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Healthfix exist to empower lives.

We are team of expert health professionals with a high performance gym located in North Sydney who are setting industry standards. We tailor our service to you personally from injury to elite sports performance.

We believe in community, integration, empowerment and planning with a clear direction.

“a dream without a plan is called a wish”
– Someone Cool

Health Club and Clinic

North Sydney

Offering full health and fitness services, from physio to personal training.
Our one-stop-shop covers:

How Integration Works

Having a team of passionate health professionals working together in harmony leads to better, faster and long-lasting results for you.

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Health Club and gym

Our North Sydney Health Club and gym is designed to be a supportive and comfortable environment for all people to come and work on achieving their long-term health goals, no matter what levels of fitness. Our one stop shop means all your health needs are met under one roof.

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Our physios are biomechanical professionals who assess your environmental stresses and use their in-depth understanding of functional anatomy to identify what has caused your problem. They are also specialists in musculoskeletal problems, meaning anything about muscle, bone, tendon, ligament and joint problems they are your people!

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Women’s health

Our women’s health services are geared around keeping the vibrant, active women of our local community doing the things they love. Our services help those with acute needs such as pregnancy, incontinence and prolapse as well as more persistent problems like endometriosis, PCOS, sexual pain and dysfunction and pelvic pain.

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Dietetics and nutrition

The temptations to consume things which hinder our health and the ease that bad habits form is something we all know too well. Our Dietitian can help with a number of health concerns including a lack of energy, bloating, fatigue, recurrent cold and flu and hormonal imbalances.

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Personal training

Our programs are designed to help you achieve your best results. Whether you’re training for something amazing, or just looking to reset your health goals. Whatever your motivation, our fantastic team can help guide you there. Our Personal Trainers are a fantastic team with a vast range of knowledge and experience from elite athletic strength and conditioning to body transformations and event conditioning.

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Wellness coaching

Have you been doing the same thing for a long time and not seeing any difference? Wellness coaching could be the answer. Boredom is a big thing we face in health care, but choosing your path correctly can be easier with the help of our multi-disciplinary health professionals. Let us help you distil all the information out there, and make it work for you.

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A Dream Without A Plan Is Called A Wish.

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