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Healthfix’s Plan To Keep You Covid Safe!

Healthfix is and always has been an inclusive practice committed to creating healthier communities by helping individuals become the experts of their own healthy lives. We’re so excited to be welcoming everyone back into the clinic, on December 15th. While we are excited to have all of you back into our indoor facilities, we want to ensure you that your safety is and always has been our highest priority.
As Healthfix offers essential health services and operates as a gym facility, we have a very comprehensive Covid Safety Plan to ensure all of our clients can access their personal health services to stay on track with their health and wellness goals. As of December 15th, the NSW government has eased restrictions for our community to return to our ‘new normal. Here is a summary of main changes that impact your sessions at Healthfix:
  • From December 15th, We reopen to all clients with no restrictions surrounding vaccination status or requirements for covid testing.
  • Masks need to be worn in our premise, unless exercising.
  • ServiceNSW QR code check-in is still required upon arrival of all staff and visitors for ease of contract tracing
  • If you are displaying symptoms of Covid-19, we politely ask you to not attend our clinic and please respect our staffs decisions if we advise you that you are unable to continue with your session. We will not enforce any cancellation fees due to illness.
  • Other ways the Healthfix team are keeping you safe, include:
  • All staff members have been double vaccinated and participate in weekly covid testing.
  • All Staff have completed the NSW Government’s Covid-19 infection control training and NSW Government’s Covid-19 awareness training for gyms. 
  • Adequate signage displayed on our covid-19 safety practices and policies displayed on our website.
  • Floor signage to indicate physical distancing guidelines.
  • Hand hygiene and general hygiene posters displayed. Hand sanitiser easily accessible throughout the clinic.
  • Disinfectant wipes easily accessible and available to all staff and visitors throughout the clinic.
  • Gym equipment, EFTPOS machine and high touch areas sanitised after each use.
  • Covid-19 Safety Procedures discussed in all team meetings. Any issues with safety raised by team  members and actioned by management in these meetings.
  • Cleaning schedule in place for all facilities.
  • Professional cleaning of entire premises twice a week.
  • Further detail on our covid safety procedures and how they meet the guidelines in place by the NSW Government can be found on our covid safety plan. If you have any questions, concerns or comments surrounding our Covid Policies and procedures. Please give our team a call on 02 8065 0446 and we would be more than happy to discuss.