July Newsletter!

Happy July all Healthfixers,


Once again, I sincerely thank you if you are having a read of our newsletter. Today’s world can be a busy place so I appreciate the time we get to share together.


This month’s message from me is going to be a little different as it’s going to look a little in the past to tell you about our future.

For those of you who have been along for the ride from the time Healthfix started in 2011 you will know that our rise has been rapid. We now have 3 locations in competitive locations, we have developed a large and very talented team and our business in only a few years competes amongst those that have been well established for decades.


On reflection however, I am not sure if it is completely clear to everyone who has been involved with Healthfix as to why we have been so successful and why we will continue to enjoy future successes. Our approach and healthcare model has yielded the superior outcomes that Healthfix was created to do so now it becomes more important to make it very clear as to HOW we make this happen.


HOW integration works and what it means. HOW single service practices are not effective at delivering long term solutions and how the Healthfix model is paving the way towards the future. HOW our business has already evolved to see people spend less time on the physio bed in pain and more time learning how to exercise properly to have them performing at their best and not breaking down!


Specifically, I am going to tell you the story of a lady that was receiving ineffective care for 11 months, limping around in pain and not able to partake in the things she loved- golf and regular exercise and then how in weeks we had her playing golf and within months she was the fittest and most trim she had been in her life. I will tell you the story of a man that was told he couldn’t run anymore because he kept breaking down in pain at even the shortest distances and how we helped him go on to run a 35km trail run and finish in the middle of the race group. I will proudly tell you of a high flying office exec who couldn’t gather any momentum with any form of exercise which lead to weight gain and persistent back and knee pain and how we were able to help her achieve amazing physical feats that have provided a self confidence that has turned her life around.


I am hopeful that these stories will give you that insight into how Healthfix can do what the others do but take it to such another level that allows for you to achieve your greatest success. I hope you enjoy reading the stories as much the team and I have enjoyed playing a part in them.


I look forward to you tuning in next month!

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