Let Me Tell You A Story… About Noi

Let Me Tell You A Story… About Noi


Over our 7 years of existence Healthfix has had the privilege of being a part of so many success stories that are attached to so many wonderful people. In our “Let Me Tell You A Story” series, I am excited to share these stories with you that I’d taken from case reviews and interviews. These stories whilst unique to the individual, also contain some many common and relatable themes that are apparent in other healthcare stories. They will also highlight how working with a team of skilled and integrated health professionals helps you reap the benefits of timely and cost effective results. This is the reason behind the rise and rise of Healthfix.

Noi’s Story.

“I just felt I could do it!”, was Noi’s response when I ask her what the difference was after her first physiotherapy appointment at Healthfix. After limping around for 11 months in pain and not able to do the things she loved, Noi had managed to double her strength and triple the movement of her ankle joint in just one day. She continued with, “he was so patient in listening to my whole story and made me feel like I could do it” when talking about her physio. Noi had become accustomed to working hard at ineffective rehabilitation programs with blind faith that her treating therapist knew what they were doing and should be trusted. But no one had delved into the root causes of her problems, therefore a genuine solution was never offered. After 11 months since her first visit to Healthfix Noi says she is 250% better and back in the best shape of her life and working on playing better golf. Playing golf has always been a major goal for Noi as it allows her the time to unwind from work and spend quality time with her devoted husband David.

Noi’s story is not uncommon. Having never formally exercised she was at a loss as to where to get started when she decided she needed to get healthy and fit. She was fit and active in her high school and university days but a dedication to her career meant she wasn’t so active anymore. Not knowing where to start, she joined some work mates in a workplace group fitness class that resulted in her partially rupturing her Achilles tendon after only her 5th session.

Dwelling on negatives is not the purpose of these stories but it is important to address some of the common themes that came from her ensuing 11 months of ineffective treatment. Noi’s management prior to coming to Healthfix was a series of quick fix options offered from short assessments and no set plans for improvement, including timeframes.  As soon as it would become clear that progress was not being made, more often than not Noi was the one being blame by her therapists and perhaps the worst part about it, Noi would believe them. Noi is not one to draw attention to herself and this blaming made her feel foolish that her body had broken down when trying to start exercising.

Despite this, Noi always believed she could get better. Noi saw a local orthopaedic surgeon, and Healthfix referrer, who had taken her opinion into consideration when placing her in a boot instead of surgically repairing the tendon. Then when a local North Sydney GP referred to her Healthfix to try physiotherapy for a third time, she was tentatively happy to give it a try.

Noi discusses the engagement she received with our services as standout feature- the empathy that was shown to understand her story thoroughly before shifting the focus towards a plan that would achieve all her health and fitness goals, not just fix the Achilles problem. We zoomed in on the key solutions of her rehab program, not the problems, and then we zoomed out to address her walking, exercise and golfing goals. We took ownership of these goals, demanded that we be held accountable on delivering what we said, then we empowered her throughout the process.

“They always gave me plenty of time to ask my questions and then explain the answer” is how Noi described this treatment. By understanding the process Noi was walking without a limp within only two weeks and by the end of her first month she had walked the entire length of the golf course. At this stage Noi began transitioning out of the care of her physiotherapists and into the hands of her exercise physiologist. From our front desk team, Noi says “Linelle is an angel!”, to every clinician, Noi was made to feel part of our happy family which allowed her to be vulnerable and tell us all her goals and dreams she was wanting to achieve and the barriers that might get in the way. Despite her rapid transformation, Noi tells me she still wanted things to be moving faster!

One month on from here Noi begins walking 20,000 steps on the weekends and even begins losing the weight that she had put on from being so sedentary whilst injured. “I couldn’t drive so all I did was go to work and stay at home” Noi said which is stark reminder of how much our identity and independence can be lost when we are injured. At the 3 month mark Noi no longer needs physiotherapy and is “over the moon” about it. To her it means that she no longer has a problem and that her continued work with a pure exercise professional is more angled towards working on fitness goals. We understand this is a powerful message in rehabilitation and why we always want to progress clients through our clinical plans as soon as possible because seeing a clinician carries that feeling that you have a problem. This is one of our greatest skills at Healthfix where we can align you with excellent exercise health professionals and trainers.

By the 7 month mark Noi went on to become as fit and as healthy as she was in her university days and playing full rounds of golf comfortably- achieving the ultimate goal she was looking for when deciding to start exercising in the first place.

If I look over Noi’s case and our interview I think the key thing that stands out as to why she improved so rapidly was due to our approach. It made Noi understand that she was working with a team that was truly working with her. Her words when describing her treatment before Healthfix was always about THEM but this language quickly changes when talking about Healthfix to be more about what WE were doing. Noi always had the will and desire to be better, she just needed to find the right health professionals to guide her there.

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