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Reception Team

Our reception team are the smiling face of Healthfix – here to help with your plans, your bookings and any question you might have.
Ash Cooney

Ash Cooney

As one of our directors, Ash has been part of Healthfix from the start. With a background in Occupational Therapy, she understands the importance of an integrated approach to your health. She obtained her BA in occupational therapy from the University of Sydney, before working as an occupational therapist assisting in many different levels of cover. More recently she was Head of Injury Management and Health and Wellbeing (NZ and Aus) for one of Australia’s largest retailers – reducing their workers comp premium from 22m to 9m during her time there. Here at Healthfix, you’ll see her rolling up her sleeves and mucking in everywhere! She’s Practice Manager to both of our clinics, running everything back of house she keeps us moving forward. Her role is extremely flexible – she’ll just as likely be on reception, as doing our books, or hosting a corporate seminar – she’s the glue that keeps us going and always has a smile on her face!

Heather Palmer

Heather Wilson

With a background in Hospitality Management (degree) and Brand Strategy, Heather is passionate about our Healthfix brand – she believes we’ve been keeping the great things we do here at Healthfix a secret for too long and is here to change that for us. On top of this, she loves a list! So always takes organisation and planning to the next level.

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