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We have 80 year olds who want to gain muscle and stay stronger and fitter, 60 year olds running their first marathons, 40 year olds playing semi-professional sport, and 20 year olds wanting to lose weight who are coming to the gym for the first time. Whatever your age, level of fitness or experience, training with our team can make all the difference!

Personal training at Healthfix takes your training to the next level, through the support of our integrated team of health professionals.

When you need it, you can use our additional services to ensure that you’re getting the best out of your training.

Our exercise programs are designed, tested and reviewed by our trainers in conjunction with our wider team and
with the support of the most recent scientific research.

These plans are always tailormade just for you, so that we can ensure you get your best results. The technical bit is that we have three training focuses (a lot of other gyms will just have one) which are broken down into eight training phases – but you don’t need to worry about this, as that’s what your trainer is here for, to ensure you’re on the right program, and it’s adapted to your personal progression, individual goals and preferred training style.

We have programs in which our Personal Training is at the forefront, including The Blitz, Introfix and Adventure Club

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