Mechanical solutions to mechanical dysfunctions in the body.

Physiotherapists are biomechanical experts that will assess your environmental stresses, combine this with their in-depth understanding of functional anatomy and identify the reasons that cause the breakdowns that often present as pain, stiffness, tension, aches or worse.

Physiotherapists have become revered as musculoskeletal (muscle, bone, tendon, ligament and joint) specialists who can diagnose injuries, set and carry out treatment plans, and can deliver an accurate prognosis of when you will return to full health.

Where we differ at Healthfix to other practices, is that we are constantly working towards making ourselves obsolete or what we refer to as discharge planning. We concern ourselves not only with your pain and other prevailing symptoms but what caused them to arise in the first place. This way we can equip you with all the necessary tools to manage and monitor stresses on the body yourself so that, in the kindest way possible, we never need to see you again!

To read more about Our Approach and The 4 Phases at Healthfix click here.

We employ physiotherapists who don’t spend anytime broken down receiving ample, costly physiotherapy- who best to show you how do this yourself?

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