new year challenge

Join our New Year Challenge!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey to a healthier, stronger, and revitalised version of yourself? Healthfix is delighted to introduce the New Year Challenge, our 8-Week Reboot.

The Reboot is a powerful program designed to cater to diverse health needs and transform your fitness in 2024 starting 5th February. So what do you get as part of the Reboot Challenge?   Diverse Class Styles  
  • Restore (Physio Rehab) Classes:
    • For those in the restore phase, our physio-led classes provide a supportive environment for rehabilitation. Tailored exercises and careful guidance ensure a safe and effective recovery.
  • Base (Exercise Physiology) Classes:
    • Participants working on building a strong fitness foundation will benefit from our exercise physiology classes. These sessions focus on personalised programs that lay the groundwork for enduring health.
  • Perform (Personal Training) Classes:
    • Individuals in the perform phase, aspiring for peak performance, will thrive in our personal training classes. Expert trainers will push your limits and help you achieve your fitness goals.
    Specialist Therapists  
  • Physiotherapists
    • Our Physiotherapists specialise in musculoskeletal health. They play a crucial role in our restore classes, ensuring participants recover safely and effectively.
  • Exercise Physiologists
    • Our Exercise Physiologists are dedicated to optimising your base fitness. They work closely with participants in the base classes, tailoring programs to individual needs and goals.
  • Personal Trainers
    • Our Personal Trainers bring expertise to the perform phase. They design challenging yet achievable workouts that push you towards your peak fitness potential.
  Check out more about our trainers on our Integrated Team page.    

And there’s more…

  • Expert-Designed Programs
    • Each program is carefully crafted to ensure safety and effectiveness, allowing you to progress at your own pace. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, focusing on foundational fitness, or aiming for peak performance, the Reboot Challenge is crafted to meet you where you are.
  • Realignment Support
    • The Reboot Challenge isn’t just about workouts. It’s about establishing habits that will set you up for success, with guidance from our skilled therapists.
  • Community Connection:
    • Join a supportive and connected community of individuals committed to achieving their health and fitness goals.

How to Get Involved

  • New Clients: Drop in and see us at 53 Walker Street, North Sydney, or give us a call on 02 8065 0446 or email us at We’d love to help you start your fitness journey for 2024, so get in touch for all the details of this limited time offer, starting 5th February for 8 weeks.
  • Existing Clients: Next time you are in the gym sign up at Reception, with your Healthfix trainer or therapist, or using one of the many sign-up sheets on the notice boards. There are prizes to be had for those attending the most classes during the 8 week period starting 5th February so don’t delay in signing up!

Don’t Let Anything Hold You Back

Healthfix understands that injuries or health concerns can be barriers to fitness. Our diverse team of therapists and trainers are here to guide you through the challenge, adapting workouts to suit your needs and ensure a positive and empowering experience.    

Ready to Reboot?

If you are excited about the prospect of realigning your health and fitness goals in 2024 then join us for the 8-Week Reboot Challenge, starting on February 5th, where diversity meets inclusivity, and let’s make this year your healthiest yet!

Spring into Action – 6 week Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge

Spring into Action!

Six weeks to set you up for your fittest summer yet!   Spring has arrived and with it comes the best time in the year for new beginnings.  We see this in nature where everything comes to life, there is renewal, vitality and abundance all around us. It is the perfect time to start something new especially when it comes to your health and fitness goals.   As human beings we are creatures of habit and routine, and often we don’t realise when we develop a pattern of behaviour that doesn’t serve our long term health, it simply becomes the new normal of what we accept. Whether it be ageing, injury or lifestyle related, to help us create change we need to make the actions required super simple and super effective.  We find that most people have an idea of what they want when it comes to their health and fitness, they just need help with “the how”.   We have made this easy for you : Our Spring Fit promotion gives you unbeatable value. What you get:
  1. PT IntroFix – Initial 60mins
  2. 3x follow up PT sessions
  3. Diet Seminar: Fat Loss – 1 hour
  4. 5 x 30min Nutrition Classes
  5. Unlimited Group Classes
  6. Unlimited Gym Access
  7. Expert team and support on your journey
All for just $590 (Valued at $1,030)   * Bonus DEXA scan at BODYMEASURE before and after your challenge for an additional $150     Limited spaces available so please register your interest to before 30th September.