Physio Near Me Blog Series Introduction

The popularity of “physio near me” and is it a good thing?


So the old word of mouth isn’t quite what it used to be hey? Now, instead of going a great job, or in the case of physio helping someone to a great outcome, and knowing that that person will tell friends, family and work colleagues it seems it can be easier to be funny or interesting on social media instead to grab people’s attention.

I’m not so sure.

We use SEO help at Healthfix, I know not all local health clinics do. We grew massively through word of mouth in the early phases of Healthfix and as we opened more clinics and had team members progress from physio’s to leadership positions we started using SEO in order to get our message across to larger and larger audiences. At the moment, I have our main SEO man saying that you need to use more content talking about “physio near me”. I’m always happy to trust a fellow professional so I thought I’d at least make it educational.

I’ll do a 3 part series to talk about “physio near me” and when it could be good and when it might not work out for you.

In the first part I’ll talk about the conventional method of physio growth and how it used to be before Google and social media had their ways.

In the second section, I’ll talk about when a “physio near me” search is a good thing.

Finally, I’ll give my thoughts on when using a “physio near me” might not work and what you need to consider instead.