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Our Personal Trainers are a fantastic team with a vast range of knowledge and experience from elite athletic strength and conditioning to body transformations and event conditioning. Read on to find out more!
Bladen Baird Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Bladen Baird

Bladen is a certified personal trainer with more than eight years’ experience. Bladen has established an outstanding reputation due to his no-nonsense approach to training and unique perspective on program design. After selection in a range of elite representative programs from a young age, Bladen had been following a semi-professional rugby league career before moving into the fitness industry. Bladen’s passion to assist others in optimising body composition and achieving peak performance continues to be a driving force behind his exceptional results. In the Spring of 2011, Bladen trained the winner of the Vision Personal Training nation-wide weight loss challenge, helping his client lose more than 30 kilograms in just nine short weeks, in the process winning a nomination for New South Wales trainer of the year. Bladen prepared two MMA athletes for the 2014 ISKA world championships helping them both take gold in their respective weight divisions. In 2017 Bladen worked with the North Sydney Bears as their Performance Assistant for the NSW cup team, pushing them and helping them achieve greater results. Bladen lives what he promotes to clients, which demonstrates authenticity and integrity in his work. His non-stop attitude for personal and professional development is one to admire. He’s currently got a great passion for boxing, in 2016 he took on and won the Corporate Fighter. Since then he’s developed this skill and passion through many fights, including winning the NSW title in the 91kg weight class and competing at nationals in the Commonwealth Games selection event. 2018 will see him training and competing in the NSW titles again! Bladen is available at our North Sydney clinic.

Mark Wilson Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Mark Wilson

ASCA Strength and Conditioning Level 2
Mark is a Personal Trainer in North Sydney and our Adventure Coach for the Adventure Club, who has a positive can-do approach to life which transcends to his attitude towards health and fitness. With nine years’ experience as a trainer and originally from the UK Mark prides himself on maintaining relaxed professionalism and getting results. Nicknamed the Smiling Assassin in the past he pushes people to get their results, sometimes without them realising. With a very keen eye on technique and an astute understanding of energy systems and how they can be manipulated with programming, clients of Mark’s find a new level of fitness. He runs, lifts and jumps to keep on top of his fitness. He represented Wales at cross country and, being Welsh, played rugby union from as soon as he could walk and continued to play well into his twenties, most notably during his time in the British Army where he recalls a few “heavy knocks”. He has done a whole host of challenges which would make most people shudder at the thought, one which stands out is doing Biathlon Skiing for a couple of months in Norway. In case you’re wondering that’s cross-country skiing with a rifle strapped to your back and shooting targets! Unfortunately, a lack of sophistication means he can never actually be Bond. Mark has a proud and diverse history of training people and teams to achieve great things. He has aided Triathletes to complete Iron Man competitions and others to run marathons and even climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Although what he’s most proud of, is helping people realise their potential and that they can always achieve more than they think; and when this happens the look or expression of confidence and happiness is for him, the greatest reward for what we do. Mark is a genuine guy who does his job because he likes to help people. Personally, his fitness goals recently have centred around trail running, tackling the Jabalayne 44 km trail run and the Ultra Trail Australia 50 km both this year, with his sights set at more for next year. – Survival leader course – Advanced boxing and boxing with metabolic conditioning instructor – Level 4 (Dip equiv.) Exercise for Management of Lower Back Pain – Level 3 (Cert. 4 equiv.) Exercise Referral

Anthony Collum Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Anthony Collum

Anthony is a Personal Training specialising in speed and strength training for sport and elite performance. He also has a keen interest in weight loss, body composition and injury management. After a junior career in high performance track and field and rugby union, Anthony decided to follow his passions in the fitness industry while also undertaking university studies in the health and fitness field. He is currently finishing his final year of a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Technology Sydney majoring in Exercise Science. Anthony is always ready to work tirelessly for his clients to prescribe a gold standard in exercise and achieve optimum results. Outside of the clinic Anthony still pursues his love of track and field both as a competitor and coach. He has been on the UTS Elite Athlete Program as one of the program’s key sprinters since 2014 and has competed at the Rio 2016 Olympic and Beijing 2015 World Championship trials. Anthony is also an accredited Athletics Australia coach and has been involved with developing the sprint programs for SCEGGS Redlands in Cremorne and Saint Andrews Cathedral College in the heart of Sydney as well as the NSW Teen Talent Program between 2015 and 2017. He loves to implement a mixture of this performance methodology into his personal training prescription. Anthony’s coaching principles revolve around the principles of consistency, intensity and professionalism. He has already seen great results in the clinic ensuring his clients regardless of experience or knowledge are afforded the best clinical experience possible. He is a firm believer results are always gained from the team effort between coach and client. Anthony is available at our North Sydney clinic.

Amy Jarjoura Personal trainer

Personal Trainer

Amy Jarjoura

Amy is an enthusiastic, energetic certificate 4 Personal Trainer, with 8 years of coaching experience. She’s outgoing and motivated about health and the wellbeing of her clients. Amy believes holistic health with her focus being longevity, wanting each of her clients to reach their fullest potential. Amy has recently finished her studies in Exercise Sports Science at ACU and has a passion for health promotion and wanting her clients to reach their best potential. She decided to follow her passions in the fitness industry whilst finishing her final semester study, specialising in Advanced Biomechanics, Sports Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation, Advanced Exercise Physiology as well as High-Performance Nutrition in Sports. She started in the health field by studying her Diploma of Nursing at Norte Dame, which gave her invaluable experience working with stroke rehabilitation, in theatre, day surgery & recovery. She’s been working with individuals in a sport setting since the age of 16. Coaching various sports that she personally loves: netball; water polo and swimming, in a range of different settings, meeting each individual needs for her teams and athletes. Amy easily relates to the competitive athlete due to her personal background in sport and combines her own experience in these fields, with her understanding of the complexity of the human body to get her clients healthily and performing at their best. Amy enjoys sport and everything around sport. In her free time, she won’t be found inside (unless at the gym or studying), as outdoor trail runs, ocean swims or even a quick morning yoga routine outside make up a big part of her approach to a healthy lifestyle. From competing regularly in ocean swims & fun runs, her goal is to strive towards her first Biathlon, stemming from her love for the run swim run in her Club Life Saving Days. Amy has played representative netball, waterpolo & cross country in her younger years, and is currently still a dedicated netballer playing for XMonte. Amy is available in our North Sydney Clinic – Dip. Nursing – B. Exercise Sports Science – Certificate III in Fitness – Certificate IV in Fitness – CPR & First Aid

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