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Exercise Physiology is a medical science that uses exercise to treat health conditions and enhance a person’s overall health. An Exercise Physiologist is great when you need to get moving more but you might have a health condition holding you back currently. Whether that is arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, muscle imbalances, obesity, PCOS, depression, anxiety, etc. having someone to help guide you who fully understands your body, the medicine your taking and integrating your care and exercise regime with your other health professionals is extremely valuable.

Exercise and starting to move more can help improve any health conditions you face.

Being physically active have been proven to be the most effective long-term way of restoring and protecting both your mental and physical health. Exercise can lift your mood, improve your memory, regulate your blood sugar, enhance your circulation, strengthen your heart, lungs and bones, protect your joints, help prevent falls, improve your sleep and even increase your lifespan.

Getting the balance of type and intensity of exercise is something our Exercise Physiologists are expert at doing!

Our Exercise Physiologists will explore your full medical history of your condition/s, assess your current movement and fitness levels, discuss your goals, speak to your Physiotherapist or GP if required and then, prescribe a program tailormade just for you.

If you want to achieve your own personal optimum health – safely, efficiently and in comfort – consult our Exercise Physiologist team. Our whole team is accredited and experienced in helping people with a wide range of conditions and fitness goals. Read some of our clients’ goals HERE

Our Exercise Physiologist team are involved in a number of our programs, but specifically at the forefront of our 8-week Strength Program and our proactive GP Management Plan.

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