’ll receive. As a small group, we ensure you’re completing exercises correctly and safely. If you’re recovering from an injury or prefer the safety of a smaller group setting, our Physio led program is for you. Join us today and experience the benefits of our restorative, physiotherapy-led approach to exercise.
Rehab Classes

Sports Physiotherapy

We provide top-quality sports physio care to athletes of all levels. Whether you’re a professional sports person or a recreational enthusiast, we have the skills and experience to address a wide range of sports-related injuries, including ligament sprains, muscle strains, joint issues, contact injuries, and overuse injuries, ensuring you get back in the game stronger and faster. Our personalised treatment plans focus on alleviating current symptoms, enhancing performance, and preventing future injuries.

Sports Physiotherapy

Fixed Price Rehab Program

Experience a revolutionary approach to rehabilitation at our Fixed Price Physio Rehab Program. We understand the challenges clients face when it comes to funding their complete rehabilitation journey such as ACL rehab. That’s why we offer a fixed fee model, providing clarity and peace of mind. With our protocol-driven approach and set time frames, you’ll know upfront how much it will cost to achieve a full recovery. Our comprehensive package covers all appointments, from early-stage physiotherapy to end-stage EP and performance sessions. Say goodbye to financial uncertainty and hello to almost guaranteed results. Start your complete recovery journey with us today.

Rehab Program

Gait Scan and Orthotics


If you are experiencing foot pain or discomfort, our team of skilled physiotherapists is here to help. We understand that your feet are the foundation of your body’s movement, and addressing any issues in this area can lead to significant improvements in overall health. Healthfix is your go-to destination for personalised orthotics and comprehensive foot care. Discover how our expert physiotherapists use advanced GaitScan technology to create bespoke orthotics for improved mobility and pain relief.

Gait Scan

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“I can’t recommend this amazing team enough. They can somehow make recovery from injury a really positive experience.”

Claudia W, May 2022

If you live or work on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, in the City or the Inner West, then the answer is Yes!

Healthfix has practices in North Sydney and Broadway. Our talented physiotherapists can assess and treat your injury and help you get back to full health quickly and economically. Book your initial appointment (45mins) with us today.

If you’re questioning it, then the answer is probably yes. The muscles in our body work in a beautiful harmony and produce amazing feats but they can also cause us a multitude of issues and therefore it’s always great to start with an initial physiotherapy assessment.

The great thing about coming to Healthfix is that if we don’t need to see you ongoing we’ll be truthful and tell you that – we’re not interested in the old fashioned approach of Physio’s giving you a ‘rub’ and treatment remains ongoing for months (and even years), we truly want to prescribe you the best plan to help you reach your goals as soon as possible. We’re therefore always very honest and proactive in moving forward.

Monday – Friday from 7am

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Lisa BremnerLisa Bremner
23:14 01 Oct 23
I have been supported by the Healthfix Team since 2019. Initially with physiotherapy and then personal training with Amy since 2020. Amy is an amazing trainer and has supported me with her tailored programs by adjusting my exercises to address my needs. Her knowledge, experience and positivity is life changing.
Hannah PowellHannah Powell
09:06 27 Sep 23
Great place for both physiotherapy and exercise physiology. I worked with Piper to create exercise routines that I can do that don’t flare up migraines, and her friendliness, patience, dedication and expertise made for a really successful experience. I am so much stronger and can stick to a healthy exercise routine that takes into account my migraine triggers. I saw Mali for a couple of physio sessions when I injured my shoulder, and the treatment helped me heal up so much faster than I would have without. Very good practice with knowledgeable and friendly people.
Debbie AllenDebbie Allen
07:54 21 Mar 23
I love going to Healthfix. Week 1 was a challenge, but I am enjoying every week & all the instructors have also been amazing.
Cathy MurrellCathy Murrell
06:33 21 Mar 23
Was apprehensive to start but was very imoressed with the assessment by Caitlan and happy with how the class is going. Staff very nice and helpful and pleased that we will be given new routines too!
Mark HunyorMark Hunyor
00:26 21 Mar 23
The group pilates classes are very good. Also the gym equipment is top quality.
Michelle CarlinMichelle Carlin
23:22 20 Mar 23
I recently started here and the staff are fantastic, the gym is well set up too! I’m having such a positive experience. There is a great culture here and it’s very welcoming.
Sirini De SilvaSirini De Silva
11:23 03 Mar 23
Great service and treatment from Caitlan!
10:46 30 Dec 22
Been seeing Caitlin for a couple of years now and always get attentive and friendly service every time. I have chronic pain all through my back and I feel much better after every session. Lots of helpful and easy exercises to take home too.
Kerry HarknessKerry Harkness
22:30 19 Nov 22
Came to Healthfix with injuries and chronic pain. A very experienced, passionate team quickly planned my recovery. I am so grateful that the pain is now manageable and I am well on my way to achieving my fitness and weight loss goals. Happy to recommend this amazing team to anybody wanting to take back control of their health.
Isabelle HattonIsabelle Hatton
20:33 14 Nov 22
I chose to come to Healthfix after my ACL surgery and Caitlin and Daniel have been beyond supportive. I feel and see my results weeks from when I started and believe it’s come down to the great team at Healthfix. My self-confidence has only continued to grow and health and progress are always their priority.
Dan FDan F
08:28 14 Nov 22
All staff are accommodating, friendly and motivated to help you achieve your goals. I was looking to do a program to kick start my exercise but have stayed on and now also have my partner signed up as well. I have taken part in multiple services healthfix offers and am enjoying the success. Plus, it kick starts my week. I would recommend healthfix to anyone who is looking to improve their health and wellness.
Sarah & EnzoSarah & Enzo
04:27 23 Jun 22
Have enjoyed going to Healthfix North Syd over the past year or so. Amy has been an amazing PT and is always adapting programs to suit training needs and goals. Krista and Sarah at the front desk have always been super friendly and helpful too. Would defs recommend!
John PurcellJohn Purcell
07:03 27 May 22
Great health club that has really dedicated, friendly team who genuinely care about your well-being and obtaining goals. Classes are great and the new booking system makes it really easy to select them. Have used all the various services and been very happy. The reception team are always great and super responsive for appointment changes.
Tim WarrenTim Warren
22:39 04 Apr 22
Hands down the best health and fitness gym in North Sydney. I’ve been seeing a personal trainer at Healthfix for about 3-4 years. They have made the experience engaging and enjoyable with positive results. Healthfix have group classes, physiotherapy, dieticians, pretty much everything you might need. The staff are great - friendly, helpful and always positive.
Alex Hall-SmithAlex Hall-Smith
21:30 04 Apr 22
Krista is always engaged and knowledgable about who walks in the door. She is always smiling and ready to put a pep in your step. Great way to kick off your day
Elsa DaddoElsa Daddo
05:26 30 Mar 22
HealthFix is like a little family with health practitioners, reception and fellow clients alike making all of my visits a joy - whoever thought I would say that about a health/exercise visit! It’s also been really convenient having my dietitian, exercise physiologist and physiotherapist all of the one place - they’re all on the same page meaning I don’t have to spend time repeating myself.Highly recommend!

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