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Health Club Membership Packages

The Healthfix Difference

Here at Healthfix we do things a little differently. Our mission is to empower individuals to live healthier lifestyles. That’s why we developed our Health Club to provide individuals a cost-effective solution to improving their health and fitness. We have developed a range of packages and inclusions to help you achieve your goals. Check out our packages and book your obligation free enquiry with one of our expert Health Mentors.

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What’s your plan?

One of our core beliefs is creating well thought-out and structured plans that utilise a variety of our services and therapists to help you achieve your goals. This planning has proven time and time again to achieve great results and this is why our membership program is so successful! To guide you through your plan, you’ll partner with one of our Health Mentors! Our Health Mentors are experienced therapists who have extensive experience in helping individuals achieve their goals. We have a variety of packages that we can tailor to suit your goal. Check out our different options below or select our flexible packages option to see all the ways we can work with you to live your healthiest and best life.

Flexible Packages

Our flexible packages encompass a variety of our services. Including group fitness classes, gym membership and discounts on personal health services. When signing up to a membership, you’re partnered with a Health Mentor to work out what membership would suit you. Check out this option to see all of our awesome membership perks.

Join Group Fitness Classes

Are you looking for the ultimate group training experience? Our group fitness classes are some of the best. Our team of exercise physiologists, personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, pilates and yoga instructors have designed a progressive and integrated group fitness program to help you achieve your goals, no matter what they are. We offer a range of pilates classes, yoga, functional fitness and strength classes to give you a well-rounded group exercise experience. If you’re looking for the experts in group training, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our membership packages that will give you the most out of your group fitness regime.

Live a Healthier Lifestyle

We all want to live healthier and longer lives but it can be challenging to find the best team to support you. That’s why we started Healthfix! We are your one stop shop for all things healthy lifestyle. A Health Club Membership can give you discounted access to our team of dietitians, exercise professionals and physiotherapists as well as group fitness classes, personal gym accessing and a Health Mentor to guide you along your health and wellness journey. Check out our membership packages to start your healthy lifestyle journey!

Combatting Aging Through Healthy Habits

Aging is inevitable, we all go through it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with your healthy lifestyle! We have designed our membership packages to support individuals throughout the ages. Our pulse membership is a specialised package that gives individuals an exercise physiologist designed program and supervised gym sessions, to keep you training effectively and safely. Your membership gives you the added benefits of nutrition courses, support of an integrated team and an awesome community to support you.

Developing Elite Athletes

We love working with athletes at all levels. We have specialised physiotherapists, dietitians and strength and conditioning coaches that work with athletes to perform at the absolute best. We even have a private gym and specialised group classes to help you excel in your craft. Our memberships will take you to the next level, with an integrated team working together to support you throughout your journey. Check out the various packages to help you get to that next level of athleticism.

Professional Support Through Motherhood

Motherhood is a wonderful yet hectic time. From your baby’s conception to adulthood, mothers go through so many changes in life and we have a team and membership program to support you. We offer pregnancy and post-natal pilates and have specialised women’s health physiotherapists, dietitians and personal trainers to support you throughout motherhood. Our membership program makes pregnancy and post-natal healthcare and exercise more cost effective and easy to achieve any of your goals. Check out our packages to see all the ways we can support you, while you support your family.

Are these options not what you’re looking for?

Our Health Mentors will be able to guide you through our flexible packages and help you commence your health and wellness journey.

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