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Not your average gym membership. 

We here at Healthfix understand that you’re an individual. You have your own wants, needs and goals. We also understand that a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to health and fitness is ineffective in helping individuals achieve long-lasting health outcomes. That’s why our Health Club in North Sydney is designed to be a supportive & comfortable environment for all people to come and work on achieving their long-term health goals, no matter what levels of fitness. We offer a one stop shop, where all your health needs can be conveniently met under one roof, either by one-on-one care or through the collaboration of working with our integrated team of passionate health professionals.

The Healthfix Difference. 

When you join the Health Club you will gain so much more then a space to exercise, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to have a holistically healthy life.  Our team helps you reach your personal best by:

  • Personally assigning you a mentor. Our Health Mentors are some of our most experienced therapists and will help you navigate the confusing world of healthcare and achieve any goal you desire. Click here to find out more about the Healthfix way of mentoring.
  • Structuring our group fitness programs in progressive phases. These phases are designed for the group to continually improve and develop their fitness capabilities. Classes are changed up just enough to be interesting, but not too much, so you can see real improvements week to week.  We offer a range of classes including, Muscle and StrengthFoundations of FitnessPilatesYoga and an Athletic Performance class.
  • Starting at your level. Our exercise team, are truly some of the best in the business.  We have a highly qualified and experienced team, so we are able to quickly tailor our group classes to your level. Whether that be a modification or a challenge! Newbies and gym-junkies alike can expect a great workout and experience with us.
  • Welcoming you into actual community. All gyms talk about ‘community’, but at Healthfix our members truly feel like they belong.  Health Club Members, are an inspiring and dedicated group of individuals who are prioritising their physical and mental wellbeing with us.  We host member events and initiatives to further connect our community and after a couple of weeks, you’ll be on a first name basis with everyone. So don your custom Healthfix merch and get ready to make life long friendships.
  • Having a team of dietitians, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, personal trainers and wellness coaches under the one roof, allows us to help keep you in tip top shape physically, nutritionally and emotionally. Our physio team leads the warm up to our fitness classes and can help you with injury management or prevention during the session. Our diet department hosts free nutrition seminars and cooking classes to help you fuel your body the way it deserves. Depending on your membership, you can even have private sessions with any therapists at a discounted rate. All of our therapists will seamlessly work together to support you perform at your best. We even keep your GP and other Health Professionals in the loop! Talk about streamlining your healthcare!
  • By believing in giving you the tools to live your healthiest life. So stay with us for a long or as little as you need. With no lock in contracts, we’re ready to work with you when you are.

Our Membership Packages 

Starting at $65 per week our membership packages are:

Membership Packages

Ready to take the next step in your health journey?

So you’re keen to get started on your membership or just find out a bit more? Here’s how you can join our community:

Health mentors

Step 1

Contact us! You can email us at [email protected], call us on 02 8065 0446 or fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you. When you first reach out to us, our admin team will start to get to know you, why you want to join our community and what sort of health and fitness goals do you have. That way they can match you up with a mentor and get you booked in for a membership enquiry chat.

Integrated team

Step 2

Our membership enquiry chats, are an obligation free 15 minutes with you and your mentor. In this 15 minutes you can ask all of your questions and get advice on how to start on your wellness journey. You’ll get a tour of our facility and meet a couple of our friendly team members. This chat is completely obligation free, we understand if you’re not ready to join us on this day…

Cheering on

Step 3

But if you did want to join us… Welcome to the Health Club! All we need to do now is some paperwork, order your Healthfix hoodie and get you booked into your first initial mentoring session. In this mentoring session, your mentor will work with you to get set up for success with your membership. Read more about our Health Club Mentoring here. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Find out more about Health Club membership here.

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Meet our professional healthcare team

Meet the team
We’re proudly associated with

The Reset – Lockdown Edition

What is the reset?

The Reset is about setting you up with a great base level of fitness and getting you in the right mindset to progress your health further than its current level. Whether your health goals are to gain muscle mass or fat loss, you will develop an ideal level of strength and fitness. Having the time and the commitment to your own health might not have recently been your priority but the Reset  is the perfect opportunity to dedicate some time back to you during these unprecedented times.
Everyone experiencing this lockdown can relate to the feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, lack of connection and lack of motivation. That is why we have utilised our team’s expertise in delivering high quality telehealth and zoom classes to deliver you a program that is easy to engage with and helps you establish or cement your essential diet and exercise habits that’ll set you up for a long and healthy life post lockdown.

What’s involved?

It is a 28 day program designed to help get you reset, focusing in on giving you the tools to reset your fitness goals, kick start your health journey and develop longstanding great habits.

What’s included?

  • 30 min consultation with an expert health coach
  • Access to unlimited group training classes – pilates, yoga and fitness classes designed to improve your strength, conditioning and endurance over 4 weeks.
  • On demand class recordings of group training classes
  • 28 days of education and community connection through online and private group coaching over Facebook and email.
  • A FREE 30-minute personal training or dietetics session, every week for the next 4 weeks
  • Feel supported by a community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to improving their health and wellbeing just like you!

What does the program cost?

Total cost is $260 (valued at $719) and we can start this program when you’re ready! This program is designed for you to take control of your health with the help of our integrated team.

They say it can take 28 days for good habits to stick, and this is why we use this magic number during our reset, it’s not about losing some weight or gaining some strength and then going back to where you were before. It is about setting you up for the future, giving you the help to make this possible and give you the chance to achieve great success.

Interested in starting your Reset today? Give us a call on 02 8065 0446 or fill in the form below to get started today!
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Meet our professional healthcare team

Meet the team

Try Yoga @ Healthfix!

Did you know that Healthfix offers Yoga classes for our community? Yoga is a broad system encompassing philosophy, physical movement, meditation and daily living – and that’s really just scratching the surface. What sets the physical practice of yoga apart from other disciplines such as Pilates is that yoga is strongly introspective, which can, for some people, transcend to an energetic or spiritual awakening. Yoga is all about calming the mind and obtaining clarity of thoughts, which helps us live a more joyful life.

What sets Healthfix apart from other yoga studios is that we pride ourselves on our client centred, evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach to achieve optimal client outcomes. Every yoga class allows for our accredited yoga instructors to take the time to attend to each student’s development and form, ensuring you get the most out of your time on the mat. Healthfix’s team of professionals work together to get you to your fittest, at your pace.

That’s why we have listened to our community’s requests and developed two new yoga classes!

Introducing Yoga Flow. A class where you can move with your breath and create space in your body and mind. Classes integrate traditional yoga postures with functional movements, that are designed to address common areas of tension and weakness. Many options are provided so that you experience a level of challenge that is appropriate for you, allowing you to safely progress your practice and build awareness. You will leave feeling balanced and connected to mind and body. No props required, all fitness levels are welcome. This class is held on Tuesdays at 6PM

Introducing Yoga Revive. A restorative class focusing on supported and relaxing postures that allow the body release, and the mind to unwind. This practice relieves tension in tight muscles you didn’t even know were tight! A focus on deep breathing allows the mind to find a meditative state. This is very calming for the nervous system, thereby supporting you in times of stress. Props include supporting materials like yoga blocks, cushions, pillows, and a blanket. You want to be as comfortable and cosy as possible! This class is held on Fridays at 6PM

Ready to try a class? Our yoga classes are held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 6PM over zoom during this lockdown. The perfect time to wind down from work and settle in for the night.

There are 3 ways to get started in our Yoga classes;
  1. With a FREE trial to make sure that we are the right fit for each other.
  2. Using a Class Pass which you can prepay 10 – 20 classes at a discounted rate
  3. As a part of our health club membership where all classes are free and you can receive the added benefits of discounted one on one sessions with our other services as well as being allocated a mentor to help you navigate remaining in optimal health at this important time in your life.

Book in for your first class online, give us a call on 02 8065 0445 or fill in the form below for our team to reach out
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Health Club Members Wellness Retreat!

Over the past 8 weeks, our community has battled many challenges. From working form home to home schooling to social isolation and the stress of having our routines thrown out the window. That’s why our team at Healthfix, would like to take this opportunity to host an online wellness retreat for our community reflect and prepare for life out of lockdown.

We would like to invite all of our health club members to join our team on Friday the 3rd of September for this online wellness retreat. Over zoom we will be hosting a group wellness coaching session and a rejuvenating stretch based pilates class. The intention of this event is to emphasise the importance of self care and develop the mindset to ensure you are thriving through lockdown. Not just surviving day to day. This event will also be an opportunity for our community to connect virtually and support each other through challenging times.

This event will be led by our Member Experience Manager and Certified Wellness Coach, Mark Wilson. Mark will be taking the group through a wellness coaching session on reflection and gratitude during challenging times. This session will help all members feel connected, supported and inspired so we highly recommend everyone attending this session. Following the wellness coaching session, our pilates instructor, Amy Yeoland, has designed a rejuvenating and relaxing pilates class. Designed to help reset your body for the weekend.

This event will commence at 5PM on Friday the 3rd of September, and is exclusive to our health club members. If you’re a member and are interested in coming along, fill in this form to RSVP your attendance and we look forward to see you at the online retreat!
Take Care, Team Healthfix

In the message section of the form, please input ‘RSVP’ and our team will do the rest! [ninja_form id=1]

Antenatal Pregnancy Pilates – New Class @ Healthfix!

Calling all future mums to be. Healthfix has developed a new program to help you prepare mentally and physically for birth and motherhood in a safe, supportive and sustainable way.

Our Women’s Health Team of pelvic floor physiotherapists and Pilates instructors have developed a brand new Pilates program that is designed to help you build pelvic floor awareness and posterior chain strength to support you during pregnancy and beyond.

The goal of our Pilates classes are to –
  1. Build lower body and posterior chain strength to support you in carrying your growing baby through pregnancy.
  2. Build upper body strength and endurance to help prepare you for carrying your new-born and breastfeeding.
  3. Develop hip stability and pelvic control to assist you in a safe labour and delivery.
  4. Lengthening and strengthening your adductor thigh muscles to help support the weight of your growing baby belly and providing your more leverage to push during labour.

Exercise is a safe and beneficial thing to be doing throughout your pregnancy as it can help reduce common pregnancy symptoms and improve your overall health during pregnancy and post-partum. Exercise during pregnancy has proven to help:
  • Reduce symptoms of morning sickness, insomnia, stress and anxiety.
  • Improve psychological well-being.
  • Assist with weight management and prevention of gestational diabetes.
  • Reduce and prevent lower back pain.
  • Improve labour outcomes by improving pelvic endurance, awareness, stability and strength.

Wanting to get started with pregnancy Pilates today? Here’s the next steps. Note – during lockdown periods our classes will be run over zoom on Thursdays at 1PM & Saturdays at 10AM starting Thursday the 2nd of September. To sign up for a class, fill in the contact form below. Our team with respond with the required forms needed to register and make sure you’re safe to exercise. Then, there are 3 ways to get started.
  1. With a FREE trial to make sure that we are the right fit for each other.
  2. Using a Class Pass which you can prepay 10 – 20 classes.
  3. As a part of our membership where all classes are free and you can receive the added benefits of discounted one on one sessions with our other services as well as being allocated a mentor to help you navigate remaining in optimal health at this important time in your life.
We look forward to hearing from you! [ninja_form id=1]

Join us for a brand new nutrition course! Starts the 18th of August

Healthfix would like to invite our community on a tour around the world (from home of course) with food! Our dietitians, Mel & Jordan, have put together a brand new nutrition course focusing on ‘healthifying’ your favourite meals.

We believe that food brings communities together. Food is fun, comforting and exciting. But some of our favourite meals, aren’t always treating our bodies with the highest quality of nutrition that we deserve. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have them! By learning to ‘healthify’ your meals from our registered dietitians, you can enjoy all of your favourite dishes and cuisines and still stay on track with your health and nutrition goals.

Starting Wednesday the 18th of August, our dietitians will be taking you on a cooking adventure around the world which will give you the versatile tools and knowledge to transform your family favourite meals into dietitian approved healthy recipes!

If you’re keen to get involved in this nutrition course, or you have any questions, fill in the form below and our team will be in touch!

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Healthfix – Then and Now

Joel bates then and now                          

To think that only 9 years ago, only 4 of us were huddled into a corner of Anytime Fitness down in McMahon’s point, pondering where this thing called Healthfix could end up. I always admired Sean’s vision and determination to ultimately have a facility full of great people working towards amazing personal health. At times I would question whether those were dreams of grandeur, or simply dreams that lay the foundation for a thriving business of 20+ staff over two locations. Thankfully I was wrong.

Before I could see develop further, I decided to ditch Healthfix, and chase a girl to Singapore. Luckily this was the best thing I have ever done. Now Lisa is my amazing wife and mother of our beautiful daughter Odette. This move personally was the life experience shift that has shaped me and the way I treat. I created the context for my development as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, but more so the experience to understand what it takes to treat people from all countries, cultures and backgrounds.

This also then allowed me to look back on what Healthfix was becoming. I loved the chance to talk to Sean (he did most of the talking surprisingly) and share stories of our professional and personal development. Not only did the layers of professional assets grow at Healthfix, so did the vision of the facility that now exists in North Sydney.

Now things are different. I look at the younger physio’s here and am so impressed with their knowledge, maturity, and empathy. Their development is incredible, and it provides the glue that creates a great physiotherapy team and keeps us all on our toes. Our ability to integrate with our team, allows our patients to achieve so much more. This can range from the simple things of picking up your kids or running your first marathon. For too long, Physio’s have been trying to do too much, when the answer is creating a team around the patient so they can achieve more. The facility we have (and have access to in Broadway) creates the active environment needed to get the long terms results we crave.

Physiotherapy has changed, and in that change, we are moving towards the model that Healthfix embodies. Integration and drawing on high level Exercise Physiologists, Personal trainers and Dieticians simply mean we get better results for our clients. We now need to consider all facets of the individual in front of us to understand where we can best help them. This is the environment we have now at Healthfix. I am grateful to have the opportunity to be back at Healthfix. Whilst much has grown and developed, the same core of quality results for patients remains at the core. Ultimately that’s why we do what we do.

Weight Loss Does Not Equal Calories In vs Calories Out

    Calories In vs Calories Out Welcome to part 1 of our Weight Loss Does Not Equal Calories In Versus Calories out series where we look to debunk the long held belief that weight loss has always just been about calories in matching calories outs. When we look at low fat, low sugar, low carb diets and more recently the intermittent fasting fad, a lot of this centres around this concept. Dietitians know this is not the case and now we’re looking to educate everyone on what IT IS about over this series.

PART 1 – Biology

It is often touted that weight loss is as simple as eating less and exercising more, and that with sufficient willpower all people can achieve this. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Weight is extremely complicated as it is influenced by a large number of interconnected factors, many beyond an individual’s control. As dietitians, we frequently witness frustration expressed by clients who have tried all sorts of diets with no success, and understand that a holistic weight-neutral approach to nutrition creates the best results. This can start by understanding the role that biology plays in determining a person’s weight.


Genetics play a major role in the size and shape of our body. It is estimated that 40-80% of weight is contributed to by genes, with over 300 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) associated with adiposity. These genes and SNPs influence our bone structure, musculature, metabolism and more. This means that if we had people following the same diet and exercise regimes, their bodies would all look extremely different.

Set point theory refers to all people having a weight their body prefers to be at. When people sit above or below this point, their body will regulate intake and energy expenditure to return to this weight – in other words, via homeostasis. For example, weight loss at a rapid rate increases ghrelin secretion, increasing feelings of hunger to promote weight gain to an individual’s set point. Additionally, if we consume more energy than we require, our body will increase its temperature to increase the metabolic rate. A person’s set point is not fixed, however, and can be increased or decreased. If a person is seeking to lower their set point, we know that slow and sustained weight loss (0.5-1kg/week) allows the body to adapt to the reduced energy intake. This can’t be achieved by crash dieting or dramatically limiting calories, thus this is where an accredited dietitian can assist.


Hormones play an enormous role in appetite, metabolism and fat storage. We know that fat cells produce leptin, a hormone that signals satiety. Individuals with larger bodies produce higher levels of leptin however display resistance to its hunger-regulating mechanism. Rapid weight loss can decrease leptin production, thereby increasing appetite and causing weight gain. Gradual lifestyle changes prevent this rapid shift in hormone production, creating sustainable and effective changes in the long-term. Furthermore, sex hormones greatly impact body fat distribution. Changes to these hormone levels, such as during menopause, can greatly impact one’s body shape without changing their diet or exercise. Insulin is another hormone that greatly impacts one’s carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

Health conditions and medications

Numerous health conditions impact our weight and should be investigated prior to prescribing low-calorie diets. Hypothyroidism and Cushing’s syndrome impact hormone production associated with weight gain and obesity, which can’t be rectified with diet alone. Mental illness can also greatly impact an individual’s ability to maintain their healthiest weight.

There are a number of medications that may affect a person’s weight. For example, antipsychotics, antidepressants and corticosteroids are associated with weight gain. There are a number of reasons for this, such as by increasing lethargy, decreasing resting metabolic rate and fluid retention. It is beneficial to set goals surrounding cardiometabolic health for these individuals, as their weight may not be in their control whilst on certain medications. Again, an empathetic and weight-neutral approach can assist with increasing motivation to make positive dietary changes.

How a dietitian can help

At Healthfix, our dietitians assess all of these factors and more in the initial consultation. We see weight as complicated and stigmatised, and work with our clients on health goals greater than just the number on the scale. We work with, rather than against, a person’s biology.

This article was written by Ashley Maiden and reviewed by Melissa Juergens (Healthfix’s Dietetics Department). Should you have any follow up questions regarding this information our dietitians will be more than happy to assist you.

From a COVID disrupted 2020 to thriving in 2021.

COVID Distrupted 2020

Covid disrupted 2020 Written by Sean Cooney
The Past
If you caught our January internal newsletter I discussed how we adapted when severe COVID restrictions hit New South Wales. We knew there was going to be a continued need for good health care but we had to concern ourselves with the best way to deliver it. There was also a need to educate patients on how looking after their health was one thing that was in their control in a world that was seemingly changing by the day, sometimes by the hour (depending on the next press conference).
We connected with the mantra of Reconnecting to Purpose both for our patients and for our clinical and exercise teams. Why did patients value their health and the time spent working on caring for their health? If they could connect with what their long-term goals were then it made more sense to keep working in that space and enjoy all the mental clarity that comes from being in a good state of health. Most who connected with this found that they had more time considering that commutes and the access to “bad health choice options” were removed. For our Healthfix team, reconnecting to why they became a health professional allowed us to focus on the actionable solutions that were in place to deliver effective health care – outdoor sessions, telehealth, better communication, more teamwork and integrating.
The Present
We’ve always had a strong focus on the person and not just the presentation as per our biopsychosocial approach teaching but this is so much more at the forefront of people’s minds now. The vernacular around coaches and mentors, thriving instead of surviving, looking after oneself holistically and making enough time down time is so much more of a prominent discussion. Patients are wanting meaningful engagement and to be on a path that works for them with a clinician who can be flexible and adaptable to their changing needs. I think our patients like to know that they have a team behind them for support but they want care that is simple and makes sense. I can see more of our patients ready to get to work on health care issues that have been around for a while and happy to chip away at getting a long-term, sustainable result.
The Future
Who knows? Do we go back to a fast-paced life and take our health for granted OR does that freeze in time that the global pandemic offered to reflect and check where our lives and our health was going lead to happier and healthier humans? With consideration to how some areas of health care strengthened whilst others were used less, perhaps due to being seen more as a discretional spend or ineffective, I can see good health care operators will continue to thrive within a more discerning crowd of patients. Ones who can embrace the holistic nature of good health and how it impacts mental, physical and emotional wellbeing as well as our work productivity and social relationships may be in a better position. But then again Nassim Nicholas Taleb has won a lot of praise from teaching us not to be fooled by randomness and a “black swan robust” so effectively who really knows what the future holds but there’s a good chance that we can get through it! Either way we’re looking forward to helping even more people in 2021 than in 2020 with what we’ve learned and with collaborating with awesome GP’s.
Mel Jeurgens

5 Quick Questions With Our Dietitian On Starting Your Diet Well in 2021!

Mel Juergens 5 quick questions

Written by Sean Cooney

Our dietitian Mel and I sat down to have a conversation about the early influx of GP and non GP referred patients that we tend to see in the months of January and February. Here’s some key take away points.

You say that a lot of people come into your consults after having visited their GP’s for blood work in the earlier months of the year, what do you think is behind this trend?

People seem to have that “New Year, new me” feeling. They’re wanting to start the new year fresh and kick start their health with an understanding of where they currently sit.

Why do they come to see a dietitian and what conditions are you seeing mostly?

Weight loss is a big one. Many have tried and failed at multiple diet fads or they’re after a long term solution and not a fad. They want to do it the right way.

For some they can feel it’s their last resort coming to see a diet professional. There’s a lot of confusing information out there online and they’re, well, confused. Others have regrettably tried the fad diets and failed to stick to it which has wound up resulting in weight gain as we now know research shows can often happen.

What else do you see at this time of year?

People with diabetes and cholesterol issues. Ultimately at this time of year there are just a lot of people wanting to focus on their health and they have the time to act as they haven’t got too busy at work just yet. They are in a better position to make time for their health.

How have dietetic patients presented post COIVD?

During COVID there seemed to be a lot of people just surviving, not necessarily thriving. Now there seems to be a different attitude. The people that I am seeing now are wanting to work on their health and get great, long term outcomes from learning good habit and diet behaviours.

What would one expect when seeing you?

What most might find surprising is that we only spend 10-15 minutes talking about what you’re eating. 40 minutes or more are spent on truly understanding the person and their dietary choices. We look to understand their upbringing around food, their family history and a lot about their work and life now. Once knowing their history and all the factors that will impact on their diet and food choices we begin to forge a plan around what is realistic for the person and where is the best place to start.

What else?

GP’s wanting to know more about how our dietetics department, with Mel and Ash, are helping with general and more speciality based diet clientele please get in contact. We are always happy to arrange a visit to our clinics, come and visit you or set up a time to get on the phone (as we know how busy you are!).