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Exciting news – Joining the Healthfix team Personal Trainer – Scott Lupi

Introducing NEW Personal Trainer Scott Lupi

We are really excited to announce a new addition to our Integrated Team,  please join us in welcoming Scott Lupi a new Personal Trainer . Scott is a Personal Trainer specialising in hypertrophy and strength training. With over 13 years of resistance training and eight years of personal training experience, he understands that each person has their own individual needs; from leverages to maximise results, exercise prescription to optimise a training program. He uses a blend of psychology and his own experiences to get to the deep reasons behind what drives us to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Scott believes in honest communication and pushing clients to breakthrough into new levels of confidence and self-belief whilst looking and feeling their best.

Qualifications :

Certificate IV in fitness
Broderick Chavez: Advanced programming and supplementation
Mike Israetel: Nutrition/training principles and periodisation
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