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Bladen Baird

Bladen Baird is a certified personal trainer with more than four years experience. Currently studying a bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at ACU, Bladen has established an outstanding reputation due to his no-nonsense approach to training and unique perspective on program design.

After selection in a range of elite representative programs from a young age, Bladen had been following a semi-professional rugby league career before moving into the fitness industry. Bladens passion to assist others in optimising body composition and achieving peak performance continues to be a driving force behind his exceptional results.

In the Spring of 2011, Bladen trained the winner of the Vision Personal Training nation-wide weight loss challenge, helping his client lose more than 30 kilograms in just nine short weeks, in the process winning a nomination for New South Wales trainer of the year. More recently, Bladen prepared two MMA athletes for the 2014 ISKA world championships helping them both take gold in their respective weight divisions.

Bladen lives what he promotes to clients, which demonstrates authenticity and integrity in his work. His non-stop attitude for personal and professional development is one to admire.

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Mark Wilson

Mark is a certificate 4 trainer from the UK. With 5 years experience as a trainer and additional qualifications in GP Exercise Referral, Treatment and Management of Lower Back Pain, Level 2 Australian Strength and Conditioning Association and Advanced Kick-boxing with Metabolic Conditioning. Mark's positive can do approach to life transcends to his attitude towards health and fitness. He pride's himself on maintaining relaxed professionalism and getting results. Nicknamed the Smiling Assassin in the past he pushes people to get their results, sometimes without them realising. With a very keen eye on technique and an astute understanding of energy systems and how they can be manipulated with programming, clients of Mark's find a new level of fitness.

He runs, lifts and jumps to keep on top of his fitness. He represented Wales at cross country and, being Welsh, played rugby union from as soon as he could walk and continued to play well into his twenties, most notably during his time in the British Army where he recalls a few "heavy knocks". He has done a whole host of challenges which would make most people shudder at the thought, one which stands out is doing Biathlon Skiing for a couple of months in Norway. In case your wondering that's cross country skiing with a rifle strapped to your back and shooting targets! Unfortunately a lack of sophistication means he can never actually be Bond.

Mark has a proud and diverse history of training people and teams to achieve great things. He has aided Triathletes to complete IronMan competitions and others to run marathons and even climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Although what he's most proud of, is helping people realise their potential and that they can always achieve more than they think; and when this happens the look or expression of confidence and happiness is for him, the greatest reward for what we do. Mark is a genuine guy who does his job because he likes to help people

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Chantelle Herc 

Chantelle has been a qualified Personal Trainer for 6 years and is also currently completing her Remedial Massage Therapy qualifications. Chantelle loves the concept of natural state and holistically improving well-being and reaching self actualization of all individuals. Chantelle has found herself to have a passion for holistic health, sport, fitness and the beach! Her biggest achievements stem back to when she was a child competing for NSW in Cross Country, Track and field Champion in school, Representation of Netball, Basketball and Touch football at an elite level and Competing in fitness modelling back in 2014.

Chantelle loves being part of a team environment where everyone works together to facilitate individuals with their goals and most of all have some fun whilst doing it. Chantelle believes to get the best out of life, you have to be healthy, fit and strong and that is where she likes to combine her diverse range of knowledge of fitness and health in to your daily life to get you where you need to be.

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