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Dietetics and Nutrition Team

Our dietetics consults come with the experience of a wide range of people’s dietary requirements from those looking to kick-start some healthier eating, to those wanting to optimise their performance – we can help you!
mel with accreditation

Melissa Juergens

Bsc& M Nutrition & Dietetics
Melissa is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA). She has a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Sydney, her Bachelor of Applied Science, Exercise and Sports Science, also makes her an Exercise Scientist, and she has previous experience as a personal trainer. She believes that being healthy encompasses not just diet and exercise but also your sleep patterns and mental health. Everyone is different. Each individual has their own stresses, jobs, day to day routines, sleep patterns, hormone levels, biochemical makeup, taste buds, bone composition and many more. With this in mind, how can it be that there is one way of eating that simply suits everyone? She finds diet patterns that suit an individual’s lifestyle, their body and helps them achieve their individualised goals, whilst also not feeling as though they are restricted. On too many occasions she’s seen individuals partake in the latest “diet” cutting out foods they love, feeling constrained and then relapsing as soon as life gets in the way. Instead, Melissa will work with you to create a lifestyle change sustainable and best suited to your unique situation. Helping you understand and appreciate how food can nourish our bodies and ultimately help us to function at our optimal capacity whilst also reducing our risk of chronic disease. Personally, she loves being active, her ‘sport’ has always been dancing, which she’s done since she was 4, and has more recently been a Manly Seabird. However, she doesn’t shy away from the gym and her strength work or working on her running – plan is a half marathon this year.

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