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Pregnancy Pilates

Healthfix has developed an exercise program to help you prepare mentally and physically for birth and motherhood in a safe, supportive and sustainable way. Our Women’s Health Team of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists and Pilates Instructors have created a Pregnancy Pilates program that is designed to help you build pelvic floor awareness and posterior chain strength to support you during pregnancy and beyond.

Dedicated to empowering pregnant women.

  Our Women’s Health Team has developed this program to empower pregnant women to safely and effectively exercise throughout the entirety of their pregnancy. In Pregnancy pilates we focus on; Building lower body and posterior chain strength to support you in carrying your growing baby through pregnancy, building upper body strength and endurance to help prepare you for carrying your new-born and breastfeeding, developing hip stability and pelvic control to assist you in safe labour and delivery & lengthening and strengthening your adductor thigh muscles to help support the weight of your growing baby belly and providing your more leverage to push during labour.
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Keeping you and your baby healthy during pregnancy.

Exercise is a safe and beneficial thing to be doing throughout your pregnancy as it can help reduce common pregnancy symptoms and improve your overall health. Exercise during pregnancy has been proven to help reduce symptoms of morning sickness, insomnia, stress and anxiety, improve psychological well-being, assist with weight management, prevention of gestational diabetes, reduce and prevent lower back pain and improve labour outcomes by improving pelvic endurance, awareness, stability and strength. All of these amazing benefits that you reap from exercise, has also been proven to improve the cardiovascular function and strength of babies, as well as promoting a healthy birth weight in new-borns compared to women who don’t exercise during pregnancy.
We host our Pregnancy Pilates classes on Thursday evenings at 6PM. We like to remove any and all barriers so that you can prioritise your workout. You can join Pregnancy Pilates classes in-person at our North Sydney clinic or you can stream the class live over zoom! Are you interested in classes but this time doesn’t work? Reach out to our team and let us know, we are always looking to add classes that work for more people.
To ensure you’re getting a safe and effective workout, our Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Samah Elomari teaches our Thursday evening classes. Samah works with our lead pilates instructor, Amy Yeoland to program you a workout that utilises their extensive knowledge in pilates, sports science and pelvic floor exercise.
To get started in Pregnancy Pilates, we offer everyone a free trial class! After this we offer a variety options to join pregnancy pilates on a regular basis. Casual classes cost $35/class, but we have packages where you can purchase classes in bulk for a cheaper rate and even an all inclusive membership option, which gives you access to our integrated team, gym facilities and other group classes.
To sign up for a free trial of our Pregnancy Pilates classes, fill in this contact form and our team will be in touch or you can book yourself straight into a class using our online booking system.

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