The Healthfix difference

The Healthfix difference | 5 ways we’re a health club (not a gym)

1. We look at you and your health as part of a whole.

Integratively. Holistically. Think of it like this: were you to fall down the stairs and hurt your hip, as a health club, we would look at the root cause of the injury, not just the prevailing symptoms.  Our approach is about bringing people back to base level exercise and fitness. This, of course, has multiple benefits – sure, the physical, but it also shores up mental and emotional strength.

2. Number one is to heal.

Healing is the immediate cessation of what might be bothering you. It could be, and often is, pain. But it might also be a mood, or lack of motivation, or zero energy. Finding and fixing that initial touchpoint is the first step on the road to a healthier you. And because we’re big on making our people feel connected, Healthfix has a strong focus on socialising and fostering community. We believe if the mind is right, the body follows. 

3. The second? To restore.

Sure, you’re moving okay. Maybe even exercising a little. But you’re not where you want to be in terms of physical function. Our team of trainers, therapists and experts can get you back up and running, literally or figuratively.

4. Okay, feeling good! Let’s make it your new baseline.

The foundation from where you can springboard to excellent health and fitness? Nothing gives us more joy than seeing our clients go from strength to strength. (Even if that means they don’t need us any more.)

5. Now for some serious health goals…

We’re excited to help you get to them. Some of our favourites have included running a marathon, losing 20kg, managing depression, having a baby and, our favourite (believe it or not), never seeing a physiotherapist again! We believe healthcare is simple, and that the right metrics can help truly measure your success. We believe in equipping you with the correct strategies and education so you can look after yourself. We believe that by focusing on excellent health  outcomes, not negative pain points, you can leave a healthier person. (And our team remains passionate about what they do, which helps even more people become healthier.) Wherever you are on your health journey, we have the training program to help you get even further. Because our driving force is never “how bad is it?” – it’s “how good would you like to feel?”. So. How good would you like to feel? Let’s talk.