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Wellness coaches help you set a wellness vision of your ideal healthy self – one who is thriving in all things to do with health, life, career and fitness. Set short and long-term goals to achieve this vision, and, most importantly, let us help create a plan and a pathway to achieving those goals together. We’re here to be your support person, helping action your goals, offering motivation and providing accountability.

Keeping you moving well, from toe to top.

Have you been doing the same thing for a long time and not seeing any difference? Not achieving goals despite working hard at them? Wellness coaching could be the answer. Boredom is a big thing we face in health care, but choosing your path correctly is difficult when there’s so much information out there, and no health professional on hand to distil it, is hard.

Healthfix’s wellness coaching is different as our health professionals are immersed with other disciplines, day in day out. What does this mean? Whether you’re goals require dietetics and nutrition, physiotherapy, health and fitness or women’s health – or touch on all of them – our multi-disciplinary approach means we can draw on whatever professional advice you may require.

Let us be that person by your side that’s egging you on to achieve your goals.

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Let’s achieve your health goals – together.

We pride ourselves on our client centred, evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach to achieve optimal patient outcomes. We want to set you up for a long solution to improving your health and wellness. Healthfix’s team of professionals work together to get you to your best. Your wellness coach will listen and design program exclusively suited to your particular needs. We also make use of the HICAPS system for automatic claims through your private health fund.

Wellness coaching– North Sydney

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