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Sports Team Support

Sporting excellence relies on having enough active players on your roster for selection and for those players combining together for a great team performance. With the rise of sport science and high performance sports team support these days, “luck of the draw” and leaving things to chance isn’t necessary. Tailored strength and conditioning to meet your team needs and smart injury management systems can set your team up for success. Centred around our Sports Physiotherapists, Sport Dietitian and Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Healthfix can offer you the high performance support team that you need at a rate that is affordable to your club and or the players.

Our sports team support offering to you can entail any of the following:

  • Gameday injury management
  • Training sessions
  • Off-season training
  • Injury and movement screening
  • Corrective sessions as an adjunct to your training
  • Coaching support regarding player fitness for return to train and return to sport
  • Liaison between club and specialists like orthopaedic surgeons and sports doctors
Please contact us to find out what will help your team the best and help it get to the next level. We’re currently working with: NSW Volleyball, UTS Elite Athlete Program , NSW Rugby League Referees Teams and individuals that we’ve assisted: Pre-season and season Strength and Conditioning for North Sydney FC, pre-season screening. UTS sports teams pre-season screen for UTS Hockey, UTS Kendo, UTS Taekwondo and local sporting clubs. Professional National Representatives and Olympic Athletes.

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