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We all need a bit of help every now and then – whether it’s a daunting task, a big interview, or simply annoying household chores. So it stands to reason that when it comes to our health, professional assistance through health mentoring can mean the difference between getting back on track – and staying in a health rut. It could be you’re looking to prevent specific issues, manage chronic conditions or simply generally improve your health and lifestyle. Healthfix’s qualified health mentors use techniques from behavioural medicine, medical research and literature, positive psychology, health and coaching psychology, and athletic and performance coaching to help clients overcome any health hurdles.

For people who want to do better to be better.

Healthfix mentoring supports its clients and members to build self-determination and self-efficacy – the two things needed to initiate and sustain better exercise and nutritional habits. Supporting clients is the name of our game, because everyone needs their own compelling reasons for change. Confidence comes from focusing on strengths and successes as we learn what works – and what doesn’t. Our health mentors can help you develop a clear vision of your health goals, and encourage you to learn and grow as we guide you, together with our other in-house experts, towards that goal. 
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We provide health mentoring for clients of all ages and abilities.

We pride ourselves on our client centred, evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach to achieve optimal patient outcomes. Every appointment allows for our health mentor to spend the entire time with you, to conduct a comprehensive examination in order to diagnose the cause of your health issues. Your health mentor is there to support you on your health journey, working together to get you back to your best, faster. We also make use of the HICAPS system for automatic claims through your private health fund.

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