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Train on selectively picked equipment in Healthfix’s Gym North Sydney, a smaller, safer space with health professionals ready to work at your level. We’re not just a collection of equipment, crowded in a room. We selectively pick the most appropriate and needed gym equipment to ensure your sessions are efficient, effective and, above all else, fun! A smaller, safer space means our members find it a less threatening, more comfortable place to train. And a place you like is a place you don’t mind visiting regularly.


Let’s achieve your health goals – together.

Healthfix is carefully designed with a curated selection of equipment that allows for comprehensive whole-body training. We have chosen top-of-the-line suppliers to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness of our equipment. With a thoughtfully distributed layout, you’ll never feel like you’re training on top of others, promoting a comfortable and spacious environment.

But it’s not just about the equipment. We believe in the power of community and support. Our gym fosters a welcoming atmosphere where individuals prop each other up, motivating and encouraging one another along their fitness journeys. Together, we build a supportive network that elevates everyone’s experience.

Join us at Healthfix gym and discover a fitness space that goes beyond the ordinary. Say goodbye to overwhelming and impersonal environments, and embrace a community-driven, supportive, and well-rounded approach to fitness

Catering to injury rehabilitation, elite athletes and everyone in between.

We’re perfectly configured for early stages of rehabilitation and independent sessions all the way to high performance on an elite rig set up and a running track and sleds. So whether you’re starting your exercise journey on our Foundations of Fitness program or have progressed to serious goal-hitting on Athletic Performer , we have the equipment to keep you going. And the friendly faces on the floor if you’re not quite sure what to do next.

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All your health professionals, under one roof.

We pride ourselves on our client centred, evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach to achieve optimal patient outcomes. We want to set you up for a long solution to improving your health and wellness. Our small but mighty gym is perfectly equipped to answer your particular needs, with experts on hand to guide you on all equipment (or leave you well alone if that’s what you prefer). We also make use of the HICAPS system for automatic claims through your private health fund.

The Gym – North Sydney

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