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Meet Your Womens Health Team – Jordan Kain

Jordan Kain – Your Dietitian

Meet Jordan! Jordan is one of our Dietitians and Nutritionists in North Sydney, passionate about utilising food and nutrition to enhance her client’s health and wellbeing.  It is Jordan’s core belief that nutrition is incredibly personal, therefore she utilises an individualised approach with each and every client that she sees. Jordan strives to guide, educate and empower her clients toward a place where they feel happier and healthier, confident in their own food choices and are progressing toward the best versions of themselves that they can be. “Love the food you eat. Live the life you love” is Jordan’s mission, striving to reduce the uncertainty around dietary science, and bring the JOY back to food, cooking and nutrition.   Jordan studied Exercise and Sport Science and holds a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Sydney. She has been practicing dietetics in the private space in Sydney since the completion of her degree. Jordan prides herself on continuously learning and keeping up to date with the latest nutrition research through professional development opportunities.  Jordan is an enthusiastic “home chef”, constantly experimenting to create new, delicious recipes for her clients (and family!) or working to optimise the nutrition of other’s recipes. If not in the kitchen or working with clients, Jordan can usually be found walking with her fiancé and beautiful Baby boy, Cooper, alongside one of Sydney’s beautiful beaches or harbours.  Jordan has worked successfully with a wide variety of clients with a broad scope of chronic conditions and health goals in her career. Jordan’s specific passion lies in working with her clients to reach their nutrition-related goals whilst improving their relationship with food. She has found that this combination approach, encompassing mindset and physical healthy changes, elicits long-term, sustainable results. Finally, having previously worked extensively in a DEXA clinic, Jordan has also had significant experience assisting individuals to reach body composition-related goals through dietary change.  Why Women’s Health? Jordan completed her Master’s of Nutrition & Dietetics in 2018 at The University of Sydney where her foundational knowledge of utilising diet to support and improve women’s heath originated. She since has gained extensive clinical experience working with females throughout the lifespan and in a wide range of areas including child & adolescent health; sports nutrition and athletes; pre-conception, pregnancy and post-partum nutrition including gestational diabetes; weight management; hormonal and autoimmune-related conditions; women’s cancer; menopause and older women’s health.   In her practice, Jordan sees each and every client as unique and thus prioritises the individualisation of recommendations and dietary strategies in order to best support her clients. Jordan believes that optimal health and wellbeing is inexplicably linked to good quality food and nutrition and that improving one’s nutrition has profound effects on treating, managing and preventing diet-related health conditions and diseases.   Alongside her clinical practice, Jordan enjoys unleashing her creative side in the kitchen, creating new recipes and ‘healthifying’ classic ones. She believes that discovering fun and an interest in food preparation and cooking is a much more enjoyable and sustainable way to optimise the nutrition of one’s self and their families for life.   Why Healthfix? Jordan holds a strong value that nutrition and dietetics is one part of the holistic process to enhance client’s health and wellbeing. She shares this ethos with Healthfix and their approach to client success through an integrated health approach.  Jordan’s Qualifications
  • Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) 
  • Current membership with the Dietetics Association of Australia (DAA) 
  • Dietitian’s Unite Conference (2021) 
  • 3-day Lifestyle Medicine Conference (2020) 
  • First Aid and CPR Accreditation (2019) 
  • Mental Health First Aid Accreditation (2019) 
  • Working With Children Check (2019) 
  • ANZAED 2-day Workshop on Management and Dietetic Treatment of Eating Disorders (2019) 
  • ‘Talking to Parents About Weight’ Course for Health Professionals (2019) 
  • Dietitians Unite Conference Volunteer (2019) 
  • Go4Fun 2-day Health Coaching Course (Theory and Exercise Training) (2018) 
  • Child Protection Training Course, Sydney (2018) 
  • Cultural Orientation Certificate for Health Professionals, Broken Hill (2018) 

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