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Reactive GP Plan

What is it?

Lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and excessive weight as well as joint and spinal pain become more problematic at certain times. They are often referred to as flare ups. Flare ups need to be adequately management like reactive gp plan before progressing onto a program that can help reduce the frequency of them. At Healthfix, we have an integrated team sitting under one roof who can give you a great start at managing flare ups so that you are getting back to doing the things you love, feeling the way you want to feel, is as short a space as time possible. If you have a condition that has been persistent for some time it can be worthwhile to have your reactive GP planner involved in the management. They may be able to provide guidance on the best course of action for you, take out the guesswork, and you may be eligible to claim on Medicare for up to 5 sessions as part of a Team Care Arrangement. This is a great way to get you talking to your reactive GP planner about proactively managing your health risks to prevent any future hiccups.


The best ways we’ve seen a reactive Team Care Arrangement used:
  • For joint and spine pain: 3 Physiotherapy consults and 2 Exercise Physiology or Personal Training consults to settle your symptoms and get you back to moving
  • For cardiometabolic diseases: 2 Dietetic consults and 3 Exercise Physiology consults to get your diet and exercise regime on track to settle your symptoms.
  • For cardiometabolic diseases with an injury past that concerns you: 2 consults with the Physiotherapist and 3 with the Exercise Physiologist to clear you for safe exercise and to get you started with exercising.
(World Health Organisation 2011 & Commonwealth of Australia 2013) What you do and how you do it is important. Because we are an integrated practice with the services you require under one roof we can help you with both.

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