Discover Lifelong Strength with Healthfix

Healthfix extends a warm invitation to our North Sydney community for a unique event, “Strength for the Ages.” Whether you’re a longtime member or curious about the transformative health journey Healthfix offers, join us for an evening dedicated to exploring the power of strength training for a lifetime of wellness. Date: Wednesday, 1st May Time: 6 PM Location: Healthfix Physio & Rehab Gym, North Sydney

Expert-Led Workshop and Q&A

Engage with our expert panel including a Q&A session led by our founder Sean Cooney, Physiotherapist, with Maggie Sewell Dietitian, Jonathan Chellas Exercise Physiologist and Bladen Baird Personal Trainer. They’ll delve into topics such as:
  • Essential strength training techniques and their life-enhancing benefits
  • Nutritional advice for optimal muscle health
  • Strategies for integrating strength training without injury

A Gathering of Like-minded Individuals

This event is more than just an informational session; it’s a gateway to the Healthfix community. Come and see how our small group training can support your fitness aspirations within a supportive environment.

Invitation to Wellness

We’re thrilled to open our doors to individuals who are considering Healthfix as their partner in health. Reserve your spot for “Strength for the Ages” and discover how our tailored approach to fitness can benefit you.

Join Us

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn, grow, and strengthen not just your body, but also your understanding of what it takes to live your healthiest life. Whether you’re a long-time gym enthusiast or just starting, “Strength for the Ages” is your gateway to a more informed and empowered approach to wellness. Ready to redefine what strength means to you? Join us at Healthfix – your premier Rehab Gym in North Sydney – and let’s journey together towards a stronger, healthier you.