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Pilates can help you stay strong, healthy and happy – and despite popular opinion, it’s beneficial for both beginners and regular exercisers.  It’s a low-impact form of exercise that combines deep breathing and gentle stretching with activation postural muscles to strengthen postural awareness, balance and mobility. Workouts target your “powerhouse” muscles or core, that is your abs, lower back, pelvic floor, hips and glutes, to strengthen, lengthen and tone.  Founder Joseph H. Pilates developed it to help World War I soldiers restore their inner strength (both literally and figuratively), and millions of practitioners worldwide swear by its mind-body benefits to this day.

Core conditioning to strengthen and lengthen.

Pilates is a very supportive form exercise as it is performed close to the ground. You’ll be seated, balanced on your side, or laying on your back as you get in shape one stretch at a time. Healthfix’s certified Pilates instructors will ensure you use the correct form in the group class, maximising your core conditioning to improve spinal alignment, posture, range of motion and all-over strength. Pilates exercises are also often recommended to ease muscle tension, joint stiffness, and back pain, and to help prevent injury. As with yoga, Pilates offers functional strength through its discipline, meaning it can help with everyday things like doing the laundry, carrying groceries, picking up kids or even just climbing stairs becomes easier as well as serving as a great adjunct to your sports strength and conditioning program. Particularly as we age and lose muscle fibre, Pilates can help maintain mobility, flexibility and strength.
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Our accredited Pilates instructors are ready when you are.

We pride ourselves on our client-centred, evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach to achieve optimal patient outcomes. Every Pilates class allows for our accredited Pilates instructors to take the time to attend to each student’s development and form, ensuring you get the most out of your time on the mat. Healthfix’s team of professionals work together to get you to your fittest, faster. 
The short answer: Everyone! The longer answer: Literally everyone should include pilates classes as a part of the exercise regime. Everyone needs to maintain or build muscular endurance, balance, stability and postural strength to live a long and active life. Your instructor will provide many exercise variations so you can challenge yourself or take it a bit easier in each class. For example, we keep it slow and controlled for our postnatal mothers but we ramp up the intensity for our Saturday pilates regulars. Our instructors truly cater for everyone in the class.
We host our Pilates classes many times throughout the week, you can check out the current timetable here. We like to remove any and all barriers so that you can prioritise your workout. You can join Pilates classes in person at our North Sydney clinic or you can stream the class live over zoom! Are you interested in classes but this time doesn’t work? Reach out to our team and let us know, we are always looking to add classes that work for more people.
Our lead pilates instructor Amy Yeoland, hosts and programs our pilates classes with the support of our Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology teams. Combining Amy’s sports science degree and polestar pilates qualifications, she ensures our classes are challenging and safe for all levels of fitness.
To get started in Pilates, we offer everyone a free trial class! After this, we offer a variety of options to join pilates on a regular basis. Casual classes cost $35/class, but we have packages where you can purchase classes in bulk for a cheaper rate and even an all-inclusive membership option, which gives you access to our integrated team, gym facilities and other group classes.
To sign up for a free trial of our Pilates classes, fill in this contact form and our team will be in touch or you can book yourself straight into a class using our online booking system.

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