Health Club Memberships VS Standard Care

Healthfix believes in integration. A goal with a plan to achieve it, with the team who can take you there (we don’t believe in gurus). For us, it was strange to think that integrated healthcare teams existed only in hospitals (if you were really unwell) and elite athletic institutes (if you were physically thriving). These integrated teams work so well in these systems, that we want to bring this principle to you and your everyday life!

Our Health Club Memberships are the easiest way to integrate across our Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Exercise Physiology & Personal Training services and access to our world-class gym and group classes! When you become a member you even get personally assigned a Mindset Coach, who is there to help plan and coordinate your health and fitness routine, so you can achieve any goal you can set your mind to! So what’s the difference between a membership and standard care?
  • Standard care can equal someone having an issue and having that one thing addressed. This can work well if the person is regularly active, eating well and does not have any chronic health or medical conditions. But oftentimes that isn’t the case and is why practices that operate in silos don’t work in helping people get long term outcomes.
  • Our Membership Program allows for you to get the regular exercise that you need, and we offer it at all levels. You’ll also get access to discounted sessions to see the right health professional that can help you at the right time. These professionals will work together seamlessly to ensure you have the best care and experience possible. We also host health-related events and nutrition courses that present you with the latest health information by leaders in the industry – this improves your health literary. And makes you feel part of a healthy community.
You can see how getting involved in the integration and our membership program can get you on track to living a long and healthy life. If you’re interested in finding out how our membership can specifically help you and your needs, fill in the form below and our team will be in touch!

Stick to your plan! Fix Guides & Cancellation Policy

If you’ve been to Healthfix before, you may have heard about our Fix Guide and innovative cancellation policy. The Fix Guide and cancellation policy are tools that our therapists utilise you ensure we are creating a plan that works for you and holds you accountable for achieving your goals. Healthfix’s mission is to empower everyone who walks through our doors to become the Health Expert of their life and these tools help us get you there! If you’re curious, here’s some more information on what these tools are. The Fix Guide The Fix Guide is a planning tool our therapists have been using for the past 10 years that we’ve been in business. This document encompasses your goals, your current condition and what actions we need to complete to get you feeling amazing. We’ve found by giving clients a tangible plan that they can refer back to, can keep them on track in achieving their goals. Make sure you pop your fix guide on your fridge or door so you see it and are a reminder to complete your actions every day! Our Cancellation Policy  Put simply, if you cancel your sessions within 24 hrs we charge 50% of your session fee or if you miss your session completely, we charge 100% of the appointment cost. We aren’t interested in making money from this policy so we donate this income to charity! Of course, we don’t charge this fee if you’ve had an emergency and we always give you a reminder. But here is why we charge it:
  1. We’re a results-based business. Missing appointments can disrupt your progress and final outcome and we’re only in this business to help you get the result you want to achieve.
  2. We have really busy practitioners, so there is a good chance someone else really wanted to book the time we put aside for you.
  3. It should deter you from re-booking if you can’t keep appointments. We don’t want you wasting your money on sporadic treatment and cancellation fees. If life is too busy right now and you can’t stick to our rehab plan, maybe it is better to try another time where we can deliver the FIX we’ve promised you.
If you have any questions or comments about these planning tools, don’t hesitate to chat with our friendly team or discuss them with your therapist! We look forward to seeing you in the Health Club soon.