Blitz Results Are In

Results Are In

Our Blitz participants work together and share a closed Facebook group to keep the motivation levels high! Here is a sneak peak at the “winners” post by our head of personal trainer and group fitness Bladen.

Firstly, a very big well done to all our 28-Day ‘Reset’ BLITZ participants! We have seen some awesome body composition results and have witnessed many of you overhaul your lifestyle in a positive way, and hope this program will be the catalyst for your future success.

As a team, we had a difficult time deciding on a singular winner, struggling to separate those two who would become our inaugural winners of the 28-Day ‘Reset’ BLITZ. From everyone here at Healthfix, congratulations to Mel and Chris!


Mel joined the 28-Day ‘Reset’ BLITZ as a platform to create a positive long term lifestyle change. Fighting a plethora of injury concerns, Mel developed the confidence and knowledge to train independently once again, while overhauling her nutritional approach, leading to 4kg weight loss and 9.5cm off her girth measurements. To add the icing on the cake, Mel also utilised the BLITZ as a constructive way to kick smoking for good.

Significant results
• Quit smoking
• 9.5cm and 4kg lost
• 50% improvement in aerobic fitness
• 15% increase in lower limb strength


Initially presenting at Healthfix for post surgery rehabilitation, Chris viewed the 28-Day ‘Reset’ BLITZ as the next logical step to improve his quality of life and the ability to remain active through his entire lifespan. With a positive new approach to his health and fitness goals, Chris lost 5.6kg and 24cm from his girth measurements. While his weight loss results cannot be understated, the joy from fitting into a shirt that was once not possible, will be a significant motivator for further success.

Significant results
• A shirt that has never fit, now fits
• 24cm and 5.6kg lost
• Improvement aerobic fitness
• Reduction CV risk factors

If you’re interested in participating in a Blitz in order to get your health goals on track through diet and exercise, please contact Bladen at



Farewell Linelle

Farewell Linelle

Farewell to one of the best people you could ever meet.

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans so they say. Linelle decided to come to the big smoke for a stint from the country always knowing she would end up settling down back home. So whilst Linelle has made plans to move back home, Healthfix got to enjoy almost 7 years of its life with her. And what a great time it has been!

Of the many accomplishments that Healthfix has made, having a superstar like Linelle around for that long ranks among one of the highest.

I know a lot of people have already said their farewells in their own way or have plans to do so but here are some insights I am sure Linelle won’t mind me sharing.

First, it was opportunistic that we met, Linelle a passionate barrista whose cafe had just closed and Healthfix in need of some admin help. Linelle loved being a barrista and liked admin work. We set out to see if she could love her work at Healthfix by how we connected with people through health and not just coffee! By the end, I am sure most felt her love and the pride that she took in her work.

We all know that Linelle really ran the show and I was more the team mascot but I’m not sure how many would know how quickly she took over. In the first few weeks of her starting, I would be inundated with patients, only surfacing for short periods of times to ask for things that the practice needed. It never mattered how big the list was it would be done by lunch. I could never write a list long enough.

Also in these early weeks we got some new and more fancy business cards made up. They looked fancy and also had the fancy price tag. I simply said to Linelle that we couldn’t afford that and off she went to tell the provider who immediately gave her the price she wanted. He took it upon himself to call the practice to talk to me and ask where did I find this girl!

And he wasn’t to be the first poacher that came along. Over the years there have been many. This is due to her no fuss approach to just get things done. Fair but firm. Smart and practical. Able to hear your problems and offer a great solution. There just isn’t another Linelle out there!

Have fun saying your own farewells to Linelle in your own way!

Thank you and sorry

Thank You and Sorry

What a year it has been. We grew by a whole other clinic in Broadway (but later merged the 2 North Sydney practices leaving us with 2 clinics in total again!) and by default our wonderful team grew too. Now with more dedicated team members and spreading our reach across to the other side of the bridge it is timely to say thank you to everyone who has supported our growth to this stage and apologise to those where we may have missed the mark.

Healthfix has had a clear purpose to empower individuals towards their health goals rather than join the chorus of problem focused health care practices that can sap individuals of their time, effort and money. With a firm understanding of what is going on and a belief that the solution is in your hands then you can truly go on to achieve many wonderful things. 

And wow-wee, didn’t we see some wonderful things this year:

- Our next success story will be on a man who was advised not to run again but went on to complete a 37km trail run this year.

- A lady with persistent injuries that had her in the physio rooms for over a year is now managing with a structured exercise and diet routine.

- A marathon runner who was experiencing knee pain at the 5km mark 2 weeks out from the big race went on to complete the race.

- Clients with diabetes or fatty livers who are now managing their modifiable risk factors with exercise and diet solutions.

- All the lovely mummies who we could help with comfortable pregnancies and resilient bodies to handle the early demands of their little angels.

- Helping people regulate energy levels and mood, whether it be a clinically diagnosed issue or a self reported one, so that they can now lead balanced lives and achieve personal and career goals.

This is only a highlight so really thank you to everyone who did invest your time, effort and money with us and above all, allow us the privilege of getting to work with you on your health goals.

On the flip side we will never claim to be perfect and we understand we don’t always hit the mark. We believe in giving you all the tools to manage you conditions but sometime the timing isn’t right or the relevance is not clearly seen. This is when things become unclear and we can look like all the other places trying to get you to come back in “just because”. Integrated health is not really well defined or understood. Marketing types who look at our Healthfix offering will often times report back to me that we’re a physio clinic with an exercise spin on it! We always try to integrate with your other service providers but they may not understand the importance of having everyone on the same page for your benefit. Google a diagnosis or pain and you’ll get plenty of results. Google integrated health care, how to be proactive with my health, injury prevention and health solutions and you’ll get back a fraction of the number of results in comparison.

It will be up to us to define it better and make the message clearer. Awareness is the first step and we will work harder next year to make these things really clear.

Whether your health journey with us is long or short we will continue to strive to meet your needs each and every time so that you’re always progressing towards your goals and you feel the value for your investment of time, effort and money.

Have a safe summer holiday. See you when we’re looking at you.




Let Me Tell You A Story… James’ Story

Let Me Tell You A Story… James’ Story

Know what it feels like to put forward your best efforts but not quite get the result you’re hoping for?

Feel like you’ve tried a bunch of strategies but not quite getting to where you want to go?

Ever been confronted with having to make some fundamental change to your beliefs?

Some of us don’t have to work hard to stay in shape or even have sporting genius but for the vast majority of us, we do. Today I’d like to tell you about James’ story which delves into changing beliefs, what it takes to spring into action, staying motivated in pursuit of your goals and how maintaining new behaviours can be a challenge. James has always considered himself a “bigger lad” who also likes to “take the path of least resistance” which normally led to success falling into his lap. Struggling with his weight since being young, a 6-week bout of exercising led to a cascade of events which would see him trialling for Manchester United years later. But now as James has seen his 40th birthday pass by, his easy successes don’t come so easy anymore which has led to him evaluating how he approaches his health.


Childhood Successes

“I was raised with that typical Asian mentality of you don’t leave the table until the plate was clean, and typically that plate was carb heavy” begins James with his unique and infectious belly laugh when talking about why he thinks he has always found it easy to put on weight. James grew up in London with a brother and a sister with his hard working Malaysian parents working hard to provide for their kids. Good intentions with diet and exercise would often get disrupted by the work schedule and hard work and high weights would eventually result in James’ father succumbing to a stroke at the young age of 38 which James says he never fully recovered from.


After James was left disappointed when failing to make his high school football team his father decided to put all his kids through a 6-week exercise bootcamp over the school holidays. “Lucky for me, this coincided with a growth spurt as well so by the end of the holidays I had gone from 5’5″ to 5’10″ and completed shredded down”, James recalls. It also meant that he went from not making any school football side to captaining the A-team, representing his county and trialling for multiple professional and representative sides. This 6-week family bootcamp had started a juggernaut that rolled on for years where James continued to climb the representative ladders and catch the eye of a number of professional clubs. “I was playing 3 games a week and training 5 days too without a proper training regime like I now know”, James says. This lack of a “proper training regime” as James puts it would result in him picking up a lot of injuries. At an athletics meet at 16 years old he tore his hamstring and it took 7 months to repair and his goals of playing high level football took a large blow.


James says, “I wasn’t worried. I was one of those kids who’s annoying because things would just always seem to work out for me” as he belly laughs again. “But when you don’t have your diet under control and your missing games the weight comes in pretty quickly.”

Adult Successes


After falling into a degree in Exercise and Sports science James’ quickly found the social scene in London. He had come to realise his dreams of playing football professionals weren’t going to become a reality so once he was finished his degree he was left with the decision of a coaching job in the college system in the US or a graduate position at the local supermarket he had been working for during university. In typical James fashion, he was confident he was going to be the successful candidate for each so decided he would wait for which offer got sent first. The supermarket came first, the coaching gig come the next day.


From this graduate position James quickly worked his way up into the head office and then off on a transfer to Australia as a Category Manager at a leading supermarket.


Despite his success in his career his health wasn’t following the same pattern of quick wins leading to a snowball of success. “Getting fit to me always meant sports fit but when I realised I wanted to get healthy was when my dad had a stroke, got diabetes and high blood pressure in a very short space of time. I could see a very short, straight path to that,” he says.


Diet plans never considered his lifestyle and personal trainers always pushed the athlete in him but again never could offer a complete solution. “I came to realise the difference between being fit and being healthy. I could always get fit easily but I couldn’t maintain a healthy lifestyle”, says James about this time of trying different gyms and personal trainers. James’ weight would jump up and down and get as high as 144 kgs. James was training the house down and following hugely strict diet regimes but a trip back home for a wedding would change how we was approaching this. “The best part of 14 months training had disappeared in 5 weeks,” James says before adding “I knew I needed something that was going to integrate more with my lifestyle”. Like this 5-week trip, each time he would take a break from his gruelling routine his weight would spring back up and his partner was telling him that the way he was training and eating was unsustainable and whilst he would argue that he needed to do it, he too knew it was unsustainable. “I came to Australia to work to live and I was feeling like I was living to train,” James says of how his effort was always there but the results just weren’t matching these efforts.


The perennially lucky man wound up entering an integrated health clinic when needing some physiotherapy care as his body began to break down from this relentless training. James describes this as a “proper” physio because they would integrate with his trainer so they would manage his injury whilst also helping him on his way to his training goals.

Present Day Successes and The Future


From our conversation James’ key contributing factors to him being healthy boiled down to having an exercise and diet plan that integrated with his lifestyle and a way to prevent injuries.


“The program that I’m on now is set around cause and effect which makes me take ownership. I know that if I don’t eat a meal with good nutritional value that I will feel it in my training session the next day. There’s accountability but it’s not driven by fear, it’s because I want to do it. Before it was too strict to the point that there was no accountability or it would be too loose that I wouldn’t know what to do,” it how James describes the difference of integrated care.


He continues his insights with, “the integration piece for me is that unless you’re that elite sports person where you’re doing it for a living, your lifestyle is always going to have an impact. No matter how virtuous we claim to live we’re never not going to have a drink or bad food so you have to come up with a program that works with your lifestyle so that you have a balance- the right balance. The other part for me was that I didn’t have to worry that if I saw a physio that the PT wasn’t  going to be aware of what to do or that both of them didn’t know the diet plan that I was on- it’s all under one roof. You come in and they know what you’ve done so you don’t have to explain it. When they do ask me questions about what I have done I think it is only for my self-awareness. There’s always an education piece going on”.

From this approach James now is able to self manage and monitor his health for the first time in his adult life. He will still use health professionals but he is now in the driver’s seat and much more aware of his needs that require attention. His weight no longer jumps up and down and he is control of his diet and exercise regimes. He also hasn’t seen a physiotherapist with an injury for quite some time, instead he will have a monthly massage that keeps him on top of any issues.

“For one of the first times in my life I’ve set New Year’s goals that are mentally and physically based on how I want to be when I am older. And now I have the confidence to do it!” James says.

Let Me Tell You A Story… Jess’ Story

Let Me Tell You A Story… Jess’ Story

Competing in combative sport conditions you put up with a certain level of pain where you may never be quite sure if it is a warning sign for a future injury or whether it is just something holding back from performing at your peak. Seeking help is not always received well and so when you’re training over 10 hours a week and competing at high level in Tae Kwon Do (TKD) you want to be sure that you are using a team of health professionals that understand your sporting demands so that they don’t unnecessarily stop you from doing what you love. Deeper understanding of how missing out on your sport can affect your world outside of the sport is highly important too. Please join Jess and I on my next “Let Me Tell You A Story” series where I tell you about Jess who overcame a 3 year old hip injury that allowed her to improve her defence, her striking options and ultimately take her to the next level in her Tae Kwon Do career.


  • Niggling hip flexor pain.
  • Reluctance to seek help due to team perception and poor past experiences.

“Struggling with unknown pain was frustrating as I felt like I could do more if it didn’t hurt so much. My previous experience with physios involved spending half the session explaining the movements, how often and when it hurt was time consuming and I didn’t feel like they understood what and why and received a generic solution. This solution may have worked however I did not have confidence in it due to the lack of clarity during initial sessions. They didn’t understand what I wanted to achieve, lifting twisting and kicking without pain.” This is how Jess sums up her past experiences but I don’t think she is alone, how many people can relate to that?

“It can seem like you’re copping out’” Jess says about seeking care or altering your training to work around injuries in her sport. Jess had been dealing with an off and on again hip injury on her dominant leg that was needed for striking and defending in TKD. “In training we can do 30 kicks in 30 seconds so how many can you do in a 2 hour training session?” she quips when giving me insight into how much work her legs go through in a gruelling training session which are always performed in a Dobok (a traditional thick  suit that doesn’t let much sweat out!) and at some point involves you hitting someone and someone hitting you!

Jess has been competing in TKD for 12 years and is a black belt. It’s a sport that Jess found by chance after a family move meant she no longer had access to a gymnastics club but she stuck with the sport because of the community feel about a sport that many do for decades. Jess had recently moved to Sydney and was one of the more senior members on the team and felt the pressure to lead by example. “If the whole team was stretching then I would stretch too even if it hurt my hip” sums up the pressure Jess was feeling. She continues, “it’s important to set an example for the younger people in the team”. Like a lot of athletes, Jess knew this pain just wasn’t right and in line with setting an example for the younger athletes she knew she would need to start managing it. Jess had previously seen physiotherapists who didn’t understand her sport and as she puts it, she “did not have the time nor money to waste on someone who didn’t know what they were doing”. Jess was learning a more dynamic style of TKD since joining the team and she knew her hip wasn’t going to last much longer.

Jess came to find one of our physiotherapists after her team engaged us to perform a physical screen and set up correctives training. Screening can highlight a potential risk for future injury as well as identify movement patterns that may be suboptimal for sport performance. Correctives training looks to create fundamental movement patterns to assist both with injury prevention and better performance.

Jess says, “the screen was good because it compared us against a standard metric which made it independent. Because the coaches had sourced them, it really felt like the whole process was integrated”. In sport, Jess understands that coaches, managers and senior athletes will all have opinions and personal experiences but that injury management needed to be left to the physiotherapists and exercise specialists. Jess had seen enough to be willing to give our physiotherapy department a try, and she knew what good ones looked like because her previous one was now with the national TKD team.


  • Quick symptom relief.
  • Improved TKD performance.

Being an athlete in tune with her body as well as liking to do her own research, Jess had a good understanding of WHAT was going on but not HOW to fix it. Jess responded well to having a logical and clear plan that took into consideration her ongoing training needs and that she would continue to compete. After the first session Jess recalls thinking “Wow! That didn’t hurt!” upon waking the next morning. After putting up with the hip pain for several years Jess noticed it was present when doing even simple things like getting out of bed and putting on her shoes.

With her pain now gone and the exercise corrections able to take full effect, Jess noticed a sharp improvement in her flexibility and her able to be in control in these ranges- whether it was to do a striking kick or defend a high kick coming at her head! Jess was now able to adapt to this more dynamic style of TKD and consistently perform at this level without any pain. “I can lift my leg so high now it’s crazy” she exclaims. With her senior role in the team she now happy that she can share this positive rehabilitation story and help the younger athletes to manage niggles, rather than feeling that they have to hide it from coaches, so that ultimately their performance improves.

Let Me Tell You A Story… About Noi

Let Me Tell You A Story… About Noi


Over our 7 years of existence Healthfix has had the privilege of being a part of so many success stories that are attached to so many wonderful people. In our “Let Me Tell You A Story” series, I am excited to share these stories with you that I’d taken from case reviews and interviews. These stories whilst unique to the individual, also contain some many common and relatable themes that are apparent in other healthcare stories. They will also highlight how working with a team of skilled and integrated health professionals helps you reap the benefits of timely and cost effective results. This is the reason behind the rise and rise of Healthfix.

Noi’s Story.

“I just felt I could do it!”, was Noi’s response when I ask her what the difference was after her first physiotherapy appointment at Healthfix. After limping around for 11 months in pain and not able to do the things she loved, Noi had managed to double her strength and triple the movement of her ankle joint in just one day. She continued with, “he was so patient in listening to my whole story and made me feel like I could do it” when talking about her physio. Noi had become accustomed to working hard at ineffective rehabilitation programs with blind faith that her treating therapist knew what they were doing and should be trusted. But no one had delved into the root causes of her problems, therefore a genuine solution was never offered. After 11 months since her first visit to Healthfix Noi says she is 250% better and back in the best shape of her life and working on playing better golf. Playing golf has always been a major goal for Noi as it allows her the time to unwind from work and spend quality time with her devoted husband David.

Noi’s story is not uncommon. Having never formally exercised she was at a loss as to where to get started when she decided she needed to get healthy and fit. She was fit and active in her high school and university days but a dedication to her career meant she wasn’t so active anymore. Not knowing where to start, she joined some work mates in a workplace group fitness class that resulted in her partially rupturing her Achilles tendon after only her 5th session.

Dwelling on negatives is not the purpose of these stories but it is important to address some of the common themes that came from her ensuing 11 months of ineffective treatment. Noi’s management prior to coming to Healthfix was a series of quick fix options offered from short assessments and no set plans for improvement, including timeframes.  As soon as it would become clear that progress was not being made, more often than not Noi was the one being blame by her therapists and perhaps the worst part about it, Noi would believe them. Noi is not one to draw attention to herself and this blaming made her feel foolish that her body had broken down when trying to start exercising.

Despite this, Noi always believed she could get better. Noi saw a local orthopaedic surgeon, and Healthfix referrer, who had taken her opinion into consideration when placing her in a boot instead of surgically repairing the tendon. Then when a local North Sydney GP referred to her Healthfix to try physiotherapy for a third time, she was tentatively happy to give it a try.

Noi discusses the engagement she received with our services as standout feature- the empathy that was shown to understand her story thoroughly before shifting the focus towards a plan that would achieve all her health and fitness goals, not just fix the Achilles problem. We zoomed in on the key solutions of her rehab program, not the problems, and then we zoomed out to address her walking, exercise and golfing goals. We took ownership of these goals, demanded that we be held accountable on delivering what we said, then we empowered her throughout the process.

“They always gave me plenty of time to ask my questions and then explain the answer” is how Noi described this treatment. By understanding the process Noi was walking without a limp within only two weeks and by the end of her first month she had walked the entire length of the golf course. At this stage Noi began transitioning out of the care of her physiotherapists and into the hands of her exercise physiologist. From our front desk team, Noi says “Linelle is an angel!”, to every clinician, Noi was made to feel part of our happy family which allowed her to be vulnerable and tell us all her goals and dreams she was wanting to achieve and the barriers that might get in the way. Despite her rapid transformation, Noi tells me she still wanted things to be moving faster!

One month on from here Noi begins walking 20,000 steps on the weekends and even begins losing the weight that she had put on from being so sedentary whilst injured. “I couldn’t drive so all I did was go to work and stay at home” Noi said which is stark reminder of how much our identity and independence can be lost when we are injured. At the 3 month mark Noi no longer needs physiotherapy and is “over the moon” about it. To her it means that she no longer has a problem and that her continued work with a pure exercise professional is more angled towards working on fitness goals. We understand this is a powerful message in rehabilitation and why we always want to progress clients through our clinical plans as soon as possible because seeing a clinician carries that feeling that you have a problem. This is one of our greatest skills at Healthfix where we can align you with excellent exercise health professionals and trainers.

By the 7 month mark Noi went on to become as fit and as healthy as she was in her university days and playing full rounds of golf comfortably- achieving the ultimate goal she was looking for when deciding to start exercising in the first place.

If I look over Noi’s case and our interview I think the key thing that stands out as to why she improved so rapidly was due to our approach. It made Noi understand that she was working with a team that was truly working with her. Her words when describing her treatment before Healthfix was always about THEM but this language quickly changes when talking about Healthfix to be more about what WE were doing. Noi always had the will and desire to be better, she just needed to find the right health professionals to guide her there.

Adventure Club (coming soon…)


Achieve Your Greatest Success! Mount Everest Base Camp

Personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and all-round top bloke Mark Wilson is looking to inspire others to pursue achievements beyond what they may have thought possible, by focusing on a big long-term achievement. Adventure travel has been a long term passion for him and he is excited to lead others to great success.

Mark will be integrating large and small group and one on one personal training programs all designed to get you across the line with a big smile on your. We are still in the development phases but already have 30 people interested in taking on the challenge for mid year 2018. Our long term goal is to ultimately create a community of individuals participating in adventures.

If you are interested in join Mark and Healthfix on this amazing trip, leave your contact details with us today so can keep you up to date with the progress.


Here Comes The Champ

Here Comes The Champ- WELL DONE KATIE!!

Katie feels healthier, has more energy, even when she has not had a good sleep which means she is not as sluggish at work and in general.

The diet changes made on the Blitz were the biggest difference for Katie. She followed it 100% and knows she can keep it up now that the Blitz is over. She has learnt to prepare her meals in advance.

Katie did her Blitz as part of group and loved it. She works at night so found the group training made the gym much more social, positive and fun. Want to get involved in our next Blitz- just let us know.

July Newsletter!

Happy July all Healthfixers,


Once again, I sincerely thank you if you are having a read of our newsletter. Today’s world can be a busy place so I appreciate the time we get to share together.


This month’s message from me is going to be a little different as it’s going to look a little in the past to tell you about our future.

For those of you who have been along for the ride from the time Healthfix started in 2011 you will know that our rise has been rapid. We now have 3 locations in competitive locations, we have developed a large and very talented team and our business in only a few years competes amongst those that have been well established for decades.


On reflection however, I am not sure if it is completely clear to everyone who has been involved with Healthfix as to why we have been so successful and why we will continue to enjoy future successes. Our approach and healthcare model has yielded the superior outcomes that Healthfix was created to do so now it becomes more important to make it very clear as to HOW we make this happen.


HOW integration works and what it means. HOW single service practices are not effective at delivering long term solutions and how the Healthfix model is paving the way towards the future. HOW our business has already evolved to see people spend less time on the physio bed in pain and more time learning how to exercise properly to have them performing at their best and not breaking down!


Specifically, I am going to tell you the story of a lady that was receiving ineffective care for 11 months, limping around in pain and not able to partake in the things she loved- golf and regular exercise and then how in weeks we had her playing golf and within months she was the fittest and most trim she had been in her life. I will tell you the story of a man that was told he couldn’t run anymore because he kept breaking down in pain at even the shortest distances and how we helped him go on to run a 35km trail run and finish in the middle of the race group. I will proudly tell you of a high flying office exec who couldn’t gather any momentum with any form of exercise which lead to weight gain and persistent back and knee pain and how we were able to help her achieve amazing physical feats that have provided a self confidence that has turned her life around.


I am hopeful that these stories will give you that insight into how Healthfix can do what the others do but take it to such another level that allows for you to achieve your greatest success. I hope you enjoy reading the stories as much the team and I have enjoyed playing a part in them.


I look forward to you tuning in next month!