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Why do you need a physiotherapy Injury Rehabilitation Program?

Why do you need a Physiotherapy Injury Rehabilitation Program?

Do you have persistent niggles, pain or problems that keep coming back and stop you doing what you want to be doing in life? Our biggest frustration is seeing client’s who do not get better from physiotherapy treatment and sadly this can occur. The most common reasons we see that physiotherapy treatment doesn’t work is due to:
  1. Insufficient amount of treatment time
  2. Treatment focuses on the acute symptoms settling down and misses the baseline strength required to prevent the issue from coming back
The unique difference of Healthfix is that we set you up to become your own health expert, or, more simply, we fix issues for the long term.  We do this by using our integrated teams embedded in the one practice with a combined focus on rehabilitation and exercise which have been proven to save money and improve performance outcomes.
Our rehabilitation program is designed to ease musculoskeletal concerns and set you up with the exercise habits that will help you thrive in all your physical demands around work, life and sport. It is best suited for anyone who is de conditioned and/or physically unwell – with niggles, or no exercising history.
We can guarantee you’ll feel better than when you walked in, ready to take on your next physical challenge.  

What is involved?

It has been designed to give you the greatest chance to resolve your pain or injury and significantly reduce the risk of reoccurrence, setting you up for life long healthy living.
The 12-week program includes:
  • 4-week physiotherapy specific block, aimed at reducing acute symptoms and restoring any loss of range of movement
  • 8-week  combined block of physiotherapy and exercise physiology which is geared towards a strength goal, preparing your body for life outside of clinical care.
  • The tools needed so that you know how to continue to make healthy lifestyle choices and be empowered to complete physical feats.

Your commitment

12 weeks
  • Physiotherapy= 20 sessions
  • Exercise Physiology = 16 sessions
  • Program includes full access to gym and group classes.
  • Our Standard Price $3,460
  • Our Members Price $2,990 including gym membership
  • Health fund rebates available on all sessions
For more information get in touch with our friendly team today getfixed@healthfix.com.au or check out our expert team here