COVID-19/ Coronavirus Update

Sean Cooney – Managing Director – March 2020

Coronavirus update healthfix personnel

We’re in this together

In light of the COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions it is placing on our professional services, it opens up other avenues to receive quality healthcare. Healthfix has a strong commitment to enhancing the health of its local community and bringing down the cost of healthcare to the individual and there is a way to still achieve this whilst also looking after the health of its staff and customers. This is through telehealth consultations. Whilst the current climate may have been disruptive to our business as usual and your preferred method of coming into the clinic we can still make progress on your health and wellness goals by focusing on two critical elements that underpin great health care – self-efficacy (learning ways to look after yourself long term) and education. By still having the regular check-in with your health professional you will also get the added benefits of accountability, motivation and support. How it works is simple, we will use the online platform of ZOOM where we can book you in as normal and conduct the coronavirus consult. Consults will be exactly the same only now with a greater focus on instruction and you working under guidance. We’ll look to set follow up appointments at critical times when you should be ready to reassess and progress.

Our goal for you to get you to move closer towards your health goals despite the interruption of the COVID response.

If you’re keen to see telehealth in action, please watch this video: