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Healthfix  is an integrated healthcare clinic and health club in North Sydney. We strongly believe that offering you an integrated approach to your health will give you the best results and our track record of great results supports this. Whether your goals are big or small, we will help you achieve them.

Our Health Club Memberships are not your average gym membership. We understand that you’re an individual and that  a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to health and fitness is ineffective in helping individuals achieve long-lasting health outcomes. That’s why our Health Club in North Sydney is designed to be a supportive & comfortable environment for all people to come and work on achieving their long-term health goals, no matter what levels of fitness.

From $65/week you can access
For limited time only, we are giving all new members a free health mentoring session! This session is valued at $130 and will set you up with an achievable plan to achieve your health and fitness goals.

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Your Return To Healthfix – Unvaccinated & Partially Vaccinated Clients

As NSW begins it roadmap back to our new normal. We want your experience at Healthfix to be easy, seamless and safe. We understand the inconvenience that having to explain your vaccination status everywhere you go is. So here’s our plan to seamlessly get you in the clinic and achieving your goals.

If you’re unvaccinated or partially vaccinated: 
  1. Please email our reception team letting us know that you’re unvaccinated or awaiting your 2nd dose of the covid vaccine. That way we can accommodate you appropriately within the current restrictions. Click here to send an email to our reception team (
  2. When you are fully vaccinated, please email us your vaccination record, and follow the instructions here. 
If you’re unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, we are requesting for you to have a covid test within the 3 days prior of your in-person clinical (physio/EP/dietetics) sessions.

We understand the inconvenience of having regular covid testing, so we appreciate your support during this time. Our health care workers are also undergoing routine testing to limit the risk of exposure for all clientele and recommend using telehealth to continue your care when possible.

We are working towards finding simpler ways to conduct this testing  but for now, PCR testing through NSW Health is the best option we have to keep COVID19 away from vulnerable people using our essential clinical services.

We will need you to provide confirmation of your negative test result prior to your clinical session. You can send this email to as soon as you receive your test result. If you don’t send through this confirmation prior to your session, we will switch your appointment to telehealth.
We are looking forward to removing this procedure for our unvaccinated clients in the near future as restrictions ease and vaccination rates increase. But in the meantime, we really appreciate your cooperation in keeping our community our safe and healthy.

What services can you access as an unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individual?
Exercise Services (PT/EP)
  • Outdoor 1 on 1 training at St Leonards Park
  • Telehealth training
  • Telehealth services for group fitness classes, pilates & yoga classes
Clinical Services (Physio, Dietetics, Critical EP Care)
  • Face to face services only if your condition will worsen without immediate care and telehealth is not appropriate
  • Telehealth services for all clinical treatment
  • Exercise rehabilitation in private treatment room
If you have any questions, comments or concerns on this process, please give us a call on 02 8065 0446 and our team will be able to help.

Your Return To Healthfix – Vaccinated & Medically Exempt Clients

As NSW begins it roadmap back to our new normal. We want your experience at Healthfix to be easy, seamless and safe. We understand the inconvenience that having to show your vaccination status or medical exemption everywhere you go is, so here’s our plan to seamlessly get you in the clinic and achieving your goals.
If you’re fully vaccinated or you have a medical exemption from being vaccinated:
  1. Please email our reception team an electronic copy of your vaccination certificate or medical exemption letter. Click here to send an email to our reception team attaching the document (, for us to save on your medical file.
  2. Once you send this in, you will not need to present your vaccination status every time you come into our clinic.
  3. You can now access all that Healthfix can offer within the current restrictions!
What services can you access as a vaccinated or medically exempt individual?
Exercise Services (PT/EP)
  • 1 on 1 PT & EP session in our gym
  • Semi-private exercise sessions
  • Options to continue with telehealth or outdoor training – please discuss this option with your trainer or our reception team
  • If you’re a Health Club Member:
    • General gym usage
    • Pilates & yoga classes – in the gym or on zoom. (Free trials and class passes still available!)
    • Group fitness classes – outdoors or on zoom
    • Member community events
Clinical Services (Physio, Dietetics)
  • Face to face services with your therapist
  • Gym usage to support your rehabilitation exercises
If you have any issues emailing us your vaccination or medical exemption record, please give us a call on 02 8065 0446 and our reception team will be able to help.

Healthfix’s Plan To Keep You Covid Safe!

Healthfix is and always has been an inclusive practice committed to creating healthier communities by helping individuals become the experts of their own healthy lives. We’re so excited to be welcoming everyone back into the clinic, within the constraints of the NSW Government regulations on October 11th. While we are excited to have many of you back into our indoor facilities, we want to ensure you that your safety is and always has been our highest priority.

As Healthfix offers essential health services and operates as a gym facility, we have we have a very comprehensive Covid Safety Plan to ensure all of our clients, regardless of their vaccination status, can access their personal health services to stay on track with their health and wellness goals.

In summary, here’s how we are staying Covid safe while we work through this pandemic:
  • Following the NSW guidelines for those who are fully vaccinated or have a medical exemption from the Covid vaccine. Click here to view what you can access as a fully vaccinated or medically exempt client.
  • Following the NSW guidelines for those who are unvaccinated or have only received one dose of the Covid vaccine. Click here to view what you can do as an unvaccinated or partially vaccinated client.
  • ServiceNSW QR code entry upon arrival of all staff and visitors for ease of contract tracing
  • All staff members have been double vaccinated prior to the 11th of October.
  • All Staff have completed the NSW Government’s Covid-19 infection control training and NSW Government’s Covid-19 awareness training for gyms. 
  • Requesting unvaccinated or partially vaccinated clients, to provide evidence of a negative covid test within 3 days prior to their appointment if accessing face to face clinical services.
  • Promoting and recommending telehealth services for all clients where possible.
  • Not enforcing cancellation fees for those displaying Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Offering outdoor exercise options for those unvaccinated or uncomfortable in training in our indoor gym.
  • Enforcing staff members to work from home and get tested if identified as a casual or close contact. Enforcing staff members to take sick leave and get tested if experiencing any symptoms associated with Covid-19.
  • Adequate signage displayed on our covid-19 safety practices and policies displayed on our website.
  • Following the 1 person per 4 square metre rule, by monitoring numbers through our booking system and limiting staff on site where possible.
    • Maximum capacity at Healthfix North Sydney: 141 people
    • Maximum capacity of group classes 20 people in a class.
  • Mask are mandatory (unless medically exempt) in our premises and can only be removed if completing strenuous exercise. (More clarity surrounding this restriction to come when the NSW Government releases more information.)
  • Team members to use verbal ques as much as possible with clients, and only get closer than 1.5 metres if they need to for client treatment or safety.
  • Floor signage to indicate physical distancing guidelines.
  • Hand hygiene and general hygiene posters displayed. Hand sanitiser easily accessible throughout the clinic.
  • Disinfectant wipes easily accessible and available to all staff and visitors throughout the clinic.
  • Gym equipment, EFTPOS machine and high touch areas sanitised after each use.
  • Covid-19 Safety Procedures discussed in all team meetings. Any issues with safety raised by team  members and actioned by management in these meetings.
  • Cleaning schedule in place for all facilities.
  • Professional cleaning of entire premises twice a week.
Further detail on our covid safety procedures and how they meet the guidelines in place by the NSW Government can be found on our covid safety plan. If you have any questions, concerns or comments surrounding our Covid Policies and procedures. Please give our team a call on 02 8065 0446 and we would be more than happy to discuss.

The Gut Health Diet Course!

Gut health has become an increasingly popular topic of interest in the health community – and for good reason! Your gut health is more than just how regularly you go to the bathroom… Your gut microbiome has a fascinating role in optimising the health of the entire human body and our dietitians want to help you discover and enhance it.

In our brand new Gut Health Diet Course, you can expect to walk away with improved knowledge around dietary fibre, prebiotics, probiotics, resistant starch and so much more. You will not only learn the knowledge and practical tips from our Healthfix dietitians but also an array of delicious recipes specifically chosen to nourish your own microbiome (and that of your friends and family!)

Interested in joining us for the journey into your gut health? Here’s the logistics:
  • Course starts Wednesday 13th of October and goes for 7 weeks.
  • Classes are held via zoom on Wednesdays at 12:30PM and Sundays at 5:15PM
  • Classes are recorded and dietitian approved recipes are sent out to you every week!
  • Join our Facebook community with your fellow course participants and support each other through this journey.
  • Classes are designed to keep things engaging, by cooking dietitian approved recipes as a group while learning about all things gut health!
  • This course is included in all Health Club Memberships or you can access the course for $275

Fill in the form below to sign up and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you all this October!

Meet Your Womens Health Team – Jordan Kain

Jordan Kain – Your Dietitian

Meet Jordan!
Jordan is one of our Dietitians and Nutritionists in North Sydney, passionate about utilising food and nutrition to enhance her client’s health and wellbeing. 

It is Jordan’s core belief that nutrition is incredibly personal, therefore she utilises an individualised approach with each and every client that she sees. Jordan strives to guide, educate and empower her clients toward a place where they feel happier and healthier, confident in their own food choices and are progressing toward the best versions of themselves that they can be. “Love the food you eat. Live the life you love” is Jordan’s mission, striving to reduce the uncertainty around dietary science, and bring the JOY back to food, cooking and nutrition.  

Jordan studied Exercise and Sport Science and holds a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Sydney. She has been practicing dietetics in the private space in Sydney since the completion of her degree. Jordan prides herself on continuously learning and keeping up to date with the latest nutrition research through professional development opportunities. 

Jordan is an enthusiastic “home chef”, constantly experimenting to create new, delicious recipes for her clients (and family!) or working to optimise the nutrition of other’s recipes. If not in the kitchen or working with clients, Jordan can usually be found walking with her fiancé and beautiful Baby boy, Cooper, alongside one of Sydney’s beautiful beaches or harbours. 

Jordan has worked successfully with a wide variety of clients with a broad scope of chronic conditions and health goals in her career. Jordan’s specific passion lies in working with her clients to reach their nutrition-related goals whilst improving their relationship with food. She has found that this combination approach, encompassing mindset and physical healthy changes, elicits long-term, sustainable results. Finally, having previously worked extensively in a DEXA clinic, Jordan has also had significant experience assisting individuals to reach body composition-related goals through dietary change. 

Why Women’s Health?
Jordan completed her Master’s of Nutrition & Dietetics in 2018 at The University of Sydney where her foundational knowledge of utilising diet to support and improve women’s heath originated. She since has gained extensive clinical experience working with females throughout the lifespan and in a wide range of areas including child & adolescent health; sports nutrition and athletes; pre-conception, pregnancy and post-partum nutrition including gestational diabetes; weight management; hormonal and autoimmune-related conditions; women’s cancer; menopause and older women’s health.  

In her practice, Jordan sees each and every client as unique and thus prioritises the individualisation of recommendations and dietary strategies in order to best support her clients. Jordan believes that optimal health and wellbeing is inexplicably linked to good quality food and nutrition and that improving one’s nutrition has profound effects on treating, managing and preventing diet-related health conditions and diseases.  

Alongside her clinical practice, Jordan enjoys unleashing her creative side in the kitchen, creating new recipes and ‘healthifying’ classic ones. She believes that discovering fun and an interest in food preparation and cooking is a much more enjoyable and sustainable way to optimise the nutrition of one’s self and their families for life.  

Why Healthfix?
Jordan holds a strong value that nutrition and dietetics is one part of the holistic process to enhance client’s health and wellbeing. She shares this ethos with Healthfix and their approach to client success through an integrated health approach. 

Jordan’s Qualifications
  • Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) 
  • Current membership with the Dietetics Association of Australia (DAA) 
  • Dietitian’s Unite Conference (2021) 
  • 3-day Lifestyle Medicine Conference (2020) 
  • First Aid and CPR Accreditation (2019) 
  • Mental Health First Aid Accreditation (2019) 
  • Working With Children Check (2019) 
  • ANZAED 2-day Workshop on Management and Dietetic Treatment of Eating Disorders (2019) 
  • ‘Talking to Parents About Weight’ Course for Health Professionals (2019) 
  • Dietitians Unite Conference Volunteer (2019) 
  • Go4Fun 2-day Health Coaching Course (Theory and Exercise Training) (2018) 
  • Child Protection Training Course, Sydney (2018) 
  • Cultural Orientation Certificate for Health Professionals, Broken Hill (2018) 

Interested in booking in to see Jordan? Click book now to start your journey today!

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Meet Your Womens Health Team – Amy Yeoland

Amy Yeoland – Your Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor

Meet Amy!
Amy is an enthusiastic, energetic certificate 4 Personal Trainer, with 10 years of coaching experience.   Amy has completed her Bachelor of Exercise Sports Science at ACU and has a passion for health promotion and helping her clients to reach their personal best. Amy’s passion for working with women commenced at the early age of 16, where she coached various girls sports teams in her favourite sports, waterpolo and netball. This passion motivated Amy to continue working with women when studying nursing at Notre Dame University and in teaching mums n bubs swimming classes. 

Amy has been apart of the Healthfix team for the past 5 years and her clients appreciate her friendly and supportive nature that motivates them to perform at their best. Amy enjoys working with clients of all backgrounds, but in particular she finds working with women of all ages and stages in life to unleash their greatest potential through fitness, the most rewarding.

Amy is a dedicated athlete, training in a combination of strength training, Pilates, sprinting and netball. She finds that Pilates is the perfect exercise routine to complement both her athletic performance and strength goals. This fondness of pilates has led Amy to become a qualified Pilates instructor and she is currently the Lead Pilates Instructor at Healthfix. Amy encourages everyone to include pilates in their weekly exercise plan, as the principles of pilates supports all types exercise and even helps us move freely and comfortably in everyday movements like bending, walking and stretching.

Why Women’s Health?
Due to her varied life experiences in healthcare and fitness, Amy has always had a fascination with the sheer power that women’s bodies have. She prides herself on being able to utilise her studies in body mechanics and anatomy and physiology to create training approaches that are specific to women in any  stage of life. As a woman, Amy has the natural sense of empathy and relatability when it comes to the challenges that women face with exercise and self confidence, and has therefore dedicated her career to working with individuals on building healthy relationships with exercise and strong sense of self. Amy truly believes that tailored exercise and the right type of motivational coaching can give any woman the tool kit to set themselves up for long-term, self-sustaining success.

Why Healthfix?
Amy’ s chosen to work at Healthfix due to our holistic approach to health. Not having a one size fits all mentality, understanding the need for individualised plans for people and most of all looking at long term solutions! Knowing other clinics where you would see clients coming back again and again without any real direction or end point to their treatment, it is a relief that Healthfix is discharged focused & inspiring to work in a space were clients needs are met, wanting them to be ‘fixed’ & out the door long term.  

This year, Amy has become an integral part of our Women’s Health team. Working with our physiotherapists and dietitians to develop a well-rounded integrated women’s health service for our community. In particular, Amy has led the development of our new Antenatal and Post-Natal Pilates classes. Our Antenatal Pilates classes have been developed to allow you to continue to exercise through the entirety of your pregnancy, even if you’re a beginner! And our Post-Natal Pilates classes are designed for mothers to get back into exercise, in a safe and supported way. Our women’s health physiotherapists highly recommend giving one our pregnancy or post-natal classes a try if you’re expecting or a new mum, they are truly fantastic!

Amy’s Qualifications, Areas of Expertise and Interests 
  • B. Exercise Sports Science 
  • Certificate III in Fitness 
  • Certificate IV in Fitness 
  • Programming For Pregnancy- Polestar Pilates Course 
  • Training prescription and recover to optimise your menstrual cycle
  • Female adolescent training specific to minimise sport participation drop off’s. Managing growth spurts, puberty, motor control and physiological changes that affect movement & exercise 
  • Exercise Prescription specific for when TTC, Pregnancy & Post Natal 
  • Optimising training prescription for specific physiological & hormonal changes in relation to menopause 
  • Promoting positive body image and healthy relationships with exercise

Interested in booking in to see Amy? Click book now to start your journey today!

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Meet Your Womens Health Team – Samah Elomari

Samah Elomari – Your Women’s Health Physio

Meet Samah!
Samah is a passionate pelvic floor physiotherapist with a holistic, evidence-based approach to women’s pelvic pain and dysfunction. She also has a special interest in treating pregnancy and postnatal conditions. Samah is a qualified Exercise Scientist (Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science) and Physiotherapist (Master of Physiotherapy). 

Samah is great at helping women manage pregnancy related pelvic girdle or lower back pain, post-partum pelvic floor recovery and return to sport, and sexual pain disorders. Samah strives to create a safe space for all of her clients to be heard and the concerns and opinions valued. 

Why Women’s Health?
In 2017 while listening to a university lecture about pelvic pain, Samah had an ah-ha moment – pelvic floor physiotherapy was (and still is) her calling.  Samah was fortunate enough to land a placement at Fairfield Hospital where she worked on the maternity wards, seeing women with varying degrees of perineal tearing, abdominal separation and those with a high risk of pelvic floor dysfunction postpartum. She was also involved in the assessment and treatment of outpatients with prolapse, urinary and bowel disorders. Since then, she’s worked in private practice, treating people with various musculoskeletal dysfunctions, including those related to pregnancy and the postnatal period. Samah has more recently been working with more complex pain conditions including sexual pain and endometriosis. 

Samah has been practicing Women’s Health for the last three years, under the guidance of leading women’s health physiotherapists including Aline Filpe, Tusanee Jierasak, Zoe Wallace, Ruth Schubert and Heba Shaheed.  

Samah has a special interest in treatment of pelvic pain, and management of pregnancy related conditions, working closely with Obstetricians, Gynaecologists and GP’s including Dr Andreadis, Dr Valmadre and Dr Gemma Blain. 

Why Healthfix?
Samah loves working within an integrated team to help patients achieve whatever it is they want to achieve! She shares the belief that physiotherapy is only on component of a total solution for health. 

Samah’s Qualifications
  • B.App.Sc. (Exercise and Sport Science) 
  • M.App.Sc. Physiotherapy 
  • Women’s Health Level 1/Introductory Course (WHTA – Taryn Hallam) 
  • Advanced Pelvic Floor – Prolapse and Stress Urinary Incontinence Course (WHTA) 
  • The Pregnant Pelvis – An Integrated Approach (Sydney Pelvic Clinic) 
  • Dry Needling Introductory and Advanced Course (CPD Health Courses) 
  • Advanced Pelvic Floor – Genitourinary, Anorectal and Sexual Pain Course (WHTA) 
  • Advanced Pelvic Floor – Pelvic Floor Relationship to Exercise, Sport and Musculoskeletal Dysfunction Course (WHTA) 
  • Advanced Pelvic Floor – Anorectal Pelvic Floor Disorders Course (WHTA) 

Interested in booking in to see Samah? Click book now to start your journey today!

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Meet Your Womens Health Team – Zoe Wallace

Zoe Wallace – Your Women’s Health Physio

Zoe Wallace Meet Zoe!
Zoe is a Physiotherapist in North Sydney who’s full of energy and is driven to really make a difference for her clients, focusing on getting back and doing what they love. She strives to become an expert in the physiotherapy profession and helps you become an expert at managing and preventing injuries, so you too, can achieve your greatest success! Reflective of her personality she’s previously been nicknamed the ‘Energizer Bunny’. Its with her go getter, enthusiastic attitude that she approaches her clients and their rehabilitation.

Zoe completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2014 with Australian Catholic University and went on to work at Royal North Shore Hospital where she gained experience in musculoskeletal, rehabilitation, orthopaedics, neurosciences and acute care physiotherapy. Zoe then moved to private practice, focusing on Musculoskeletal and Women’s Health Physiotherapy. She endeavours to continue building her skills and expertise and achieve personal and career goals, through helping her clients to reach their own goals and full potential.

Why Women’s Health?
Zoe completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2014 with Australian Catholic University where she was lucky enough to be introduced to women’s health during this degree with a 12 week introductory program. Zoe then started her dive into women’s health with introductory training with Womens Health Training Associates (WHTA), completing several WHTA courses including training in prolapse and urinary incontinence management, pessary fitting, sports/ musculoskeletal conditions and pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic pain and sexual health including trauma. In 2020 Zoe completed her Post Graduate Certificate in Conservative Management of Pelvic Organ Prolapse with the University of South Australia which is the worlds first tertiary led physiotherapy certification for pessary fitting and management.

Zoe works closely with Obstetricians, Gynaecologists and GP’s to care for women during their pregnancy and post partum, women with prolapse and incontinence and women with sexual or pelvic pain. Zoe works closely with Dr Ujwala Parashar, Dr Minke Burke, Dr Erin Nesbitt-Hawes and Professor Jason Abbott in her role as a physiotherapist treating women’s health clients.

As you can tell, Zoe’s great at working with a variety of clients and with her special interest in Women’s health is particularly skilled at helping in pre and postnatal care, stress and urge incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

Why Healthfix?
Zoe loves working as part of an integrated team. She doesn’t believe physiotherapy alone can provide a sustainable solution to musculoskeletal problems, nor is it the gold standard way to provide healthcare. Not only can we provide our clients with the best possible care with a team of professionals but we can also become expert, more holistic professionals ourselves through experience and interactions and shared knowledge amongst the team.

Zoe’s Qualifications
  • B.App.Sc. Physiotherapy
  • Women’s Health Level 1/Introductory Course (WHTA- Taryn Hallam)
  • Advanced Pelvic Floor – Prolapse and Stress Urinary Incontinence Course (WHTA)
  • Advanced Pessary Course (WHTA)
  • Advanced Pelvic Floor – Exercise, Sport and Musculoskeletal Dysfunction (WHTA)
  • DMA Clinical Pilates Unit A
  • NOI Group Explain Pain Course
  • Musculoskeletal and Segmental Dry Needling
  • CPR & First Aid

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Try Yoga @ Healthfix!

Did you know that Healthfix offers Yoga classes for our community? Yoga is a broad system encompassing philosophy, physical movement, meditation and daily living – and that’s really just scratching the surface. What sets the physical practice of yoga apart from other disciplines such as Pilates is that yoga is strongly introspective, which can, for some people, transcend to an energetic or spiritual awakening. Yoga is all about calming the mind and obtaining clarity of thoughts, which helps us live a more joyful life.

What sets Healthfix apart from other yoga studios is that we pride ourselves on our client centred, evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach to achieve optimal client outcomes. Every yoga class allows for our accredited yoga instructors to take the time to attend to each student’s development and form, ensuring you get the most out of your time on the mat. Healthfix’s team of professionals work together to get you to your fittest, at your pace.

That’s why we have listened to our community’s requests and developed two new yoga classes!

Introducing Yoga Flow. A class where you can move with your breath and create space in your body and mind. Classes integrate traditional yoga postures with functional movements, that are designed to address common areas of tension and weakness. Many options are provided so that you experience a level of challenge that is appropriate for you, allowing you to safely progress your practice and build awareness. You will leave feeling balanced and connected to mind and body. No props required, all fitness levels are welcome. This class is held on Tuesdays at 6PM

Introducing Yoga Revive. A restorative class focusing on supported and relaxing postures that allow the body release, and the mind to unwind. This practice relieves tension in tight muscles you didn’t even know were tight! A focus on deep breathing allows the mind to find a meditative state. This is very calming for the nervous system, thereby supporting you in times of stress. Props include supporting materials like yoga blocks, cushions, pillows, and a blanket. You want to be as comfortable and cosy as possible! This class is held on Fridays at 6PM

Ready to try a class? Our yoga classes are held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 6PM over zoom during this lockdown. The perfect time to wind down from work and settle in for the night.

There are 3 ways to get started in our Yoga classes;
  1. With a FREE trial to make sure that we are the right fit for each other.
  2. Using a Class Pass which you can prepay 10 – 20 classes at a discounted rate
  3. As a part of our health club membership where all classes are free and you can receive the added benefits of discounted one on one sessions with our other services as well as being allocated a mentor to help you navigate remaining in optimal health at this important time in your life.

Book in for your first class online, give us a call on 02 8065 0445 or fill in the form below for our team to reach out