The Reset

The Reset

What’s is it?

Welcome to The Healthfix Reset, the perfect program for those looking to kickstart their health journey, whether it’s weight loss, starting a new fitness routine, or simply adopting a healthier lifestyle. Our 28-day program is designed for new clients to try the Healthfix difference, where you get the support of an expert team of health professionals to help you achieve your goals.   At Healthfix, we believe that health is not just about physical fitness but also about having a positive mindset and forming healthy habits.

Our program is designed to provide tools and guidance to reset your health, develop a positive mindset, and establish healthy habits for the long-term.   Our evidence-based training methods and supportive group environment will help you achieve your goals. With the guidance of our team, you’ll learn to correct your nutritional and lifestyle downfalls and develop a sustainable fitness routine that fits your busy schedule.
Don’t just take our word for it – our past clients have achieved incredible results with The Healthfix Reset program. One female client, aged 44, described feeling “energetic, happy, positive, and motivated” after completing the program. Another female client, aged 50, felt “happy, calm, and peaceful” after achieving her health goals. Our male clients also experienced significant improvements. One 36-year-old client reported feeling “happier” and “the fittest I’ve been in a long time” after completing the program.

What’s involved?

The Healthfix Reset program includes an initial PT session to set up your plan and 3 additional 1:1 30-minute PT sessions. You’ll also have unlimited access to group training, including strength and conditioning, studio and MAT pilates, and physio-led rehab classes. Your RESET learning journal will give you daily activities to keep you motivated and on track throughout the program. You will finish with a 30min reassessment to check in on your progress. The 28-day program costs $499 which is unbeatable value.

How to get started?

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