Exercise Physiology Team North Sydney

Exercise Physiology Team North Sydney

Our Exercise Physiology team bring their scientific approach to mobility and body function to ensure that whether you’re training for the first time following injury or wanting to get more from your sessions, they can prescribe the right work out for you.
Jonathan Chellas - Member of Healthfix Exercise Physiology Team

Jonathan Chellas

M. Clinical Ex. Phys. & B. Ex. & Sports Sc.
Jonathan is a hard-working Exercise Physiologist at our North Sydney clinic. He takes pride in guiding people to achieve their goals which improves their long-term health, function and performance. Jonathan implements a proactive approach to health combined with his bubbly upbeat personality really helps to motivate people. He strives to guide and educate each person through their unique path from their current position through to achieving and maintaining their long-term goals. He was born in the inner city, however, his family soon moved to Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

It’s only natural that he has always had a keen interest in the great outdoors and sport, with a career in allied health being a goal from a young age. After completing a Bachelor of Ex. & Sports Sc. at ACU, Jonathan realised his passion for injury rehabilitation and chronic disease management so decided to peruse a Master of Clinical Ex. Phys. Following his studies, Jonathan immediately began practicing as an Exercise Physiologist gaining valuable experience working with a variety of musculoskeletal, neurological, oncological, cardiometabolic, and mental health conditions.

Jonathan believes in setting realistic goals to improve your health and achieve your greatest success. He preaches the Healthfix philosophy regarding the importance of lifestyle change and that there are no short cuts forming habits to maintain on track. Jonathan has a passion for all things outdoors with a particular love for motorcycles, having spent years travelling the country performing stunt shows and winning his respective age class twice in the Australian Trials Championships. Moto trials is a slow speed motorcycle competition where you ride over and around a variety of obstacles requiring balance, skill and concentration.

Think a cross between a tough mudder and Ninja Warrior on motorcycles. He also practices what he preaches and you will find him in his break training himself. · Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology, Australian Catholic University · Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science, Australian Catholic University · ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist & Sports Scientist · Exercise during Pregnancy and the Post-Partum period workshop (ESSA) · First Aid & CPR
Piper Goldie

Piper Goldie

M. Clinical Ex. Phys. & B. Ex. & Sports Sc.
Piper completed her Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology (EP) and bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science at Deakin University, Melbourne. She has experience in private practise, inpatient/outpatient hospital services, and elite sport. This is where she discovered how exercise can be a powerful tool for the treatment and management of chronic health conditions. EP appealed to Piper as exercise is one of the few clinical treatments that is undisputedly supported by the literature. It is for this reason that she is so enthusiastic about facilitating exercise and passing on her knowledge to clients.

Piper has always enjoyed exercising, specifically resistance training, running, and hiking. Her passion is something she wishes to share with all her clients. She believes that everyone should have the knowledge and empowerment to be able to achieve their own health and exercise related goals. Piper will ensure that you are comfortable, supported, and challenged in a way that is conducive to your long-term objectives. She loves to see people achieve their goals and make progress that they did not think possible regardless of their diagnosis.

In her previous role, Piper enjoyed working in a multi-disciplinary private practise alongside Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, and Exercise Scientists. It is for this reason that she was drawn to the integrated model that Healthfix provides. Collaborating with professionals from all health domains consistently provides amazing learning opportunities.

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