Healthfix Lifestyle Club, North Sydney

Say hello to our new Healthfix Lifestyle Club!

Many of you will have seen over the past few weeks that we’ve moved into a new facility in North Sydney. To find out more about the move and the reasons behind it take a little look at this video.

A membership with the Healthfix Lifestyle Club offers a novel way of approaching your healthcare. It can be that you’re starting out and you don’t know what to do, or it could be that you’ve tried and failed many of the other approaches on offer in the current healthcare space. It also could be that you’re just looking for an awesome place to get your exercise fix, surrounded by a bunch of really cool members and integrated team

The membership gives you access to the entire integrated team in a supportive manner, so that you can chip away at improving your health and fitness, or maintaining your current levels, all with support of a knowledgeable health team and interacting with like-minded individuals.

Here’s how it works…

Group Training

Our group training is set up to meet you where you most need it most, be it:

  • Movement correction and activation work with our Pilates classes.
  • Muscle and Strength Essentials – to work on your baseline of strength and beyond. Build your capacity to handle all of life’s demands!
  • Foundations of Fitness – to get you to optimal fitness levels to either use HIIT style sessions for weight or get that additional conditioning to complement your strength.
  • Athletic Performer – work on your agility, speed acquisition and power. All those high level attributes to have you performing at your best on the sporting field or in life.

Take a look at the current timetable and know that it evolves as our team evolves so that you’re always getting what you need. Class sizes are capped to 10 currently to ensure that you get what you need whilst also keeping everyone COVID safe.

Getting Started

If you are wanting some more information – please send an email to or call 02 8065 0446 so we can arrange one of our Health Mentors – Mark, Bladen, JP or Sean to a