The Reset

What is it?

The Reset is about setting you up with a great base level of fitness and getting you in the right mindset to progress your health further than its current level. Whether your health goals are to gain muscle mass or fat loss, you will develop an ideal level of strength and fitness. Having the time and the commitment to your own health might not have recently been your priority but the Reset is the perfect opportunity to dedicate some time back to you. If you’re unsure on how to increase your fitness or seem to be working out and not getting the results you were hoping for then the Reset gives you the chance to adopt some basic but effective long lasting solutions to your diet and your fitness plus it will rekindle the fun and enjoyment of exercising and eating well.

What’s involved?

It is a 28 day program designed to help get you reset, focusing in on giving you the tools to reset your fitness goals, kick start your health journey and develop longstanding great habits.

What’s included?

  • 45min consultation with a Reset Coach
  • Access to unlimited group training classes – Pilates, Foundations of Fitness, Muscle & Strength over 4 weeks
  • 50% off normal Healthfix service prices
  • 28 days of education through online and private group coaching
  • Physical Journal
  • 30min reassessment at the end of the 28 days

What does the program cost?

Total cost is $210 (valued at $719) and we run these regularly throughout the year.
They say it can take 28 days for good habits to stick, and this is why we use this magic number during our reset, it’s not about losing some weight or gaining some strength and then going back to where you were before. It is about setting you up for the future, giving you the help to make this possible and give you the chance to achieve great success.
If you’re interested in joining our next Reset get in touch ASAP as places are limited.
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