Physiotherapy injury screening – protect yourself from common injuries and get the most out of your training

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy injury screening

To reach your health and fitness goals its as simple as being active and exercising consistently. Right? Wouldn’t it be awesome if it was just that simple!   The reality is that whatever you choose to use your body for whether that be to play sport, to go to the gym or even if you are simply just living your life, from time-to-time things go wrong. With being active comes the risk of niggles, pain, stiffness which are annoying and stop you from doing what you want to be doing in the way you want to do it.   Do you want to get the most out of your training and reach your goals without an injury getting in your way?   Proactive healthcare is centred around thriving in life and being prepared for what lies ahead for us by using the best information possible. It means being aware of risks that you have before they become a problem. You will often hear the term evidence-based approach to reduce the risk of injury and illness – but what does this actually mean? Well, by knowing what the latest research shows and combining this with what our physiotherapists treat the most in the clinic combined with what our clients report as problems they face,  we are able to create a series of tests (which we call a screen) to see if you may be at risk of having some of these issues yourself – and of course, what to do about it!   What we’d like to offer you at Healthfix is the opportunity to take part in our screen that is based on literature and what we see in the clinic, so that you are protected against well know conditions.   This event is included in your Healthfix membership or costs $25 for non-members. After the screen our expert Physiotherapists will present how the screen was designed, which will give you insights in what to be aware of, and how you can proactively manage your health so that you are set up to thrive in 2023 and beyond. To find out more information or to reserve your spot now please get in touch