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Not your average gym membership. 

We here at Healthfix understand that you’re an individual. You have your own wants, needs and goals. We also understand that a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to health and fitness is ineffective in helping individuals achieve long-lasting health outcomes. That’s why our Health Club in North Sydney is designed to be a supportive & comfortable environment for all people to come and work on achieving their long-term health goals, no matter what levels of fitness. We offer a one stop shop, where all your health needs can be conveniently met under one roof, either by one-on-one care or through the collaboration of working with our integrated team of passionate health professionals.

The Healthfix Difference. 

When you join the Health Club you will gain so much more then a space to exercise, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to have a holistically healthy life.  Our team helps you reach your personal best by:

  • Personally assigning you a mentor. Our Health Mentors are some of our most experienced therapists and will help you navigate the confusing world of healthcare and achieve any goal you desire. Click here to find out more about the Healthfix way of mentoring.
  • Structuring our group fitness programs in progressive phases. These phases are designed for the group to continually improve and develop their fitness capabilities. Classes are changed up just enough to be interesting, but not too much, so you can see real improvements week to week.  We offer a range of classes including, Muscle and StrengthFoundations of FitnessPilatesYoga and an Athletic Performance class.
  • Starting at your level. Our exercise team, are truly some of the best in the business.  We have a highly qualified and experienced team, so we are able to quickly tailor our group classes to your level. Whether that be a modification or a challenge! Newbies and gym-junkies alike can expect a great workout and experience with us.
  • Welcoming you into actual community. All gyms talk about ‘community’, but at Healthfix our members truly feel like they belong.  Health Club Members, are an inspiring and dedicated group of individuals who are prioritising their physical and mental wellbeing with us.  We host member events and initiatives to further connect our community and after a couple of weeks, you’ll be on a first name basis with everyone. So don your custom Healthfix merch and get ready to make life long friendships.
  • Having a team of dietitians, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, personal trainers and wellness coaches under the one roof, allows us to help keep you in tip top shape physically, nutritionally and emotionally. Our physio team leads the warm up to our fitness classes and can help you with injury management or prevention during the session. Our diet department hosts free nutrition seminars and cooking classes to help you fuel your body the way it deserves. Depending on your membership, you can even have private sessions with any therapists at a discounted rate. All of our therapists will seamlessly work together to support you perform at your best. We even keep your GP and other Health Professionals in the loop! Talk about streamlining your healthcare!
  • By believing in giving you the tools to live your healthiest life. So stay with us for a long or as little as you need. With no lock in contracts, we’re ready to work with you when you are.

Our Membership Packages 

Starting at $65 per week our membership packages are:

Membership Packages

Ready to take the next step in your health journey?

So you’re keen to get started on your membership or just find out a bit more? Here’s how you can join our community:

Health mentors

Step 1

Contact us! You can email us at, call us on 02 8065 0446 or fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you. When you first reach out to us, our admin team will start to get to know you, why you want to join our community and what sort of health and fitness goals do you have. That way they can match you up with a mentor and get you booked in for a membership enquiry chat.

Integrated team

Step 2

Our membership enquiry chats, are an obligation free 15 minutes with you and your mentor. In this 15 minutes you can ask all of your questions and get advice on how to start on your wellness journey. You’ll get a tour of our facility and meet a couple of our friendly team members. This chat is completely obligation free, we understand if you’re not ready to join us on this day…

Cheering on

Step 3

But if you did want to join us… Welcome to the Health Club! All we need to do now is some paperwork, order your Healthfix hoodie and get you booked into your first initial mentoring session. In this mentoring session, your mentor will work with you to get set up for success with your membership. Read more about our Health Club Mentoring here. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Find out more about Health Club membership here.

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