Massage Therapy

Soft tissue specialists who use an array of hands on techniques to optimise tissue health and flexibility.

Soft tissue (muscle, fascia and skin) will react to injury, sustained postures and high levels of exertion and performance. When the tissue is not restored to a normal range of motion it can quickly lead to feelings of discomfort, pain and injury. A skilled massage therapist will restore all tissue to optimal lengths to help you recover from any event and have you moving and feeling your best.

Where we differ at Healthfix to other practices, is that we are constantly working towards making ourselves obsolete or what we refer to as discharge planning. We concern ourselves with what soft tissue restrictions are causing you, or have the potential to cause discomfort and injury monitor your response to enhancing your range of motion. This way we can tailor a solution specific to your needs and equip you with all the necessary tools to manage and monitor flexibility and mobility yourself so that, in the kindest way possible, we never need to see you again!

To read more about Our Approach and The 4 Phases at Healthfix click here.

We employ massage therapists who may use massage as a luxury, not out of necessity- who best to show you how do this yourself?

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