Setting up for success for 100+ years and Sean off to NSW Institute of Sport

Healthfix North Sydney Gym Success
Ash and Sean. Healthfix North Sydney

Setting up for success for 100 years and beyond.

Strange to think that the same time last year we were enduring a fairly hard lock down. It affected everyone in different ways. As a team at Healthfix we committed to sticking to what we do best. We had rallied through the first lockdown well as a group and we knew that if we continued to look out for one another as a team and focused on helping our clients with their health needs that we would get through the second one too.

What it also did was give us the time and space to plan for the future; a 100 years and beyond to be exact. We did a lot of reading, workshops with the team and the leadership group, and we reaffirmed our vision, our values and our current mission.

It reaffirmed to us that Healthfix exists to empower lives.

With firm plans in place, we set up for –

  • Ash to evolve her directors’ role into managing all operations – to ensure consistency in our performance as a group
  • Bladen was promoted to Professional Services Manager – ensuring quality care through to discharging clients as what we call Empowered Health Experts.
  • Sarah was promoted to Club Manager – ensuring a quality experience for all and supporting our membership functions that helps people get a more cost effect result in a timely manner.
  • Me / Sean – to continue focusing on the future of Healthfix as an industry leader.

Sean joins the NSW Institute of Sport as their Head of Performance Health

What this meant for me became clearer over time and it was that we needed to be more set up like an institute of sport to truly serve our communities in a sustainable way. As the institute describes it, they turn World Class into World’s Best. The institute combines the best in research, coaching, high performance exercise and health care together to lead innovative ways in achieving elite performance. In a move that our new young gun strength and conditioning coach Brad Williams described as “you’re never too old (thanks mate) to keep learning and take on new challenges”, I have signed on as the new Head of Performance Health at the NSW Institute of Sport. Here I will lead the team of sports physios, sports doctors and soft tissue therapists and work collaboratively with our other department heads (high performance, coaches, athletes, sports managers and national and regional NSWIS partners) to turn NSW athletes into international medal winners.

The appointment has filled me with confidence that our systems and structures at Healthfix are of a high calibre and that our internal leadership and development programs as effective as well. The role is a credit to what Healthfix stands for, what we have been able to create as a team, and I am personally excited to joining the high achieving team at NSWIS. I’m sure it goes without saying to those who know me well that it also feels strange to be shifting such a large part of my focus to athletes winning medals as for so long if it hadn’t been a focus on winning for Healthfix I was either with my family, or surfing, or both!

Despite the mixed emotions, I look forward to offering all our members and clients an even better offering as we continue to grow and I look forward to either seeing you for a physio consult (hope not, as it’ll mean that you’re injured) or in one of our awesome group fitness classes as I’ll still be training daily at Healthfix.