Our Physiotherapy team benefits from being led by two of our directors (Sean and Steve) who have over 20 years’ experience as physiotherapists. As a team, we’ve got a wide variety of skills and strengths, including long-term changes in chronic pain; women’s pelvic health; and sports performance.

Sean Cooney

APA Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist, M. Sports Physiotherapy, B.App.Sc (Physiotherapy)
Sean is a passionate physiotherapist and the Clinical Services Manager at Healthfix, North Sydney. He’ll strive to quickly work out the cause of your health concern and then set out a logical therapy plan with realistic timeframes that make sense for you. Sean studied Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney and is completing his Masters in Sports Physiotherapy at LaTrobe University. He’s also worked extensively as a personal trainer . Sean’s approach blends both performance and injury management. He believes that a personable, positive and professional approach has led to the success of Healthfix. Sean is available at our North Sydney clinic. Please note that as Sean is the Clinical Services Manager for the clinic, he will often integrate with other physiotherapists in the team.

Zoe Wallace

B.App.Sc. Physiotherapy
Zoe strives to become an expert in the physiotherapy profession and help you become an expert at managing and preventing injuries, so you too, achieve your greatest success! Zoe completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2014 with Australian Catholic University and went on to work at Royal North Shore Hospital where she gained experience second to none in musculoskeletal, rehabilitation, orthopaedics, neurosciences and acute care physiotherapy. Zoe then moved to private practice, focusing on Musculoskeletal and Women’s Health Physiotherapy. Zoe has continued to study in the area of pelvic health with a special interest in pre and postnatal care, stress and urge incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Reflective of her personality, Royal North Shore Physiotherapy Department nicknamed Zoe as the ‘Energizer Bunny’. It is with her go get, enthusiastic attitude that she approaches her clients and their rehabilitation. Zoe endeavours to continue building her skills and expertise and achieve personal and career goals, through helping her clients to reach their own goals and full potential. Extra Training: Women’s Health Level 1/Introductory Course (WHTA- Taryn Hallam); Advanced Pelvic Floor – Prolapse and Stress Urinary Incontinence Course (WHTA- Taryn Hallam); Advanced Pessary Course (WHTA – Taryn Hallam); Advanced Pelvic Floor – Exercise, Sport and Musculoskeletal Dysfunction (WHTA – Taryn Hallam); DMA Clinical Pilates Unit A; NOI Group Explain Pain Course. Zoe is available at our North Sydney clinic.

Kieran Doyle

B. App. Sc (Ex & Sport Science). M. Physiotherapy. APAM SPAM MPAM
Kieran always has had a passion for helping people. He believes the world of healthcare and physiotherapy is an amazing platform to accomplish this. Kieran graduated with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science and then completed his Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney now over a decade ago. Over Kieran’s 10 year career he has worked in Australia and abroad in the United Kingdom with multi-disciplinary teams refining his clinical skills, in helping the whole gamete of the human demographic, including elite and semi-elite athletes with problems ranging from acute injuries to recurrent chronic pain and dysfunction. Kieran has a keen interest and expertise in dealing with shoulder related pathology including working with overhead athletes where he has have undergone extensive external coursework and lectured on the subject. Kieran regularly assists and teaches Integrative manual therapy courses to therapists across Australia as well as being on the NSW Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Association Committee to help guide and govern the development of current and future physiotherapists across NSW. Kieran has always been involved and interested in all sports particularly cricket, golf, rugby and touch football. Over his time with sport he has also had his fair share of injuries so he understands the pain and frustration that his clients can be going through. Kieran gets fulfilment from helping people return to their chosen activities. Kieran is a senior physiotherapist and is available at our Broadway Clinic

Matt Crawshaw

B.App.Sc. Physiotherapy & B.Bus
Matt combines his ability to explore a patients history and his 12 years private practice experience to diagnose and plan recovery for each patient. He completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2005 at the University of Sydney, after he was attracted to physiotherapy through the many injuries he sustained when he “ran away to the circus” for five years to be a stilt-walker. Matt has done many postgraduate courses led by forward-thinking Physiotherapists. Therefore he provides up to date treatment techniques which are effective in changing your discomfort quickly. Techniques such as advanced dry needling, pelvic and rib adjustments, joint stabilisation programs, strengthening rehabilitation programs and soft tissue release. These advanced manual treatment skills coincide with education to empower clients to understand their injury and a plan to prevent it happening again. If the injury is of a nature where it is unrealistic to expect it to resolve completely, a plan to manage the injury is implemented. With Matt’s level of experience, he has a few areas of the body he finds of particular interest and has developed advanced diagnostic and treatment ability. Of particular note is his understanding of the upper body. Especially relating to the ribs, shoulders, neck, headaches and jaw (TMJ) where things are often interrelated and there is nothing more satisfying to Matt than discovering the root cause and treating it. Matt has been involved with Blackmore’s Running festival for the past 4 years and has also been involved with South Sydney Juniors Rugby League. So also regularly treats lower body injuries. Out of work, Matt will be chasing around after his young family, and of course loves to stay active himself by swimming, cycling and walking. Matt is a senior physiotherapist and is available at our North Sydney Clinic.

Daisy Commerford

B. Sport & Ex Sc. & Master Physiotherapy
Daisy is one of our junior Physiotherapist, whose kind and gentle approach to physiotherapy gets great results for her clients. Daisy has a strong commitment to working with her patients to achieve their best possible outcomes whilst maintaining the highest level of care. She is continually working towards educating and empowering everyone she works with to understand, manage their current concerns and prevent future injuries. Daisy firstly graduated with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science in 2017 before completing a Master of Physiotherapy at the University of Technology Sydney in 2019. Daisy was fortunate enough to be exposed to Healthfix’s multidisciplinary care team whilst on a student placement. She says: “During my time spent here, I saw first-hand the excellent health outcomes being achieved when integrating different health practices. Something I had not seen done well before. The brilliance of a health continuum is hard to come by. Beyond the processes in place at Healthfix, the team were not only intelligent but caring and made me feel at home.” Daisy has an extensive background in dance, specifically ballet. She’s been dancing since the age of 4, competing all over the world and as a trainee for ballet companies, you will always see her tapping along to the beat, or spinning down the street. Daisy now stays active through attending a casual dance class and imparting her knowledge by teaching children of all ages. • B. Sport & Ex Sc. • Master in Physiotherapy • ASCA Strength & Conditioning Level 1 • STOTT Pilates certification • First Aid & CPR

Caitlan Skillicorn

M. Physio & B. Ex. and Sport Sc.
Caitlan is a passionate Physiotherapist working at our Broadway Clinic, she’s always looking to get the most out of people, so they can become the best they can be. Caitlan takes great pride in helping people back to life, hobby, sport. Giving individualised programs to give the best evidence-based care that allows clients to reach short, medium and long term goals. Having played a lot of sport growing up she understands the frustration of being on the sidelines and endeavours to get clients back to performing at their best. She completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at ACU before continuing study with Masters of Physiotherapy at Sydney University. Having worked in private practice since graduating she’s gained invaluable experience within a small clinic, dealing with many different injuries from people from all walks of life. Currently, Caitlan is also Head Physiotherapist for an NSW premier league football squad, she’s also worked with other premier sporting teams across Sydney since graduating. She’s starting her Masters in Sports Medicine in July 2020. On top of all of her sports experience, she’s also highly experienced with musculoskeletal injuries, children and adolescence, individuals with physical disabilities and the elderly. Caitlan is passionate about knowing that exercise is the foundation for any good rehabilitation program, she enjoys working at Healthfix as she gets work alongside a great integrated team to get the best outcome for clients, with a holistic approach to all. Caitlan is a very fit and active person – she played all sports growing up then played soccer over last 13 years until more recently taking up golf due to an injury, she often incorporates gym sessions to keep her fit and strong for all the sports she loves! Training & Qualifications: ACSA Level 1 S&C APA Sports Physio. level 1 & 2 First Aid + CPR Dry Needling Level 1 & 2 Load Management – Tim Gabbett APA – The Sporting Knee Introduction to sports taping – SMA Advanced sports taping – SMA The Knee program – Netball Australia

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