The Professor- From Lecturer To Mountain Conquerer

Finding that balance between work and healthy living can be a juggling act at times but what can really help sometimes is setting a goal. Something that takes you a little out of your comfort zone. Ashish wanted to climb Mt Kilimanjaro with his mates but as his training volumes began to increase he noticed some old knee and shin injuries coming back to haunt him. Once his pains became noticeable even with just walking- he knew it was time to engage with some professionals.

With Healthfix Ashish was able to receive some physiotherapy treatment that returned to him walking and training pain free within 3 weeks. From there is was a matter of expert progression of his training volumes specific to his final goal whilst doing to right complementary remedial work to ensure his body was always ready for the next step up!

He was able to improve his strength and mobility whilst continuing to train for the climb and should be coming back down the mountain by the time you are reading this blog post! He will be back in a Healthfix soon to plan his next bigger and bolder goal and we can’t wait to be a part of it!

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