Corporate Wellbeing

Outside of the learnings that we initially receive at home, once we leave school our place of work becomes the key place for ongoing personal development. Finding the right balance between a flexible work environment that remains productive can be a challenge but we find that a healthy and happy team are closely linked to those who are engaged and productive with their work. Our clinics are located in North Sydney and Broadway which means we know and understand the needs of our local corporate clientele working in a range of businesses, large and small.

Integrated Care Packages

Our Gold Standard approach is to first understand the health needs of the business so that we can tailor a suite of healthcare options that align with your business objectives, as well as delivering the best care to your valuable team, that is within your budget. Awareness campaigns can be good but they can also leave you and your team lost as to what to do with the information. At Healthfix we are confident that we can help you find the link between delivering insightful and topical health information as well as being able to lead your team towards taking the next step.

Workshops and Education

If you’re looking to increase your awareness of healthy diets, safe and effective exercise programs or ways to stay safe and keep clear of injury in the workplace then Healthfix has what you’re looking for. Contact us today to see if we can help with educational seminars, evidence-based content creation or interactive workshops to address your specific health needs.

Health Expo’s

Health expos are a great way to spark interest and kick-start some health habits within your business. These are normally run for a day and up to one month and can range from societal health awareness campaigns to corporate challenges. Anyone can run an expo these days, but actually running one well that truly gauges your team’s interest and helps them adopt healthier habits is a skill. If you’re considering running an expo and do not want it to come across as a token gesture where the information becomes lost, we can help you!

Onsite Fitness Classes

Great health care can come right to your doorstep! Improve your team’s strength, flexibility, resilience and happiness by bringing a quality class to their workplace. Whether the needs of the team are a more relaxed Yoga or Pilates style or an upbeat Run Club or Boxing class we can deliver a fun and effective fitness classes that are right for you.

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Healthfix is and always has been an inclusive practice committed to creating healthier communities by helping individuals become the experts of their own healthy lives.

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