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Our Programs

We have some great programs to help you with whatever part of your journey you’re on. From starting out with exercise with the Introfix or physio and diet on a reactive GP Management Plan to being part of our Adventure Club or a Sporting Team, there are programs suitable for all.
Group 616


Everything you need to start a Personal Training plan
Group 613

Proactive GP Plan

Feeling healthy is more than the absence of injury or illness.
Group 619

Reactive GP Plan

Moving forward from lifestyle diseases and chronic pain
8 Week Strength

8-week Strength

Strength is the key to fitness.
Group 609

The Reset

28-day Reset to create new great habits
Group 614

The Adventure Club

Come with us on an adventure of a lifetime
Group 604

Sports Team Support

We can help your team and you get season fit.

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There has never been a better time to start exercising and establishing your sustainable, healthy habits.

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