July Newsletter!

Happy July all Healthfixers,


Once again, I sincerely thank you if you are having a read of our newsletter. Today’s world can be a busy place so I appreciate the time we get to share together.


This month’s message from me is going to be a little different as it’s going to look a little in the past to tell you about our future.

For those of you who have been along for the ride from the time Healthfix started in 2011 you will know that our rise has been rapid. We now have 3 locations in competitive locations, we have developed a large and very talented team and our business in only a few years competes amongst those that have been well established for decades.


On reflection however, I am not sure if it is completely clear to everyone who has been involved with Healthfix as to why we have been so successful and why we will continue to enjoy future successes. Our approach and healthcare model has yielded the superior outcomes that Healthfix was created to do so now it becomes more important to make it very clear as to HOW we make this happen.


HOW integration works and what it means. HOW single service practices are not effective at delivering long term solutions and how the Healthfix model is paving the way towards the future. HOW our business has already evolved to see people spend less time on the physio bed in pain and more time learning how to exercise properly to have them performing at their best and not breaking down!


Specifically, I am going to tell you the story of a lady that was receiving ineffective care for 11 months, limping around in pain and not able to partake in the things she loved- golf and regular exercise and then how in weeks we had her playing golf and within months she was the fittest and most trim she had been in her life. I will tell you the story of a man that was told he couldn’t run anymore because he kept breaking down in pain at even the shortest distances and how we helped him go on to run a 35km trail run and finish in the middle of the race group. I will proudly tell you of a high flying office exec who couldn’t gather any momentum with any form of exercise which lead to weight gain and persistent back and knee pain and how we were able to help her achieve amazing physical feats that have provided a self confidence that has turned her life around.


I am hopeful that these stories will give you that insight into how Healthfix can do what the others do but take it to such another level that allows for you to achieve your greatest success. I hope you enjoy reading the stories as much the team and I have enjoyed playing a part in them.


I look forward to you tuning in next month!

The Professor- From Lecturer To Mountain Conquerer

Finding that balance between work and healthy living can be a juggling act at times but what can really help sometimes is setting a goal. Something that takes you a little out of your comfort zone. Ashish wanted to climb Mt Kilimanjaro with his mates but as his training volumes began to increase he noticed some old knee and shin injuries coming back to haunt him. Once his pains became noticeable even with just walking- he knew it was time to engage with some professionals.

With Healthfix Ashish was able to receive some physiotherapy treatment that returned to him walking and training pain free within 3 weeks. From there is was a matter of expert progression of his training volumes specific to his final goal whilst doing to right complementary remedial work to ensure his body was always ready for the next step up!

He was able to improve his strength and mobility whilst continuing to train for the climb and should be coming back down the mountain by the time you are reading this blog post! He will be back in a Healthfix soon to plan his next bigger and bolder goal and we can’t wait to be a part of it!

Clark’s Story- From Injury to Elite Performance

Clark was always a naturally gifted athlete but being good at everything can sometimes cause some trouble. When Healthfix and Clark met he had been doing some distance running but had filled in for a touch football game and torn his hamstring. When hamstring muscles are being trained for endurance events, sometimes they’re not up for handling the higher contractile forces required as brakes for fast paced sprinting!

After a complete hamstring rehabilitation Clark still wanted to complete his half marathon goal as he was raising money for the Cancer Council after his family had been personally touched by the disease. His training program needed to account for endurance but also needed to consider his transition to his decathlon where the longest event is only 1500m.

With Healthfix Clark has gone from rehabilitation work with the physio, to endurance training to now performing more strength and conditioning power work in the gym and has him setting his sights for new personal best records in the upcoming university games.

Hannah’s Pain Free Running Story

Pain Free Running

Pain Free Running

Hearing the words that you have something “wrong” with your spine, particularly when you’re young, can have a profound effect on people but this wasn’t the case for Hannah. Upon being told she had spinal scoliosis she still identified with being an active person and want to stay that way.

Hannah went on to play a lot of junior sport, and was pretty good, but unfortunately pain in her spine stopped her from competing at high level soccer once leaving high school- the training demands were just too great.

So she started running. Nothing crazy, just short distances to keep her mind at ease with the demands of university study. It was a great release for her and gave her her exercise fix. But this came to a head when she started to experience pain on even the shortest of her runs and it wasn’t getting any better.

A quick relationship with Healthfix involved an expert assessment of her spine and running technique, some physiotherapy treatment, a strength and mobility program that complimented her running goals and the rest was history. Hannah is back doing what she loves and ready to set the next goal, no matter how big or small.

IntroFix promotion

The IntroFix

The IntroFix is start up program to set you on the right track with a safe and effective training program. The IntroFix includes:

Initial PT Assessment

2 Private PT Consults

Initial Diet Assessment

This results in you being set up with a program which:

  • Is specific to your goals,
  • Minimises risk of injury and
  • Increases training benefits

Once completed you have the option to:

  • Continue on with your training program independently; or
  • If you enjoy PT you can continue with private or semi-private consults

Valued at $360, special offer for $250

Why train with Healthfix? 

  • Our exercise programs are designed, tested and reviewed by our personal trainers in conjunction with our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists.
  • Our nutritional plans are developed by clinical dietitians and nutritionists.
  • We work alongside a team of allied health professionals to provide a comprehensive health service
  • Our trainers are expert coaches with years of experience. We focus on quality, as we sell solutions not sessions.

Mark and JP take ULTRA



Most talked about endurance event in Australian history.

Only the most inspiring athletes will last. Not for the faint hearted.

Join Mark and JP on their training journey, achieving their greatest success yet!

WHEN: 20/5/17

LOCATION: Kedumba Valley, Blue Mountains National Park

WHAT: 50km Run, 2,400M of Elevation Gain, from dawn to dusk




Mark Wilson

Healthfix Personal Trainer

With a strong history of completing endurance events and challenges in the Military. Mark also represented Wales at middle and long distance running.


He likes to put himself to the test as much as possible, and recent years has completed kayaking from Bristol to London (400km) and led a team to complete the 3 Peaks Challenge in the U.K. -within 24 hours.

As well, an awe inspiring trek to Everest Base Camp via the “Death Valley”.

Ironically Mark has never officially completed a marathon?!

So he decided to set himself a challenge, which will push his limits in the Ultra 50km Trail Run.

This will also serve as great preparation for The 4 summits over 6000m in the Himalayas.

Mark’s biggest challenge is two fold at the moment. Both are physical. Firstly, his training has been heavily strength orientated, meaning he signed up to this weighing in at 92.5KG and only being 180CM tall…

The other challenge is that he has started his preparation requiring orthotics to manage plantar fasciitis, which has made his running feel a little unnatural, to say the least. This combined with shin splints makes training and the overall challenge even more formidable.

He is confident however despite these challenges, but hear it straight for the man himself

“I work with incredible health professionals at Healthfix who are on hand to help me manage the strains of the training plan I’m putting in place. It’s a long road ahead but I’m up for it!”



Jean-Pierre Steyl (JP)

Healthfix’s Head Exercise Physiologist

Despite JP’s commitment to health and fitness, he has not challenged himself with something as daunting as the Ultra-Trial.

JP says that this is the perfect physical challenge opportunity and will give extra purpose to his everyday training.

“I have always told myself I would get a marathon done before I turn 30 and this will be my final chance. Heading off to climb Kilimanjaro in December will also require some good preparation and so the training preparation for my run will be ideal for the climb. “


JP’s biggest challenge will be managing his work-training-social schedule over the next 3 months. Just about every weekend until race day he has a social event. This is going to affect my training schedule and diet. Some serious planning to be done!!!



Healthfix will be supporting and documenting JP and Mark through our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Using our integrated services of Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology andSports Massage to achieve the unachievable

Get the inside scoop of their personalized training and treatment programs, only delivered by the best in the business at Healthfix.

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“Don’t quit.  Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion”

Muhammad Ali

What’s your purpose?

Message from Sean

Welcome to 2017! Thanks for being part of newsletter where we try to keep you up to date with new, effective ways to look after yourself and what were up to at Healthfix.

After a successful 2016 with continued growth, being finalists in the Australian Small Business Champions Awards and winning the competitive tender for the health clinic space at UTS’ Harris St Campus we have prepared for 2017 with renewed enthusiasm and hope for even bigger things ahead!


Our focus topic kicking us off this year is PURPOSE. What amazes me the most about this topic is identifying with how purpose becomes so intertwined. For example:
    • At all times we look to engage with YOU achieving YOUR greatest success. Regardless of the pain or physical ailment that may have drawn you to us we are always confident we can help you get better and go beyond.
    • As a clinic we are purposefully moving towards setting the standard for the healthcare industry. Simple as that.
    • The amazing team that make up Healthfix are driven people going about their work with a purpose to make a difference for those who come under their care.
We are all connected by a period of time where our paths will cross. With not one entity’s purpose greater than another. You and Healthfix do not want just another therapist, we all want to be involved with passionate, exceptional people. Our therapists and Healthfix want to work with people who have big goals and dreams that we can help turn into reality. And you and our team want to come to a place that is purposefully moving to always be at the top of their game, where you both look forward to come to and where you have confidence that your best interests are being catered for.
We’re so excited to back for 2017. Let us know if we can help you with your purpose and achieving your greatest success.

Get Back In Control and OWN Your Results

Message from Sean

This month I wanted to delve more into the intangibles of chance, fate and luck and compare these to the more tangible quantities of ownership and trust. With regards to healthcare there is an obvious divide in being passive about going after your results or taking control and purposefully going after an outcome.

No one accidentally won a gold medal at Rio this year and no one has achieved their greatest success in rehab or in a performance/activity without working on the journey.

Being the time of year when the weather is warmer and a break is near for most of us, people are naturally getting more active and we see more people at healthfix across all disciplines. This summer, don’t just go through the motions, set some bold summer goals and a plan you believe in that will make them happen!

Success story

No one has favourites but this story is one of my favourites. Mr HS78 was a more senior fellow who achieved great professional success to be considered one of the elite in his field. As per many, his work confined him to static postures of prolonged sitting or standing.

In his 30′s he went on to develop some generalised lower back pain that he went on to manage for 40-odd years with Pilates. Now fast forward to HS78 being 78 years old and semi-retired when he came under the care of our physio team.

A trusting relationship was formed and a lacking of baseline strength was identified as a contributing factor of his persisting pain. Pilates was working well to “turn muscles on” but his capacity to handle his daily demands was still lacking.

Foreign to the resistance training world, HS78 put his trust in his EP and was intrigued what result strength gains could deliver and diligently worked hard. What surprised all involved was that not only was his persistent pain reduced, it was actually eradicated! Very unlikely for such a lengthy history and a man of his (young) age.

Whilst acknowledging environmental factors had changed over time and that Pilates most definitely helped, I like this story as it highlights HS78′s motivation to achieve a superior result. It also highlights his trust in his team and the process we helped plan for him and finally his attitude to purposefully work towards a meaningful goal, so that at the end of it he could look back and say “I did that”.