Our Programs

We have some great programs to help you on whatever part of your journey you’re on. From starting out with exercise with the Introfix or physio and diet on a reactive GP Management Plan, to being part of our Adventure Club or a Sporting Team, there’s programs suitable for all.

Everything you need to start a Personal Training plan

Proactive GP Plan
Feeling healthy is more than the absence of injury or illness.

Reactive GP Plan
Moving forward from lifestyle diseases and chronic pain


8-week Strength

Strength is the key

to fitness.

The Blitz
28-day Reset Blitz to create new great habits

The Adventure Club
Come with us on an adventure of a lifetime

Sports Team Support
We can help your team and you get season fit


If you’re new to exercise, or new to coming to Healthfix to exercise, the Introfix is the perfect start for you!

This great deals combines an Initial Personal Training consult, two Personal training sessions and one initial Dietetics consult for only $250 (normal value $360).

It’s a great way to start you off with your fitness journey at Healthfix. Even if you feel that you know what you’re doing with your diet and nutrition and are only thinking about getting into exercise, you basically get a 45min consult with our great dietitian for only $10 more than if you were doing the Personal Training consults.

We feel that this combined approach is a great way to set your health and fitness journey down the right path, giving you the tools that you need to reach your fitness goals.This great start sets you up with a program which is individually tailored for you and will minimise your risk of injury as well as increasing your training benefits.

If you would like to know more about the Personal Trainers and our Dietitian, you can check out the team here.

If you’re interested in getting started or would like to know more get in touch with us here