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Pelvic floor physiotherapy

North Sydney
Put simply, the pelvic floor is a set of muscles that holds our liquid in and stops our insides from falling out. The pelvic floor assists us in maintaining control over our bladder and bowels, supports the pelvic organs and provides sexual functions in both men and women. As women, we should be protecting and exercising our pelvic floor muscles, especially if we have experienced risk factors such as pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, ageing or high impact sports and jobs… does this sound like you?

Incontinence and prolapse

This may include prolapse and urinary incontinence, distressing and common problems that can significantly impact quality of life for a woman. One third of all women who’ve given birth  experience bladder leakage or weakness.  As many as 50% of women suffer from some level of prolapse, according to the Continence  Foundation of Australia.  These issues require careful assessment and individualised treatment.

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Your pelvic floor explained

The best approach is an individualised one. Individual assessment of your pelvic muscles with your women’s health pelvic floor physiotherapist will ensure you are performing the correct action with your muscles and allow you to work on what your body individually needs. Think about your pelvic floor muscles like all of the other muscles in your body. Just as some women have really strong leg muscles, others need to improve leg strength through exercise: some women know how to do a squat; others need guidance. Your pelvic floor muscles are the same and require assessment and prescription of tailored pelvic floor muscle exercises by our qualified team of physiotherapists.

Supporting women of all ages

It is Healthfix’s integrated, holistic approach to healthcare, including women’s health and pelvic floor physiotherapy that allows us to treat the woman as a whole. From seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist during pregnancy in collaboration with a dietitian to manage conditions like gestational diabetes, through to working together with the exercise team to get you back to your post-partum fitness goals.

We are here to support women through pregnancy, post-partum, menopause and resulting bladder concerns. We have the ability to not only address this and improve quality of life but also begin to engage in long term preventative health measures such as exercise and healthy diet for good bone density into ageing.

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Pelvic floor physiotherapy – North Sydney

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